Finally the day has come when I had some me-time with a massage booked. Haven’t been there since December for various reasons and it was just perfect. 

Today Allsvenskan started – the national soccer tournament. We have a battle at work with 60% of my colleagues participating in our own tournament. Hopefully I will be able to make smart choices of players and score some points. Did ok today with the first couple of games. Our team is playing tomorrow – going to watch it with my parents. Fun! 


Friday – another week and month has come to an end. Weekend and April – here we come! 

A lovely sunny day today and not quite so cold anymore. Maybe there’s hope for a lovely weekend? 

Made a chicken teriyaki for dinner tonight sprinkled with sesame seeds. Now some family time watching the “Bäst i test”-episode (Taskmaster) with some snacks and sodas. 


Two of my orchids are in full bloom right now and they look so pretty in my window. I only have white ones right now – might treat myself another color. 

I went back to the doctor this morning to do a blood test. Have a follow up appointment next week. My stomach isn’t too happy about the penicillin but if it doesn’t get any worse than this I’ll be fine. 

Made a wok for dinner with all the leftovers from the week. Seems like a recurrent dish on Thursdays for us. But we all enjoy it. 

More winter ☃️

Could sleep in for an hour this morning since I was working from home today. -12C outside and tons of snow when we woke up. Brrrr. Spring is not in sight. 

Had a doctors appointment today since I have some problems with my nose. Penicillin, tests and a return meeting next week was the result. Fingers crossed this will do the trick. 

Made a flank steak for dinner with oven baked potatoes. Turned out pretty good. Now some corner time to enjoy before the day ends. 


Terrible weather today and a lot of my colleagues didn’t manage to get into the office. When I was waiting by the busstop this morning this little fellow was waiting too. A young blackbird (I believe) and he was trying to not be noticed hiding in the snow. 

Posted a little surprise on my way to work this morning for our friends in Scotland who had their first baby last week. 

Long day at the office. Hubby worked from home today and had dinner on the table when I got back. Lovely! Now some episodes of our Korean series before it’s time to hug the pillow. 

Snowy day

It’s been snowing a lot today and we now have a winter wonderland outside again. Short day today and I went to pick up a few things on my way back home after work. 

Color of the week – red/yellow tulips! They have had really good prices on tulips lately in the store so I love to treat us a bouquet when we do our grocery shopping. 

My dad stopped by for a bit tonight and we helped him scan a document. Nice to see him even though it was just for a little while. Now we are cheering on our soccer team facing Azerbaijan tonight. They lost 2-0 towards Belgium the other day. Need a win now. 

Castle of the month

Sunday and time to turn the clocks into summer time. No summer in sight though with snowy weather and quite chilly outside. Brrr. 

We decided to visit one castle a month this year as a fun thing to do. January we went to Sturehof castle with my parents for coffee. February we went to Sundbyholms slott with my parents-in-law for a murder-mystery-dinner and sleep-over. Now it is March and today we had made reservations for brunch at Häringe slott. A lovely trip to the place where we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary but the brunch itself left some to desire. But, overall we were happy with the visit and well fed when we left. 

Now I have done my yearly tax declaration and don’t have to worry about that anymore. Had to pay a lot of money.. oh well. The rest of my family are getting some money in return so that’s always something. 


National theme day – waffles this time. Of course a reason to celebrate so we made ourselves a treat for the afternoon tea. Freshly made waffles with whipped cream and different kinds of jam. 

A day with both snow and rain – so no walk today. We have started watching a new Netflix-series called “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” – a South Korean series about an autistic lawyer. It has a lot of heart and compassion – combined with a lot of humor. We like it a lot. 

New release

Today my favorite band is releasing their 15th full length album in their more than 40 years long career. The album is called “Memento Mori” and it takes me right back to the beginning. Looking forward to the concert in May!

Love this greeting to their band member who died last year – the whole album reeks of memories and flirting to the past. So precious.

Finally Friday and time to enjoy a whole weekend again. This week passed so quickly – let’s hope the weekend will last a long time.

Source: Ultra Depeche Mode & Depeche Mode Europe

Long day

A good day at the office. Had to walk some errands in town which was a nice break in the lovely weather. I shared two different sandwiches with a colleague for lunch so we could try two kinds – nice! One with chicken and one with tuna. The tuna one won!

We finished all the leftovers in the fridge for dinner tonight – nice to start the weekend with an empty fridge ready to be filled with new goodies. We will probable pick up food tomorrow night as a treat – don’t know what kind yet.