Blue gate

Another lovely sunny day in our paradise. We worked some outside today and put the pumpkin seeds in the ground. Also added some cow-dung on top for some extra nutrition. 

After lunch my parents walked over to my dads cousin for a cup of coffee while me and my youngest took an hour long walk up to the blue gate and back. So nice and I am so happy he wanted to come along. 

Tonight I made a fish casserole for dinner and afterwards we have just relaxed and watched some tv. Another sunset to enjoy – but a bit cloudy so not a perfect one. But quite spectacular nonetheless. 

Afternoon walk

After breakfast me and my parents drove into town for some errands. Bought canned mushrooms at the factory and groceries at ICA among other things. 

After lunch me and my parents went for a long walk – 75 min – which was very nice. A bit windy but not as cold as the previous days. 

Chicken with rise for dinner and then we enjoyed one of my red wines along with some cheese and crackers while watching our ladies national team playing soccer in a friendship game towards Poland. We won 3-2. Another amazing day in our paradise has come to an end. 

Day off

Monday already. And my first day of vacation. The two days I was off from work last week I could use some of my overtime hours. This week I have taken vacation days.

My hubby and brother-in-law will work full time all week. So, the rest of us stay out of their way. After lunch me and my parents went for a long walk together and there are all kinds of spring flowers in bloom. These liver leaves are so pretty!

I made a lasagna for dinner and now we have watched TV and just relaxed for a couple of hours. The world treated us another nice sunset – good for the soul!

Evening walk

This morning my sister and the girls drove back to the real world again. Time for them to go back to work and school. They will be missed. The rest of us will stay here until next weekend. 

A very chilly and rainy day so we spent most of it indoors. I made salmon for dinner (steaks for the boys) and we opened a nice bottle of Petit Chablis to go with. Lovely. After dinner we went for a 3.5k walk – south this time – and defied the weather. It was quite windy and cold but no rain. 

Tonight we have watched “Wonder Woman 1984”. It was ok but not great. But nice to watch something together. 


Saturday and a very nice and sunny day. After breakfast we went grocery shopping (no difference from being in the city). No people in the store and we managed to buy food for the next 3 days or so.

In the afternoon me and my mother went for a 45 min walk in the sunny weather. Lovely. When we got back it was time to cheer on our team in soccer – the season started today. Such a close call but we lost to last years champions Malmö with 3-2.

My turn to fix dinner tonight and then we could enjoy a gorgeous sunset for the second evening in a row. Good for the soul. I’m so grateful for these last couple of days that we could spend together. Tomorrow my sis and her girls are driving back to the city. I will miss them dearly.

Easter celebration

A very windy and rainy Friday. My hubby had to work all day and the rest of us didn’t do much due to the bad weather. 

My parents and I dared to go for a quick walk in the afternoon when the sun came out for a bit. Nice to not sit still all day. 

Since we couldn’t be together over Easter we had decided to celebrate Easter today instead. So we prepared a nice smorgasbord with just the basics – potatoes, meatballs, chipolata sausage, deviled eggs, beetroot salad, three different kind of pickled herring, salad, bread and cheese. Lovely. We had a very nice dinner and played the traditional egg-game which my youngest niece won. 

Ended the day in front of the TV watching “Task Master” and “Masked Singer” together before it was time to hug the pillow. Oh, and we could enjoy an amazing sunset tonight. Lovely. 


At last. The day we have waited for. A change of scenery and a couple of days in our summer home together with my sister w/ family and our parents. 

The trip went without any problems – no traffic what so ever and we arrived 6 hrs later even with two stops on the way. Yeah. Some light rain here and there and quite windy once we arrived (we even got some snow but hardly worth mentioning). My sis treated us a great dinner with her beef rulads and oven baked potatoes. And my oldest niece made a delicious garlic bread. Yum! 

So nice to just spend some time together and relax in our paradise. Life is not so bad. 


A very busy last work day before some time off filled with meetings and things to get done.

And a very busy afternoon running errands needed doing. Blood test – check, switch the Triss-lotteries we had won on for new ones – check, picked up orders from the pharmacy – check, went to my parents house and sorted mail, flowers, aquarium – check, cut a forsythia branch from my parents garden – check, picked up another package that had arrived – check. Did all my ironing I haven’t done since Xmas.. not too bad since we are not using shirts or blouses for the moment lol.

Now I’ve crashed for a minute before it’s time to get on with the rest of the chores that needs doing. Puh.

Work again

Tuesday already. Where did this weekend go? So nice with a long weekend and just relax and spend time together. But, now it’s back on the horse again for a couple of days. And quite intensive days too. I was hoping to be able to get more done today but the people I waited for didn’t get back to me so I guess I’m in for a challenge tomorrow. Puh. 

Left-over food all day – need to empty the fridge – lol. Made a wok for dinner of the roast beef from the other day. Yum! 

Have started to pack some and done some laundry too. One step at a time. Don’t need to bring much but I like to be organized. Probably going to overpack anyway. Lol.