I don’t know where the weeks go – somehow it is Friday again. And a new weekend to enjoy. At the same time the weeks are really long. How does this work? 

The next couple of weeks will be a true challenge work-wise but I try to stay optimistic and do my best. Fingers crossed everything will go as planned. 

Tonight my youngest is out to see his friends. For the first time in years. He was so happy and excited about going. I hope they will have a great time. Stay safe. And don’t catch anything. 

Last rose

Our pink rose is showing off and is trying to impress us with one last rose. And the scent is absolutely gorgeous. Love it. 

Long day today and a lot of work with hardly any breaks. But, we got a lot done and it feels like we made good progress. 

Made oven baked cod for dinner with potatoes to go with. My oldest is having evening-class so he will eat a bit later. My youngest made something of his choice – lol. No cod for him.

It is quite chilly outside so we are going to enjoy our spa for a bit tonight. This time of the year is great for spa-time – no snow yet but still cold outside and nice to sit in the warm water for a bit. Can’t believe we’ve had the spa for a little over 4 years already. Best purchase ever – and I love that we both enjoy it so much. 


Busy short day packed with things to do and meetings.

After work me and my oldest managed to taked that so longed walk. We took the Domherren-trail and it was so nice to just stroll and chat. Took us almost 90 minutes to complete – we are out of practice and there were so many mushrooms all over to see. Lol. Didn’t pick any though since I don’t know which ones are eatable. Now I’ve crashed for a bit before it’s time to start dinner. 

New profile

We have taken new photos for work and this was one of the ones I could choose from. I turned it black/white instead of color and decided to use it in my social media sites too.

Long day today but not very busy. Had time to get some things done that has been on my to-do list.

Made minute-steaks for dinner with fried cauliflower and fries. Haven’t had time to go for a walk in a while – maybe tomorrow afternoon will be a good opportunity. Fingers crossed.


A very busy week ahead starting with a short day. After some lunch I gave my oldest a ride to his treatment. Everything went well. I love these paper-art decorations they have at the hospital. Found this butterfly that I am not sure I have seen before. 

Bought a crossword puzzle magasin to entertain myself while I was waiting. Nice to lay off the mobile for a few hours here and there and not be constantly available. A bit of traffic driving back home but now I’m tucked in my corner for a bit before I’m going to start dinner. 


This afternoon my mother stopped by for a cup of coffee and a chat. She was out taking a walk and wanted to check out the constructions across the street.

Made a nice dinner tonight and now some corner time to relax before it is time to hug my pillow. We have started to watch the new miniseries “Huss” which is quite good. We used to follow the series years ago and this is a new recording about the previous main characters daughter.


A busy Saturday – my hubby rented a trailer and went to the waste disposal site with two full loads of cut branches and leaves and then one full load of stuff. Gold star for him! While he was busy with this I took care of chores indoor.

In the afternoon we were invited over to my parents-in-law for a nice three-course dinner. The boys didn’t come along but my hubby’s aunt was there so it was the five of us who spent the evening chatting and catching up. Lovely. We haven’t been to their home for ages.

Not much work left to do outside now – but still one rather big job left and that is to cut the cypress hedge in our back yard. After that we might be able to start with our bedroom. Finally. Feels like we’ve been about to start for almost a year now. But we haven’t had all the parts until now so it hasn’t been possible before.


Today my parents have been married for 55 years – emerald wedding anniversary! Congratulations! You two are the best parents anyone could wish for. We have always felt loved, seen, heard and appreciated. You are a true inspiration! I hope you have had a nice day and treated yourselves something nice for dinner and maybe a nice glas of wine or two. 

Happy anniversary! May you have many more to come! Love you tons! 

113 – Anette

Today my grandpa would have turned 113 years old if he still would be with us. I am very fond of this photo of the four of us – my oldest son is the only one of my and my sisters children who met him. Our grandpa passed away the same spring as my oldest niece was born.

This day still has good cause for celebrations – partly to honor the memory of grandpa but also because it is my sisters names day – Anette – today. Congratulations!


A sunny midweek day and we have visitors in our backyard enjoying the apples that have fallen from the tree. They are not scared at all, guess they are used to being observed. I think it is nice with all this wildlife right outside my window. As long as they don’t snack on my roses.. 

We had meatballs with baked common beans for lunch. Delicious. Since I skipped having salad for lunch I guess I will have salad for dinner instead. Lol. Going to make spagetti bolognese / meatballs for the others.