Game on site

Monday already and a new week to deal with. Short day at the office and I got home on time. Great. 

Tonight my parents picked me up and we went into town to cheer on our team in handball. First game after winter break due to the world championships (I think). Great fun to see a game live and even more fun that we managed to win. Yeah, We’ll see if we will be able to attend any more games this season or not. 

Last game

So nice with one more day  of the weekend to enjoy. I made a minced meat pie for lunch and used my new pie dish I got for Xmas from my parents-in-law. Love it! And the pie turned out great too!

Made us a nice dinner tonight and after dinner I watched the last game for Sweden in this years World Championships in handball. Bronze game. And we lost towards Spain. Bummer. Denmark and France are playing for the gold tonight. Now some tea and a slice of gingerbread-flavored sponge cake. Mmm.

Day off

Day off and time for house chores. A Saturday that looked like most of our Saturdays these days. All of us a bit too tired to do anything other than what we have to.

We lost the game last night – France was better than us so I guess it was a fair result. But, it still sucks! Lol. Denmark managed to win their game so they will be facing France tomorrow. We will play for bronze towards Spain, also tomorrow.

Made deer steak for dinner which turned out pretty good. Now we are watching a movie on TV before it is time to hug our pillows. So glad this weekend has one more day before it is time to go back to work.

Right here waiting

Friday – finally! Yeah! Had sushi for lunch today and we got a lot of practical stuff done today.

Had a meeting that took a bit longer than planned so I stayed over a bit.

Made sirloin with gratin for dinner and now we’ve crashed in our corners waiting for the handball game to start. Semi final towards France. Go Sweden! Chatted with an old friend from France. We met way back when we both were exchange students at the same high school. He is also a handball fan and I really really hope we beat France tonight. Otherwise he will be unbearable. Lol.


A long day and it felt extra long for some reason. I made a wok for dinner with the left-over chicken which turned out pretty good. 

After dinner we decided to enjoy the spa for a bit – haven’t done that in ages. Now some tea and the last episode of “Wednesday” before it is time to hug the pillow. 

Quarter final

Midweek and short day. Have been a busy bee this afternoon doing laundry. Hubby is away tonight on a work-event watching the quarter final in handball on site at Tele2 Arena. Lucky him. I am watching it too – but from my corner. Not too bad either. Sweden is facing Egypt in their quarter finale. Spain just defeated Norway and is clear for semi. Denmark crushed Hungary in their semi. Those two countries meet in the semi. Sweden or Egypt will meet France or Germany depending on tonights outcome. 

Picked up a grilled chicken for dinner tonight. They have almost doubled in price – I was in chock when I noticed that. But, I had already set my mind to that we wanted this for dinner so I bought it anyway. And it was delicious! 

Lunch date

Today I met up with one of my friends for a lunch date. We decided to go to “Brödernas” for burgers and I chose a “Farsan” which was really good. And a great chat on top. Perfect! 

Long day today and quite chilly. All the roads are so very slippery all covered with ice. Have to be careful when walking outside.

My hubby had started on our dinner when I got home. Lovely. Now I’ve crashed for a bit taking care of my emails etc. 


It was freezing this morning (-6C) and the tree by our bus stop was so pretty all covered with snow crystals. But, the cold just went thru everything. Brrr. 

Made a sweet-and-sour casserole for dinner served with rice and veggies.

Now we’re watching another couple of episodes of “Wednesday” before it is time to go and hug our pillows. 


Slept in a bit today which was great. I’ve done some laundry and other than that spent the day in my corner watching series on tv. Now I’m cheering on Iceland in their pursuit of reaching that quarter final next week. Sweden has already won the group regardless of the outcome of tonights game. My hubby is going to watch the quarter finals on Wednesday with his colleagues as a team-event. So jealous! 

Made a lasagna tonight – great leftovers for next week and perfect since my oldest is having dinner with his friends (he doesn’t eat lasagna). 

We got a reminder of how easy accidents happen and that life can be very short. Everything went well this time, thank God, but the outcome could have been much worse under different circumstances. Thank you who-ever was the angel on our shoulder!

Best friends

What a great evening we have had – and on the national “hug”-theme day. A great ending of a Saturday.

My sister and brother-in-law had invited us and two of our best friends over for a nice dinner. They had decorated their livingroom so pretty and we really had the best evening. Starting with some fizz and snacks and followed by a delicious two course dinner. We had made the dessert and brought with us. 

An evening filled with great food, company, chats and dreams of a future travel together. Last time the six of us went to Scotland. I wonder where we will go next time.