Cherry blossoms

Back to work again and a very busy day but I managed to tick off all the things I had set up to do today. Great. I had to run an errand to the building across the street from Kungsträdgården so I popped over to take a photo of the amazing cherry trees that are in full bloom. Lovely! 

After work I went another errand to pick up a present for my niece before I left the city to go home. Now a lasagna is in the oven getting ready for dinner and I will make a burger with pasta for the son who doesn’t eat lasagna. Yes, those people do exist. Lol. 

A nice sunny day invited to wear spring clothes and sneakers along with my leather jacket. Finally. But it was below 0C when we got up this morning but now it is a lovely 15C outside. Tricky to dress with the big difference in temperature over the day.