Castle of the month – Tullgarn

June and a new castle to visit – this time we chose Tullgarn Slott, near Trosa in Södermanland. It’s one of our most popular royal destinations and less than an hour away from Stockholm by car. Tullgarn Palace was the summer palace of King Gustaf V and Queen Victoria at the end of the 1800s and beginning of the 1900s. However, the palace was originally built for Duke Fredrik Adolf in the 1770s. 

We had a lovely visit and took the guided tour when we arrived. It was 45 min and showed several of the rooms in the castle and the history behind. After the tour we walked around to the front which is facing the water and then we had lunch at the castle café. Waffles and a locally produced apple juice. Mmm. 

Castles of the month – Bergen and Oslo, Norway

On our roadtrip to Norway we visited two castles. First out “Gamlehaugen”  the King’s official residence in Bergen situated close to Troldhaugen where the Norwegian composer Edward Grieg lived and worked. The castle was build in 1899 and opens the ground floor to the public during the summer.

The second castle we visited was “Det Kongelige Slottet” in Oslo. It is situated at the end of Karl Johans Street on a hill overlooking Oslo. Building activities commenced in 1824, and the foundation stone was laid by King Carl Johan on 1 October 1825. The Palace was officially taken into use on 26 July 1849 by King Oscar I. At this time the Swedish king ruled both over Sweden and Norway. 

The Royal Palace is the home of the Norwegian King and Queen and also a workplace for the whole royal family. It is open to the public during the summer. Behind the castle is a beautiful park filled with statues and monuments. 

Castle of the month – Engsholms Slott

The castle of our choice this month is Engsholms Slott on the island Mörkö south from Stockholm. We invited my parents-in-law to come along and we had a lovely afternoon.

We took the larger roads there and the smaller ones including a ferry ride to go back again. About an hour drive one way out on the country side.

The original castle was built back in the 14th century but burnt to the ground in 1912. This castle was built in 1914 and is today a hotel and restaurant, popular for conferences and such. We tried their grilled focaccia bread and locally brewed bear and also home baked buns and cakes. Delicious and served in very nice surroundings.

Castle of the month – Lejondals slott

The castle of this month is Lejondals Slott in Bro. We made reservations a while back to attend their Saturday Afternoon Tea. Lovely.

The weather could have been better but it was a nice hour long drive to get there and we were treated all kinds of goodies. Scones, jam, pies, cheeses.. and sweets and pastries for dessert.

Lejondals Slott is one of the youngest castles in Sweden built back in 1892. Nowadays it is a place for conferences, weddings and venues.

Castle of the month – Tyresö

Yesterday we went to the castle of the month since the weather prognosis was better than on Sunday. So, we went over to Tyresö Castle and enjoyed a lovely lunch! We visited this castle a few years ago on Mother’s Day and then we enjoyed our lunch on the little island on the lake in the back of the castle. So this time we tried the café inside the castle instead. The food was good – I had a large shrimp sandwich and hubby had a salmon pie – and we were happy with our choices.

Woke up early today too. I have a hard time to sleep in on the weekends –  I bet I would sleep like a baby on weekdays if I was allowed. Lol. -6C outside this morning and the sun is coming up behind our neighbors house. No big plans for the day so far. Maybe look for our next castle and book something.

Castle of the month – Ängby

We didn’t manage to visit a castle in December as planned, but this year we are up for the challenge again. The castle of the month of January is – Ängby Slott in Bromma. 

We invited my parents to come along and we had a nice afternoon together enjoying Swedish waffles with home made jam, whipped cream and coffee. Mmmm. 

The castle was build during the 17th century and has great cultural historical value. Since five years the castle is rented out to a lady who has called her café “Hemma hos Annika” and she is serving all sorts of home-baked pastries as well as lunches and different kinds of coffee. Well worth a visit if you haven’t been! 

Castle of the month – Bogesund

What a lovely Saturday. Started with a sleep in and after breakfast my hubby  gave me a lift over to Body Care Center so I could have a massage. Mm. Nice. He was a star and picked me up afterwards and then we drove up to Bogesund to visit the castle we have chosen this month.

It was freezingly cold today and snow here and there but we strolled around the castle and took a look at the property. It was built by Per Brahe back in 1640. A residence behind the castle was built back in 1895, the Park Villa, for the head gardener and today the villa hosts a lovely café. I had a bowl of sweet corn soup served with freshly baked focaccia bread which was really lovely. Hubby had lunch with the boys while I had my massage so he chose a hot chocolate with a vanilla bun. A very nice little café well worth the trip. 

Picked up groceries on our way back home since we didn’t have time for that this morning. Now I’m preparing a nice Saturday dinner for the family. 

Castle of the month – Kristineberg

Time to visit the castle of the month – this time we chose Kristineberg Slott situated on Kungsholmen in Stockholm. Built back in 1647 and now classified as a property of highly cultural historical value. The main building is private properties now. The rest is a school since many years called Kristinebergsskolan and has students from pre-class to class 6. The castle isn’t open to visitors so we just took a stroll around the area. 

We couldn’t find a café that was open or not crowded so we ended up driving back home and enjoyed my homebake from yesterday along with hubby’s freshly baked bread instead. Not bad. 

Castle of the month – Nyköpingshus

Castle of the month this time was Nyköpingshus in Nyköping. It is a medieval castle from the Birger Jarl era mostly known for the Nyköping Banquet (Nyköpings gästabud) that took place in 1317.

The palace burned down with the rest of the city in 1665. It wasn’t re-built; in fact some of its bricks were used in the construction of Stockholm Palace. However, parts of the castle were sound enough to be used as county residence until the 1760s. The Kungstornet, that you can see behind us, currently house the permanent exhibits of Sörmlands museum and also a restaurant.

We took a long stroll around Nyköping and walked along the river before it was time to head back home again.

Castle of the month – Borgholms Slott

The day started with a dip in the ocean even though it’s been raining all night. But, this morning it was just windy so we went ahead. 17.6C in the ocean.

The weather forecast promised 18m/s today so we took the flag down and put the “vimpel” up instead. When it gets too windy it is very difficult to take the flag down. Me, my parents and oldest son went for a walk while my hubby went running. The others went grocery shopping etc in town.

Tonight I went to see Benjamin Ingrosso in concert at Borgholms Slott together with my sis w/ family. It was a great evening and Benjamin is really a very good artist and entertainer who charms the audience. And a very good live singer too as it turned out. I’m so glad I went! And Borgholms Slott is truly an amazing arena for concerts! “Vi har allt det vackra framför oss”