Semi finals

What a busy day and I got everything done that I had set up for myself. Great feeling of accomplishment to start the weekend.

Picked up some thai food dinner to celebrate that my hubby passed his certification this afternoon. Then two semi finals to enjoy on tv – first Spain defeated Denmark. Now it is Sweden vs. France and it’s going to be a tight game. Our goalkeeper Palicka has returned after being sick in covid – let’s hope he will have a great evening and be the superstar in protecting our goal as he can be.

Rainy day

Long day and not great weather. All the snow is slowly melting away. Winter comes and goes every other day. And it’s only January so still another couple of months to go before spring will arrive.

My hubby went to the “bilbesiktning” today and our car went thru the mot with no problems. Great. He picked up some Indian food on the way back so we had a treat for lunch and therefor leftovers for dinner. Lol.

Tonight our youngest is seeing a few friends for dinner and a movie. I’m glad he has great friends and is able to spend time with them. I hope they stay clear of any virus. We gave him a ride and might pick him up later to avoid riding a bus. I just hope the cinema has spread out the audience in a good way to keep distance.

Afternoon walk

Midweek and short day. After work me and my oldest went for a 3k walk in the quite slippery trail around Långängen. Thank God for my icebug shoes – perfect for slippery roads. It was a nice stroll and a we had good chat. 

Made cod for dinner – chicken for the boys. Now we have cuddled up infront an HBO movie called “Cry macho” with Clint Eastwood. 

Oh – the game last night was great! We managed to turn a 9-14 after the first period to 14-9 in the second. Puh. With 23-23 and only seconds left we got a penalty throw and nailed it. Puh. First time we defeated Norway in ages. Semi finals are on Friday – most likely towards Denmark. Or France. 

In or out

Dooms day.. If we don’t win tonight we are out of the tournament. Fingers crossed we will make it. But, we are facing Norway and we haven’t won towards them since 2012… or so they said on the news today.

If Poland would have managed to beat Spain this afternoon we would have gone thru regardless of the outcome of tonights game. But, that didn’t happen even though Poland only lost by one goal. Oh well. Now it is up to us to make it happen. Corona has hit the team and a couple of our important players are not able to play tonight. But, if there is will there is hope so fingers crossed!

The temperature has dropped tonight and it is very cold outside. Maybe we’ll enjoy the spa for a bit before the game starts.

PS! With seconds left we managed to score that last goal and won!! Semifinals here we come!


Monday again. Quite a busy day – stayed a bit but also got several calls during the afternoon with this and that. Decided to bake a cardamom cake and almost forgot to add the cardamom due to two calls while baking. Lol.

Anyway, the cake turned out great and I was glad I had baked it since my parents needed some assistance and came over for a visit. So, a nice ending of today. Perfect to chat and have a coffee & cake together. 

Walk on ice

I had a really hard time sleeping this morning. Woke up around 5 and couldn’t go back to sleep for more than a couple of minutes at a time. So after 3 hrs I gave up and got up and had breakfast. The rest of the family slept in a bit. Good for them.

Took my oldest to one of his friends this afternoon. Great that they can see each other in person every now and then. When I got back home me and my hubby took a nice 3,5k walk and dared to walk across the frozen lake. A lot of people were there – walking, skating, skiing – so it felt pretty safe. I am not very comfortable walking on the lake – feels a bit scary to me regardless of how thick the ice is.

Important handball game as we speak. Sweden vs. Germany. We managed to defeat Poland the other day. But, I think we need to win all our games in order to reach the semifinals. Tough task. But so far so good.


A nice relaxing day. Started with our usual chores and after lunch we went to see if we could find new shoes / boots for the boys. A well over-due task and always a struggle to find something they like and that fits. But, we actually came back with new shoes to both of them. Yeah! 

Now we have enjoyed a nice dinner – filet of beef. Served with salad for me. Fries for my oldest. Gratin for the other two. So many dishes but everyone is happy which is great. Tonight we are going to see if we can find a rental movie to watch. We’ll see which one it will be. 

Snow again

Friday again. It had been snowing last night so we woke up to a winter wonderland . A very busy day packed with meetings and things to do. 

But, now I’m enjoying some peace and quite gathering some energy for the handball game that starts in a bit. Tonight we are facing Poland. 

No plans for the weekend – just time off and relax. Perfect. 

Sweden vs. Russia

Time for the middle round in the tournament and our first opponent is Russia. We played well and our goalie had a good game so we managed to win. Yeah. 

Three more games to go. And we need to win most of them in order to advance in the tournament and reach the semifinals. 

A long day at work and Thursday already. Tomorrow I have a day filled with meetings but hopefully I will be able to get off in time and maybe we can go for our Friday walk. Fingers crossed. 

Windy and grey

Midweek and short day for me. But, grey, windy and almost raining outside so no afternoon walk. Instead I started to watch this series I was recommended. Found on SVT play. It’s about maternity home for young unmarried women in Australia in the 1960s. A bit like Midwife Calling – my favorite series. Anyway, I’ve only seen a couple of episodes but so far so good.

Handball back tomorrow and we are in group #2. Six teams in each group – four games to play (you don’t have to face the team from your own group from the first round). The winning team from the first round get to keep two points to start with. We came 2nd so no free points for us. Top two in each group qualifies for the semi finals.