Sunny day

Long day at work. Got to be a bit of a first line support today with various it-related issues. And I managed to solve the problems. Yeah. 

Made a crab stick sallad for lunch – trying to be healthy. Didn’t have time for a walk today though. Maybe tomorrow. 

It’s been really sunny and nice outside today and almost no snow at all left. Just a little bit here and there where the piles of snow used to be. Hopefully it will dry up soon so we can start walking in the forrest again. 


When we woke up this morning, the sun was already up and it was light and sunny outside. Spring is on the way! My November cactuses and orchids are in bloom – facing the sunshine and look almost happy. 

Wen to the hospital this afternoon for a routine checkup with my youngest. Everything was fine and we were back in no time. 

Took down the winter curtains today and put up some more spring-like ones. So nice. Made a huge difference! March – here we come! 


Sunday and lovely weather. The sunshine we were promised yesterday arrived today. Oh well.

Me and my husband went for an hour walk after lunch to pick up a package. The ice on the lake is starting to melt which is good. Makes it more visible for people to see they shall not be on the ice anymore. So scary with all the recent accidents with deadly outcome the last week with people going thru the ice and not being able to make it back up again in time. 

Going out to our spa now – have a good evening everyone! 

Mello 4

Time for the fourth part of the Melodifestivalen. Tonight Per Andersson and Pernilla Wahlgren are hosts together with Christer Björkman. Should be interesting,..

Part 4:
1. Tess Merkel – Good Life
2. Lovad – Allt är precis likadant
3. Efraim Leo – Best of me  – 2nd chance
4. The Mamas – In the middle – finale
5. Sannex – All inclusive
6. Clara Klingenström – Behöver inte dig idag – 2nd chance
7. Eric Saade – Every minute – finale


Today we gathered the closest family to celebrate our youngest and my mother-in-law who both just had their birthdays.

We could sit outside and cuddle up with blankets. We toasted in bubbly and then we enjoyed home baked goodies of all sorts along with hot chocolate with whipped cream and/or marshmallows. Or coffee / tea if you preferred. No cake – but I had made cupcakes with chocolate frosting and sprinkles instead.

F opened his presents and we had a great time. So nice to see everyone even though it was just for a few hours. I’m longing for spring so we can do this more often. Thank you, everyone, for making this a special day! 

Work work

What a day. I am exhausted. I have had a lot of work today and a lot of overtime too. But, I think I got there in the end and hopefully I can focus on other things this weekend. 

“Bäst i test” (Task Master) is starting tonight again with a new season. And we have some left-over-cake from yesterday too. So, things will be ok. I hope. No need to dwell over spilled milk. 

Flag up

Happy birthday, dear son! Today you are turning 21 years old. A young man with your whole life ahead of you.

We raised the flag this morning even though it’s been quite windy outside.

After work we went to pick up the birthday present which arrived this morning (right in time). The birthday boy decided our dinner (sirloin steak with potato gratin and haricot vert) and afterwards we had a piece of Princess cake with our evening tea while he opened his presents. I think he was happy with his day.


We have started to wear a face mask when we need to go places. It takes some getting used to. Especially since I am wearing glasses. Every time I breathe out the glasses get all steamy and I can’t see. The mask is also quite warm – both the disposable ones and the re-usable ones. But, this is the new world and we need to do what we can to stay safe and away from the virus. I hope and pray we will be able to get the vaccinations soon. But, it will most likely be a while yet.


A long day in a high tempo. I’m exhausted. Got so much done though which is great. But, I don’t do stress as well as I used to. Need to be careful.

Made pork chops with potatoes and green pepper sauce for dinner. It was really nice with some homely cooking to end the day.

Now we might go outside to the spa for a bit – need to see if the weather is ok. Yesterday it was raining and since we don’t have a roof over the spa it is really not nice to be out there if the weather isn’t good.

Foggy day

A very foggy day and still above 0C so the snow is melting slowly but surely. Worked my hours and then took a quick walk. Very nice and quite pretty by the lake. The ice is no longer strong enough to carry skiers, skaters and walkers and I was happy to see no-one had dared to be out there. 

Now I’m making a slow cooked beef for dinner while I’m doing laundry and relaxing a bit with my computer. Last week of February has begun.