Day in the car

Time to pack up and close our paradise and make the long drive back to the real world again. We’ve had a great couple of weeks but now we need to get back to work again. 

When we arrived back home an envelope was waiting for me with a birthday card from my American mom & dad. The card had this poem which made me warm at heart ; 

“Once upon a time there was this person who came into the world in the ordinary way. And every day, that person learned a little more and grew a little more. That person had talents and gifts and thoughts and ideas like nobody else. That person had love to give and happiness to share and that person made a difference in other people’s lives every single day. So, as it turns out, the day that person came into the world wasn’t ordinary at all. It was the beginning of the unique and important life of extraordinary you.” 

Now we’ve had a nice family dinner with the four of us – our youngest has been home by himself all week so it was great to see him again. We picked up some take away dinner and now we’ve crashed in our corners relaxing a bit before it’s time to hug the pillow.