Weekend again and our regular chores to take care of. A grey day but now rain so far. After lunch we went to get a few things – some flowers for the garden among other things. 

M is with his friends today so only three of us for dinner. So, I made cod with chili/lime sauce for me and hubby and beef with gratin for F. 

Now some corner time in the sofa enjoying a quiet evening. Tomorrow we will celebrate M with an afternoon coffee with family. So, a busy day ahead. 

The best day

A rainy day like the forecast said. Listened to this song going to work trying to get into the positive thinking-mood and gain some energy. It worked somewhat. Love some of her songs. This one is called “The best day”. 

A very busy and productive day. Had a great meeting and also prepared stuff for Monday to get at head-start. Great. 

Tonight my hubby has a work-event so it is just me and the boys. I picked up some beef going home from work so we will have a nice dinner. It is the finale of “Masked Singer” tonight so I have a date with the TV and my corner. 


A very warm sunny day with a summer feeling in town. People walking with no coats or jackets. Sunglasses. And a lovely 25C. 

I had my yearly performance review at work today and we had a great talk for over an hour. Got a lot of good feedback and exchange of ideas and plans ahead. 

Now a nice coffee and an episode of “Hamilton” while the laundry machine is working. The sky turned grey after dinner and it will probably start raining any second. And will continue for a few days if the prognosis is correct. 

Lunch treat

Puh what a day. Didn’t sleep so good – too much on my mind – but fortunately all of my concerns were addressed and taken cared of when I arrived to work. Great!

After work I met up with my parents and we enjoyed a lovely lunch in town. So nice to just spend some quality time together – just the three of us. We picked up some strawberries on the way back home so we will have a treat tonight after dinner, me and the boys. Yum!

Fun hockey game tonight when we are facing Finland. May the best team win!

Long day

Puh what a day but quite productive and a lot accomplished. 

Finished some leftovers for dinner and now I’ve crashed infront of the hockey game – Sweden vs. UK in the group play in world championship. Should be an easy win (first goal after 13 sec.. ). So far we have defeated Austria and Czechia. Four more games remaining after tonight in our group B – towards the US, Norway, Finland and Latvia. Top four teams from each group go thru to the quarter final. 

The memory of an ocean

I listen quite often to a song with Laleh called “Minnet av ett hav” (the memory of an ocean). It’s about finding yourself.

“And it was here, Where I became me It was here, Where I became free, It was here where I, Became me and no one else, It was like this I lived my life”. 

Love the lyrics. I can’t imagine living too far away from the ocean or a lake. Gives me peace. If we would get an apartment later on in life both me and my hubby agree on one thing – we would love to have an ocean view. If we can afford it. Lol. 

Missed the bus when I was going home so I ended up taking a walk from the subway. Which was very nice by the way. Sunny weather and the lake was stunning with the mirror reflection in the water. Going to start dinner in a bit – I have prepared burgers and I will cook some pasta to go with. 

Sunny Sunday

Very tired today since the ESC didn’t finish until 2AM.. so we slept in a bit today.

After breakfast we decided to get some things done so my hubby prepared his bike for the season and I sorted my flower potts. I had two boxes of potts in the garage that my mother-in-law gave us years ago that I decided to use. So I re-planted some of my plants and switched all the potts in my windows. Took me several hours to complete but now it’s done. Also sorted out a big bag of potts that I will throw away. Yeah. I moved all the potts I have stored in our laundry room to the garage so I gave the laundry room a good clean while I was at it.

The blood red maple tree my cousin and his wife gave me 14 years ago is still very pretty. I think it is a bit too sunny where we planted it because the leafs are no longer dark red as they are supposed to be. But it is still very pretty.

ESC – finale

Finally time to select this years winner of the Eurovision Song Contest – this year held in Turin, Italy. Sweden is competing with “Hold med closer” performed by Cornelia Jacobs.

We will host the dinner tonight and my sis w/ family are coming over (except their oldest). We are going to get some take away pizza to make life easier and then we have prepared some deli snacks to continue on the Italian theme. And a bottle of fizz of course.

The countries participating are ;

    1. Czeckia
    2. Romania
    3. Portugal
    4. Finland
    5. Switzerland
    6. France
    7. Norway
    8. Armenia
    9. Italy
    10. Spain
    11. Nederlands
    12. Ukraine
    13. Germany
    14. Lithuania
    15. Azerbaijan
    16. Belgium
    17. Greece
    18. Iceland
    19. Moldavia
    20. Sweden – Cornelia Jacobs
    21. Australia
    22. United Kingdom
    23. Poland
    24. Serbia
    25. Estonia

Winner: Ukraine
Second place: United Kingdom
Third place: Spain

Sweden: 4th place

And PM won the challenge price! Yeah!


Finally time for some hockey-fun! Sweden plays our first game tomorrow towards Austria. We also have Czech, UK, Finland, USA and Norway in our group. And this year the tournament is played in Finland which means hardly any time difference to relate to.

Tonight we are having a movie night with the boys again – watching the new Marvel-movie “Black Widow”. Nice to spend some time together enjoying something we all like. Make sure to appreciate what you have and cherish the moments you get together.

ESC – part 2

Time for the second qualification round in the Eurovision Song Contest and Sweden is competing tonight.

Sweden / Cornelia Jacobs is participating with the song “Hold me closer” – a song that has really come to grow on me and I love it. The whole  audience sang along when she performed. Wow.

Countries that went thru from semi-final 2 ;  Belgium, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Poland, Finland, Estonia, Australia, Sweden, Romania and Serbia. 

Wow – we made it! Go Sweden!