Evening walk

Monday and our first day of vacation. After our morning routine with a dip in the ocean and breakfast to follow six of us packed ourselves in two cars and went for a day of shopping and running errands. We drove down to Kalmar and also made a couple of stops on the way both going down there and also on the way back and we managed to tick most of our boxes of chores. Great to get organized for the upcoming birthday party and also midsummer. 

My hubby and brother-in-law have cleaned our new deck tonight and put a special wood soap on it. It looks great! 

Tonight we went for a nice walk to Grönvik and back. It’s been another really warm day and hopefully it will cool down a bit soon so we can sleep better. We have all windows opened and also the fans going but we still have 28C indoors. Puh. 

Crystal clear

This morning it was crystal clear water in the ocean and no wind at all. So pretty. And it’s been close to 20C in the ocean all day which has invited us to several dips. Lovely.

A lazy relaxing day. Celebrated time off with some bubbly while we waited for the bbq dinner getting ready. After dinner we went for a longer walk than yesterday and we were gone for close to an hour.

Now we ‘ve crashed in the sofa for a bit – all tired after a long day in the sun. This afternoon it got really windy too (9m/s) which is also quite tiring.


Finally the day has come when we all could meet up in our paradise for some quality time together. We left early and about 6.5-7 hrs later we arrived in our paradise. It has been very warm today with degrees around 30C so it was really nice to take that first dip in the ocean. It was 18.7C which is amazing before midsummer. And yesterday the bathing jetty was installed which makes everything easier. 

We made pasta bolognese for dinner and sat outside for a few hours. After dinner we went for a short walk around the block. A lovely ending of a long day. No spectacular sunset tonight though. But it is so nice to finally be here again and this time we have a guest with us too, my sisters mother-in-law. 

Sweden 🇸🇪 vs. Slovakia 🇸🇰

Another really warm day – I hope some of these amazing days will be left when we have our vacation next week. The prognosis is looking good so far!

Took my oldest for his second covid-shot on my lunch-hour. Yeah. Both sons fully vaccinated now. With some luck we will get our second one in a few weeks too.

The soccer tournament continues – time for our second game today (out of three) in the group play. Today we faced Slovakia and we WON 1-0!! Next we are facing Poland on the 23rd. Fingers crossed we will have enough points to stay in the tournament after this!

Summer 🌞

A lovely sunny day and almost 30C outside. Full day at work so I’ve been enjoying the sunshine from indoors.

Found this pretty little white spider on one of my allium flowers today. Looked it up and it is a flower crab spider. Don’t think I have ever seen one before – this one was quite big too. Apparently they can be white or yellow – change color after the flower it’s on and they are called crab spiders because of the way they move sideways like a crab.

One more day to work.. then some well-earned time off!


Worked a short day today and could enjoy some me-time this afternoon. Spent it figuring out what to pack while watching a couple of episodes of my latest chick flick series “The Bold Type”. I’m on the last season available on Netflix right now.

Made a wok for dinner with all the leftover meat – perfect way to make good use of all the food.

Now some corner time – might watch a couple of episodes of “Killing Eve” – I know, it’s an old series but we just discovered it and we have just started season 3. Anyone else seen it?

Long day

“Take a deep breath. Breathe in. Breathe out. Listen to your heart. Remember; you are enough.
Every day.”

Wise words – worth thinking about.

I did good today at work – managed to get thru some difficult things. Looking forward to time off next week – we all really need a break and change of scenery. The whole family. It will be quite a busy week though with my sisters birthday and midsummer but so nice to see family and friends again. Can’t wait.

Sweden 🇸🇪 vs. Spain 🇪🇸

The UEFA European Championship 2020 was postponed due to the corona pandemic but this year it’s on.

One month of soccer, starting June 11th ending July 11th. 24 countries have qualified and play in 6 groups of 4. Sweden play our first game tonight facing Spain. Then we have Slovakia and Poland too in our group.

Fingers crossed we will – if not win – at least get one point after this first game. It’s a really late game though so I might not stay awake until it’s finished. But, we’ll see.

PS! I did stay awake and we managed to get one point! 0-0!


This gorgeous flower is called “honungslök” – Sicilian Honey Garlic – and is one of the bulbs that I planted last fall. Unfortunately, when the roof workers covered up our house they broke a few of them. But I still have a couple left and I love them! 

My hubby went to throw away all the packing material among other things today – nice to get rid of all of that. The new broom closet turned out great – I’m so glad we replaced the old one! We have decided to not go ahead with our bedroom right now – we will wait until after our summer vacation. We still have plenty of outdoor chores to keep us busy. 

Going to turn on the bbq in a bit and cook some sirloin steaks for dinner. Mmm. And some asparagus and corn on the cob. Will be a nice ending of a productive weekend. 


Our second part of delivery from IKEA was due this morning between 8-12. Puh. Set the alarm for 7 AM which turned out to be a great idea because the delivery man called at 07.25 and said he would arrive in 10 minutes..

Since we were up and ready to face the day by 8 AM we went grocery shopping really early today. And then we started to replace the broom closet which took us the rest of the day. To clear the old one out, clean the area, build the new closet – realized that we had missed buying the   base (feet to make the closet come up a bit from the floor) so I had to rush over to IKEA and get some – and then put everything back in our new broom closet and adjust our things to the new space. More room for some things – less room for other. And a GOOD CLEAN of everything!

Puh. Almost time to start dinner – just need to sit for a minute first.