December and the last couple of weeks of this year has begun. Went to post the Xmas-greetings that will travel outside of Sweden this morning – great to get them sent off early.

Worked a short day today and went to some stores on my way home to see if I could find some presents for Xmas. Still have some things to get before I’m done and still waiting for a few things that I’ve ordered online. 

Advent 2nd

I wasn’t able to sleep this morning so I got up instead. Started some laundry, had a quiet breakfast, watched some TV, did the ironing.

This afternoon we went over to Kungens Kurva for some shopping but we ended up driving back with little accomplished. I found some thread to my curtains that I will adjust whenever I feel up for the challenge, so that was good at least.

Time to light the second candle of advent and start dinner in a bit. Going to make cod for me and hubby I think. Something else for the boys.

City by night

On our way to our car last night we walked passed these elks. Love the Xmas-decorations in Stockholm! 

We slept in a bit this morning and after breakfast we had a regular Saturday with all the chores. This afternoon my hubby put up the lights outside our house – so pretty! 

Now we’ve had some afternoon tea with yesterdays flavor from his calendar since we didn’t have any tea last night at home. This one was a ginger flavored great tea. Going to have todays flavor tonight. 


A day filled with work, preparations, getting ready. Lots of steps to add.

We had a big event tonight to show our new office and share a nice evening together with our spouses and colleagues. And it turned out great – with great food, drinks and lovely to meat everybody! 

My hubby took the car into town so we got back home alright. The boys had ordered a take-away with home delivery – so they got a treat too! We got back at around 01.30 and they were still up playing games with their friends online. 

Getting ready

I have had pain in my back all day and it is getting more and more difficult to move. So when I got back from work I took a painkiller and now I’m leaning against my acupressure mat to see if it can take care of whatever muscle it is that is bothering me.

I have packed my dress and done my nails and start to feel ready for the party tomorrow night at my office. Spouses invited too! We are catering food and drinks and will enjoy a nice evening together. Fingers crossed my back will cooperate better tomorrow.


Wednesday and I stayed almost all day at work instead of working a short day. Busy busy. 

Made a steak for dinner when I got home, served with rice and beans.

After dinner we enjoyed our spa for a bit – so nice now when it is a couple of degrees below 0C and no wind. Now we’re tucked in our corners with a cup of tea and a box of marshmallow elfs. Mmmm. 


Puh what a day but we got so much done. A colleague stopped by with her newborn baby and it was a lovely break in the chaos!

Me and hubby got back home with the same bus and now we’ve had dinner with the boys. Sausage and pasta. Nothing fancy but perfect Tuesday-food.

Love the advent-candlesticks in all the windows at this time of year. Brightens up the world a bit. It’s been raining today so the snow is slowly disappearing again.

Home baked

Last couple of days of November and Advent 1st is already ticked off. Time to bake some saffron-buns – made both the traditional ones and also rolls filled with butter and almond paste. Mmm. 

Stopped on my way home from work to look for a few things but didn’t find anything. Bummer. 

Made burgers with boiled potatoes served with a cream sauce, lingonberries and pickled gherkin for dinner. Now I’m tucked in my corner waiting for a cup of tea. 

Advent 1st🕯

My favorite Sunday of the year – Advent 1st. Time to put up all the special candles in the windows and get ready for the Xmas countdown. 

Today we gathered the whole family and celebrated the birthdays of my mother and hubby together with my sis w/ family. My mom had prepared traditional saffron buns, baked a cake and cookies. And we enjoyed the first glas of “glögg” – moulded wine – mmm. Thank you for a great afternoon! 


Today it is my hubby’s birthday. Me and the boys gave him his presents this afternoon after we had finished all of our regular chores.

We met up with my parents-in-law at a restaurant close to where they live and had a nice family dinner together. Great food and conversation. Now we are a bit too full and can’t eat anything else tonight. Just lay in our corners and watch one of the series we are watching before it is time to hug our pillows.