Friday again. Don’t know where the weeks go. Dead tired when I got home so we picked up some pizza for dinner since our local store didn’t have anything we wanted. Going to fill the fridge tomorrow morning with new choices of stuff to eat. 

A quiet evening infront of the tv. First an episode of the third season of “The Sinner” with Bill Pullman that we have started to watch. The I guess I’ll watch another episode of the Swedish Idol before it is time to hug my pillow. Going to try to get a good nights sleep so we can work some on our wallpapering tomorrow. Would be great if we could complete the bedroom this weekend. 


A few years ago my sister and I gave these coasters to our parents as a nice walk thru memory-lane with photos from our own childhood and also from our kids childhood all taken in our paradise. The oldest photo from about 50 years ago – the most recent one a few years ago. I love looking at them and all the fond memories they bring.

A very rainy Thursday filled with a lot of different things. Worked a long day and got home late since the bus didn’t wait for the subway – as usual. So, I had to wait in the pouring rain for 15 min. Life is a challenge from time to time. But, one more day – then a whole weekend to enjoy and hopefully we will make some more progress in our bedroom-project.


Today I stopped and had lunch in town before I went home. Haven’t done that since before the pandemic. Oh, how I have missed having lunch served at a restaurant. And just some time to myself. Next time I might find a friend to join me and catch up. Something to look forward to!

Laundry – check. Dinner – check. Relax time – check. Maybe some spa-time tonight?

Oh – and the sushi was delicious! Will have it again soon.


A fun but challenging day. I had almost 13000 steps on my activity bracelet when I got back home tonight. Puh.

It’s been quite grey and a bit rainy today. And cold so I used my winter coat. The weather forecast is talking about snow in some parts of Sweden – I wonder what kind of winter we will get this year.

We are making progress with our bedroom. Last night we put in some more hours but tonight we are way too tired – both of us. So, we will relax and watch a couple of episodes of our new series “Karppi” on Netflix.


A gorgeous day. But second day in a row with frost in the morning. Brrr. Fall is really here. Tricky to know what to wear.

A very busy short day and I got a lot done. Stayed a bit for various reasons but were able to get home early afternoon.

I decided to take a nice walk back home from the subway to clear my head and enjoy the silence & beautiful scenery. The lake really showed off. Wow. Stopped for a photo on the bridge – one of my favorite spots.

Spiken 50

A very special day for my family and especially for my parents. Today the competition “Spiken” celebrated 50 years on the same track – all events held and organized by my parents with some help from family and friends. 

And today Hammarby honored my parents with these beautiful cakes, a big bouquet of flowers for my mom (since her birthday is coming up), a big silver trophy especially engraved and a nice speech from both the chairman of the committee and others. So nice that they got the extra credit and praise so well deserved. *so proud* 

My hubby and I have spent 3-4 hrs putting up wallpaper all afternoon. Now we have crashed in our corners ready for dinner which is almost done. I made a taco pulled pork which cooks itself in the oven. Time to eat and relax the last hours before it is time to hug the pillow. 

Work work work

Whoa what a day. After all the regular Saturday-chores we continued with our renovation of our bedroom. Cleaned the ceiling, sandpapered the putty, deep cleaned the radiator (well over-due .. ), pained the area around the window and then – finally – put up the first wallpaper. Yeah. Fingers crossed it will stay up and not bubble or be crooked. 

Ended the day with a couple of hours gaming with my sis w/ family. Jackbox package #8 – we tried all 5 games. A fun ending of a long day! 

Pad thai

Friday again. I had a terrible time going back home after work. First they had cancelled my subway so we had to get off and wait for a new train. Then when I arrived at the terminal station it started to rain. I had to wait 45 min before a bus finally arrived (they are supposed to leave every 15th minute). I got so cold standing there in the rain and cold weather. So, we decided to treat us some thai food for dinner to cheer us up a bit. I chose pad thai with shrimps. And springrolls for starter. Yum. 

Now some corner time watching Swedish Idol and enjoying a glass of white. Let the weekend begin. 


Nature is really showing off right now with all the colors everywhere. So pretty. This bush with rose hips in red with green leaves in front of a maple leaf tree in yellow and orange. Lovely. 

Worked a long day today and got home quite late. My hubby had dinner on the table as I got home. Nice. Thursday usually means us finishing some of the left-overs. I had the salmon from the other day mixed with some creme fraiche and pasta. Not bad. 

A lot on…

Who is storing all these left-overs in our fridge? A big difference now when we are working from our offices again – nobody eats the left-overs anymore. Lol. I had one of the jars when I got back from work – found one with pasta and meatballs. And another one with some pasta sauce that I could put on top.

After a quick run to the hospital for some testing we are now back home again. Dish washer and laundry machine are working. I’m answering calls and some e-mails. My afternoon off is quite busy. As they usually are.