Getting ready

Worked from home today. So nice to not have to commute and also to sleep in for an hour. It’s been a productive day and my half day turned in to a full day due to a late meeting that also was delayed an hour. Oh well. Good thing I was at home! 

My Saint Paulia is in full bloom now. Love them. My grandmother had a whole bunch which are now cared for by my sister . I would like to have a pink one too – with curly petals. 

Movie night with my family – the new Marvel Studios movie Doctor Strange in the “Multiverse of Madness” is on so the whole family is gathered together in our living room for some quality time together. Nice. 


What a productive day. I have a lot on my table but slowly but surely I am making progress. Saw this sign today and it felt like me right now. 

The check-in to our trip opened today and now we are ready for our flight. Boarding passes downloaded on our phones, tickets printed out. I hope we have everything in order and thought of. Now we have to figure out what to pack in our suitcases. The weather prognosis is not great with rain every day, but I hope we will have a great time regardless. 

It’s been a lovely sunny day today – almost feels like summer. I will breathe. And it will be okay. 

Rainy start

Midsummer week and a rainy start. Looked ok when I left for work but it’s been raining off and on all day. Short day today and due to the rain I didn’t take a walk after work. Just went home and had a late lunch.

Hubby is away at a work-thing tonight so it’s just me and the boys. I’ve tried to figure out what to pack but I can’t focus and the weather-prognosis doesn’t look great either. So, no summer clothes I guess. I just hope and pray everything will go smoothly on our trip.

Our elder tree has started to bloom and by the time we get back it will be time to start making some cordial. Mmm.

A bit tired..

Managed to sleep in a bit today. Finally. Needed those extra hours of sleep. I hope it won’t mean that I can’t sleep tonight. Lol. 

Finished the leftovers in the fridge for lunch and then I dropped my oldest off at his friends house before I drove to the mall to see if I could find a new handbag. But, no such luck. Didn’t find anything at all worth buying. Oh well. 

Enjoyed a nice coffee outside when I got back. Lovely sunny day today. Let’s hope the nice weather will be here for a while (but I think the prognosis might show something else.. ). 

Bachelor of Science

We stayed over at the conference center so I arrived with taxi back home after breakfast. 

When I got home we went to get groceries and lunch (as we always do on Saturdays) and then I relaxed in my corner for a couple of hours – still tired after a night away. 

We were invited to celebrate my oldest niece who has completed her Degree of Bachelor of Science in Psychology and also landed a full time job within human resources as a recruiter. Yeah. Well done!
We had a great evening and were able to sit outside and enjoy dinner followed by coffee and cake. Congratulations, K! The gift is on its way… arrival depending on the shipping company. Lol. 


A day away from our office to spend a day at a conference center for a day of education. The weather was lovely initially and we could have our class outside. What a lovely view! 

In the afternoon a heavy rainfall kept us indoors for a bit but then the sun came back again. All the outdoor furniture were soaked though. After the education was finished we had some free time and then we gathered for a lovely dinner together to end a good productive day.