No morning swim this morning. But a nice quiet breakfast planning what to do today. First out – figure out what groceries we need and go and get them. Stopped by my parents to say hello and chat for a bit. We had brought a few things with us home for them and my mom gave me homemade cordial and jelly from red currents. Yum! 

We have worked all afternoon with different things – me mostly indoors and my hubby mostly outdoors. Made a chili for dinner which turned out pretty good. 

The tomato seeds we planted earlier this summer has actually started to grow tomatoes on the plant. Wow. Fingers crossed they will be able to ripen so we can taste our own tomatoes. 

Bye for now

Can’t believe how quickly time goes by. Five weeks gone in a blink of an eye. We’ve had a fantastic summer in many ways. Both ups and downs. Laughs and cries. But most of all – a chance to regain energy, spend quality time together and breathe. 
The trip home went without problems. My sis and I drove our car and my brother-in-law and niece their car. The trip took us almost 7 hrs but not due to traffic but rather us taking breaks and didn’t hurry.
Now I’m back in my corner with a glass of white – happy after seeing my youngest (for the first time in over a month) and hubby again. Full after a take-away dinner. Perfect ending of a long day. 

Final day

A perfect day in many ways. Pretty busy with putting away the last things and getting our paradise ready for winter. Harvested our potato plants to bring with us home. Not much there but some. 

We tried out our new stove today and instead of taking forever to heat up the oven it went really fast. And the food turned out great – such a relief! A working stove – finally! Too bad it was delayed for most of our vacation. But at least we got it in time and next visit will be a joy! 

We sat outside and enjoyed dinner and later on the most amazing sunset. A perfect ending of this vacation. Now I have packed my belongings and we are ready to go back to the real world again. Miss my youngest whom I haven’t seen all summer. I will be good to hug both my guys at home tomorrow afternoon. 


Puh what a day. We decided to get a move on and not save all the clearing away until the last day. So, we have taken down the outdoor shower, cleaned the bbq (my brother-in-law has been a trooper), put away some of the furniture and cleared out groceries from the fridge. Still lots of things left for tomorrow but a great start.

We went to Kalmar this afternoon to visit my uncle who is still in hospital. It was great to see him and he seemed happy about us visiting.

Our new stove arrived today with home delivery. They took the old one with them – perfect! Now we have with joined effort adjusted it to be the right height and tomorrow we will try it out. Tonight we picked up pizza for dinner since we were away all afternoon. Now an amazing sunset while crashed in our corners.

Sunflower 🌻

Today we’ve been busy bees. After our morning routine (18.4C in the ocean) me and my brother-in-law filled our car with everything we want to get rid of and we drove to the big waste disposal site. Great to clear away all that stuff! 

It’s been a lovely sunny day today so we could really enjoy the afternoon outside. We repaired the cracks in the outdoor shower rooms and I painted it twice. Tomorrow we will take it down for the winter. 

The sunflower that I had in a pot at home that we brought here has started to bloom. It is quite small but so fun that it managed to start blooming. 

Tonight we bbq a whole steak for dinner and sat outside again. We ended the evening with a couple of rounds of “MyCity”. Now it is time to hug my pillow. 


A perfect start of the day with 19C in the ocean and very little wind. Love these mornings and I cherish them so much! 

Me and my niece went on a walk together after breakfast to pick dewberries – one of our many traditions we hold very dear. We managed to get enough for a pie to enjoy tonight. 

Today we celebrated my hubby’s (and father-in-laws) names day with ice cream in town. All five of us went together and also ran a few errands on the way and also picked up groceries going back. Tonight we have bbq chicken served with pasta pesto and a glass of white sitting outside. The evenings this week have been great! 


Slept pretty good last night even though my mind is starting to fill up with a lot of things to process.

After our morning dip I took my son to the district health care center for some blood tests for his next appointment. Great that you can get it done somewhere other than where your home is.

We’ve taken it slow today – done some laundry but other than that just relaxed and enjoyed our paradise together. Our rosebushes are lovely now – I hope they will survive the winter so we can enjoy them for years to come too.

Bbq some pork tonight and could sit outside for dinner. Ended the evening with a couple of episodes of our board game My City which is starting to become more and more tricky and challenging. But fun!


Sunday. This morning it was just me and my niece for our morning dip. 18.6C (or around) so it is getting a bit colder every day now. But still a wonderful way to start a new day. 

An emotional day in many ways. My uncle needed to go to hospital and I am so grateful and thankful that we are such a strong family that are able to trust, rely, depend and be there for each other. Sis – love you to the moon and back! 

When we got back home the rest of the family had prepared grilled burgers and we could relax and enjoy a nice meal together. Played a board game with our young adults and ended the day with a movie – “Prey”. Now I am ready for bed. Tomorrow is another day. 

One less

Time for another member of the family to go back to the real world. At noon my hubby took the bus back to the city arriving later on this evening. 

Me and my niece took him to the busstop and after we had dropped him off we went to get groceries and get rid of some garbage. 

We have been busy all day doing laundry and cleaning. Tonight me and my niece prepared dinner – we made roulades filled with blue cheese served with oven baked potatoes. Yum! 

Now we are tucked in our corners watching an episode of “Task Master”  (the Norwegian version). Have a nice Saturday eve! 

Dinner out

A windy and rainy afternoon in paradise. This morning the sun was shining though so me, my hubby and niece could enjoy the morning dip in the ocean. 18.9 C in the water. 

We did some laundry and it had almost dried before we had to hurry and take it inside because it started to rain. We spent the afternoon playing boardgames while it was raining and as we were going into town for our dinner it stopped. Perfect. We got some rain on us in town but not so bad. 

We had a great meal at Pappa Blå and tonight we have watched a movie together. Now it is really windy outside so we took the flag down and put up the “vimpel” – streamer instead. It was over 15 m/sec for a while which is a lot. The sunset and moon were amazing tonight.