ESC – part 1

Time for the first qualification round in the Eurovision Song Contest. This year held in Rotterdam – again – since last year was cancelled due to the pandemic.
Tonight we pick the first ten to reach the finale – and the contestants are:

Lithuania, Slovenia, Russia, Sweden, Australia, North Macedonia, Ireland Cyprus, Norway, Croatia, Belgium, Israel, Romania, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Malta.

Go Sweden! Fingers crossed Tusse will make it to the finale!

Wild pansy

I have a small flowerpot on the front which I filled with these lovely “styvmorsvioler”. If you look them up on Wikipedia you can read this “Wild pansy, also known as Johnny Jump up, heartsease, heart’s ease, heart’s delight, tickle-my-fancy, Jack-jump-up-and-kiss-me, come-and-cuddle-me, three faces in a hood, love-in-idleness, or pink of my john, is a common European wild flower, growing as an annual or short-lived perennial.” 

Love it! A loved child has many names, as we say in Sweden! 

A very busy day today – but I got a few hours of me-time this afternoon. I needed that. It’s a lot on right now. 

Sunday already

Last day of our long weekend. But it’s been a good couple of days with time off. We’ve managed to work on a lot of our projects but also relaxed and taken walks.

All kinds of weather today – both sunny and warm but now cloudy and chilly. Feels like it’s about to rain any minute. So, no workers today either.

Full week next week again filled with a lot of meetings and work but also doctors appointments and finally me and my hubby’s vaccination. Can’t wait to get one step closer to my friends and family again!

Cherry tree

Saturday already. So nice with a long weekend but time passes by way too quickly. It was raining this morning so the workers won’t be coming today.

Our cherry tree has started to bloom. So pretty. Our apple tree is not quite there yet.

A lazy day infront of the tv – I’ve started to watch a new Netflix-series called “The bold type”. It’s about a three friends who work in the magazine business in New York. A perfect series to just enjoy that doesn’t demand anything in return.

Me and my hubby went on a long walk this afternoon over to Kungens Kurva and back. A little more than 6k so it took us about 75 min. We bbq chicken filet on the grill for dinner and it turned out really nice. Tonight it is the finale of “Let’s Dance”. I am not sure whom I’m cheering on – both Anis and Filip deserve to win.


This pretty flower is called “kungsängslilja” in Swedish but has a more interesting name in English – snakeshead. I wonder why. 

Today the workers came and prepared to paint / wax our roof but as they had put up all the covers it started to rain so they took everything down again and said they’ll be back another day. Can’t paint in rain – it will be a disaster. 

I went grocery shopping this morning by myself and found some nice meat. Made a steak dinner tonight with oven baked potatoes. No walk today either – I have a couple of nasty blisters on my left foot so I decided to rest for a few days. 

One more

Ascension day and national holiday. Nice. And it has been a really warm and sunny day today. My hubby has been working outside most of the day. The roof workers were supposed to finish their work today but called in and postponed it until tomorrow. 

I made asparagus soup for lunch – looks really fancy with some fresh thyme, olive oil and black pepper to decorate. It was a bit too warm today for soup though. Lol. 

My oldest got his first shot today. One more in the family on the way. Next weekend  me and my hubby will get ours. Both our sons got Pfizers vaccine. I wonder if we will too. 


Midweek and short day. And still warm and sunny outside. Yeah!

The tiny daisies have arrived in our backyard now and the cherry tree is starting to bloom. We took both a morning- and evening walk today too and it is absolutely gorgeous with all the flowers and trees in bloom now. Love it!

My parents stopped by for a quick afternoon coffee – I had to work some in the afternoon so we cut the visit a bit short – but always nice to see them and chat for a bit. And now we have a long weekend to look forward to with four days off. Both me and my hubby. Nice.

Summer feeling

Today summer arrived. It’s been really warm and sunny outside. We started and ended the day with a nice walk. Lovely. 

Made Swedish hash for me for lunch – pyttipanna. And home made pizza for dinner. Good thing we are walking so much! 

More and more of our friends have been able to book their first shot now. Great progress! With some luck this pandemic will be under control within a couple of months. Hopefully we can return to our offices after the summer holiday. 

Great news

Today me and my hubby were able to book an appointment for our first covid-shot. Yeah! May 23rd in the city. Same place – same time. Great. We can’t book our second shot yet though – they will send an SMS two weeks in advance to let us know the booking is open again. 

Didn’t take a morning walk today since it was raining, so we took an extra long walk tonight instead. It was lovely outside so we walked around the lake. Now we’ve crashed infront of a new episode of “Mare of Easttown”. 

Mother’s day

Today it is Mother’s day in the US. This photo was taken during our latest visit back in 2017 when me and my sis took our Swedish parents to see our American parents. This photo of my American mom and me was shot at Sterling Vineyards going up to the top in one of the cableways. A great day with a lot of memories to cherish! Happy mother’s day! Love you! 

Today my hubby has painted some more while I made a taco-pie for lunch. Then we went for a long walk to pick up the board game I had ordered and now we’ve crashed with a chocolate bun and a cup of tea infront of an old movie. It is raining again outside – it started as we were walking but now it is raining a lot.