Old friends

Sunday. First week already over. Fortunately we have some more to enjoy. 

This afternoon an old friend from school stopped by together with his wife for a coffee and catch up. It was so nice to see him and to finally meet his wife. My mother had made a swiss role and served it with whipped cream and fresh raspberries and we sat outside for a couple of hours. 

Tonight we played “Wingspan” again – the board game M got for his birthday. It is quite fun! Now we’ve watched another episode of “Call the Midwife” – if you haven’t seen that series you have really missed out! It’s great! 


July 24th – my namesday. Always celebrated here in our paradise and almost always with a strawberry cake. This year no different. My mother made the cake and we had afternoon coffee outside with my aunt and uncle. 

A good day for our Swedish teams too – our ladies won again in soccer  and our gents won in handball. So far so good but the tournaments have just started. 

Tonight we took an evening walk since we skipped our morning walk. It was much nicer outside tonight – not as hot. And as we arrived back home it was the most amazing sunset. Life is good! 

Daily walk

Every day me and my parents try to take a 3k walk after breakfast. At the end of our promenade we walk thru this lovely forrest. You can really see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is very green and peaceful. 

Today we have been working on different projects for instance my mother helped me shorten the curtains for the boys room that we bought yesterday (thank you!). 

We watched the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Tokyo on the tv during the afternoon. A special year with no audience in the arena and a limited number of athletes participating in the parade. Tomorrow we have a number of Swedish participants competing – fingers crossed they will do well and have fun in their sport. 


Thursday already. Where does time fly? After breakfast we drove down to Kalmar since our oldest had an appointment there. While he was busy with that me and my hubby ran some errands and then we all went to lunch before it was time to drive back to our paradise again. 

Me and my mother were busy bees yesterday and put up new wallpaper on the unfinished wall in our house. Today we bought some new fabrics to match. Fun with something new! 

When we got back home me and my parents went for our daily walk. We have been really good taking walks every day after breakfast but today we postponed it so I could join them. I’m longing for my activity watch to arrive – have been without it for a whole week now. 

We snacked on strawberries from Öland tonight. Yum! 

Olympics 2020 / 2021 Tokyo

Due to the covid19-pandemic the Olympics was postponed one year and the discussions have been many before they finally decided to hold the event. Tokyo, Japan, is hosting the event and the big opening ceremony is on Friday but today we start with the first soccer game – Sweden vs. USA (women). And we won!!! 3-0!!! Amazing start!

Sweden is participating with 138 athletes in 23 different sports.


A windy day in paradise. We’ve been busy bees sorting stuff out and went to the big garbage disposal site with it. Perfect! 

L went back to the city today – and my parents visited a friend and returned in time for dinner. I did some laundry and my sis and I played a board game. Then I prepared dinner and my brother in law assisted on the bbq –  grilled chicken and courgettes served with  pasta. Drizzled with lemon juice, garlic and fresh basil. It was really tasty, if I may say so myself. 

Tuesday – slices of melon, pineapple and chocolate to snack on while watching “Allsången” and “Midsomer murders”. 


Our first official day of vacation. And what a day. Sunny and warm. 22C in the ocean (or thereabouts). 

This morning after breakfast I took my oldest for some blood tests and then we went grocery shopping. 

Tonight it was my turn to make dinner and I chose a cod-dish (lightly smoked pork loin for the non-fish-eaters) served with a warm potato sallad. We played “Birdspan” and right before bedtime I went down to the ocean and took this photo. Lovely. 

Sunny Sunday

A very windy but sunny Sunday and my hubby challenged the waves trying to stand-up-paddle. Takes some practice but he did quite well considering. This morning it was 21.7C in the ocean and a couple of degrees more as the day went by. 

We invited my cousin and uncle w/ family for afternoon coffee and we had a nice chat sitting outside for a couple of hours. They are only here for the weekend and leaving tomorrow already. Well – not my aunt and uncle though since they live here, but my cousin w/ family. 


Back in our paradise again – for a proper family vacation. It took a little while longer to get here today due to a big line thru Söderköping but besides that the roads were pretty empty. 

It felt great to take a swim in the ocean after a long day in the car. And then we were treated a great dinner with skewers of two sorts along with bbq veggies and boiled new potatoes. Yum! We could sit outside and chat and catch up for a while but then it got a bit too humid so we moved inside instead and watched the sun go down. Let the vacation begin! 

Family time

Last day of work in a while. Or at least last full day of work in a while – I know I have to work some here and there. But, with some luck I will be able to regain loads of energy so I’ll be able to start work with a lot of motivation and drive.

Four weeks of family time – our two youngest ones will remain in town but the two older cousins will be joining us (one a few weeks later though). We have no plans really – just spend time together (and watch lots of sports on TV during the olympics.. ) and relax.

Let the vacation begin!