Game night

A great ending of a short week. Game night and date with dad starting with dinner and a beer followed by cheering on our team. Tonight they played better than they have in a while and managed to win 2-1 towards Brommapojkarna. Yeah! We needed that!

Had a great day at work too and met up with an old friend for lunch and a walk to catch up for a bit. Haven’t seen him in over 3 years due to the pandemic and other things. So nice to finally get together for a bit. 


Extra long Thursday with an early start due to a training and got home a bit late due to a lot of work. So tired after a very long day. 

Made a simple dinner with pasta and sausage (falukorv – something very Swedish). Not bad every now and then. 

A sunny lovely day today. Let’s hope it will stay like this over the weekend – but we really need some rain now too. They said on the forecast this morning that it might come in time for midsummer. No surprises there.. LOL. 

Fun to look forward to

Something fun to look forward to later on this year – bought tickets for the Glasvegas-concert in Stockholm in October. Fun!

The concert is for a standing crowd so there are no numbered seats – anyone want to join us? Please let us know! We have also reserved a table to have dinner at Nalen before the concert. 

Haven’t been to a Glasvegas-concert in years so we’re looking forward to this. Also, we have never been to a concert at Nalen so that is going to be interesting too! Win win! 

National day

June 6th and our National Day! Flag up for our country which celebrates 500 years since Gustav Vasa was elected king. 

We were invited over to my sister for afternoon coffee and the whole family was there. My parents, my hubby’s parents, my brother-in-laws mom and my youngest niece’s boyfriend. 14 all together. Fun! 

We could sit outside and were treated a delicious rhubarb pie served with vanilla custard and/or vanilla ice cream. Mmm. 

Now we are going to pick up something for dinner, I think. Tomorrow it is time to get back to work again after a lovely long weekend off. 

Bridge day

Today is what we in Sweden call a “squeeze day” – a bridge day. A day in between a weekend and a holiday that a lot of people take off from work. And so have I. Lovely. Hubby is working but from home so we are all here today today.

My broom (ginst) is in full bloom now and looks gorgeous and the scent is divine. Love it. Behind it you can see the blood-red maple tree I got for my 40th birthday but its leafs are not blood-red anymore for some reason. Maybe it is too sunny where it grows. I don’t know.

We’ll see what I will do today. Just need to assist a colleague with something first.. an almost-day-off as it seems. Lol.

Game and dinner

Managed to sleep in a bit today – good for me! 

Baked a chocolate cake after breakfast. My parents came over to watch the game on TV this afternoon so I wanted to have something nice to treat them. After the game – which was an even score – we bbq some pork filets and they stayed for dinner. Nice! 

We finished watching the German miniseries and now we are watching a Finnish series called “Harjunpää” which is quite good. Also on Netflix and only 8 episodes. 


Got up fairly early today – couldn’t sleep for some reason. So, I enjoyed a quiet breakfast waiting for the rest of the family to wake up. 

We have been working on different projects today. I have been tending to my flowers in the garden and hubby has started his new project of building a new gate to our back yard. Good for us! 

We grilled a picanha steak for dinner served with veggies and gratin. Yum! Great piece of meat to a good price! Now a glass of red and a piece of cheese watching another episode of our new series on Netflix called “Mordet i Lauchhammer” – a German criminology. 


Finally Friday after what has felt like a very long week for some reason. But, we finally made it and long-weekend – here we come! 

After work we were invited over to closed friends for their youngest daughters graduation. She looked so very pretty in her white dress and student’s cap. 

We had a great time chatting with friends, enjoying our dinner and dessert and a glas of wine or two. A lovely ending of a crazy week. 

Just for me

Last weekend my boys gave me this bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day. It is still very pretty and I just love it. 

Long busy day at work and now we’ve made a chicken – pasta – pesto dinner. Time to crash in our corners for a bit before it is time to hug our pillows. 

What a long week and I feel emotionally drained after the funeral and other things. I have taken Monday off so I am going to enjoy a 4-day weekend since Tuesday is our National day. Yeah! 


It is so pretty outside right now with all the lilacs in bloom everywhere. Love it. They are gorgeous and they smell gorgeous too. 

I have neglected the house a bit lately so I have been a busy bee all afternoon today doing laundry, vacuuming, dusting, sweeping floors and finally – making dinner for me and my boys. Hubby is out late tonight with his colleagues. I might do the same tomorrow night depending on if all of us can make it or not. 

Now I’m going to catch up on some series when I have the TV to myself. First out – “Bridgerton” – season 3.