Whit Sunday

Flag up for the Whit Sunday today!

And for our team winning the important derby! 2-1 towards AIK. Perfect. Over 27000 people in the audience but we were not there to cheer. I followed the game via the sport commentator online instead. A bit nervous in the end that they would not keep the lead but they did! Yeah! 3 points to Bajen!

A great sunny day with quite warm weather – we’ve been working outside a bit in the garden. BBQ some hotdogs for lunch and sat outside in the shade to eat them.

Going to make pasta bolognese for dinner – so our youngest will have some lunch boxes for next week! Nice.


Slept really good last night which was great. Managed to sleep until 8 AM which was also great. Had a nice breakfast and then we went grocery shopping. After lunch I had an appointment for a massage – lovely. I am so glad I found this masseuse – she is amazing! 

This afternoon we went to Skärholmen with our oldest to pick up his birthday present. It needed to be fitted so he had to come along. So glad he found something he likes – finally! 

We bbq some meat tonight along with corn on the cob and asparagus. Mmm. Now some corner time watching our new series – FROM. 


Friday already and a whole weekend to enjoy! Perfect!

Picked up a bottle of rosé on my way back home – with this lovely sunny summer weather it felt like a good idea. Fried some nice steaks for dinner with some potato gratin. And ice cream for afters. Mmm.

Started to watch a new Netflix-series the other day – it’s a horror series and it’s quite good. The storyline on IMDB says “Unravels the mystery of a nightmarish town in middle America that traps all those who enter. As the unwilling residents fight to keep a sense of normality and search for a way out, they must also survive the threats of the surrounding forest; including the terrifying creatures that come out when the sun goes down.”
It has a 7.7 / 10 rating there. Anybody else seen it?


A busy Thursday with a lot of elements but everything went well. And the sun is still here and making the world come alive again. Our cherry tree is in full bloom and our apple tree is just starting to bloom too. It’s a scent of flowers outside and I can’t wait until the lilacs start to bloom too! Love it. But a lot of people are very bothered of all the pollen in the air right now. I haven’t been that affected this year fortunately. Hubby is struggling more but he is riding his bike to work and is way more exposed than I am. 

Made pork filet with rice for dinner – a choice of bbq sauce and mushroom sauce to go with along with veggies. Now some corner time and maybe an ice cream with our evening tea. Mmm. 

Lunch outside

Another lovely day – the weather is absolutely amazing. Hopefully there will still be some sun-hours for our vacation later on this summer. Lol. 

Me and my colleague could enjoy a very nice lunch outside at Calle P today – a restaurant in a park nearby our work. I had a shrimp Caesar salad which was delicious. Yum! 

Walked over to my parents tonight to watch another game of soccer with them. Our team didn’t play very well and gave away too many chances to their opponents which led to a 3-0 loss. Bummer. So nice to watch the game together though. Thank you for having me! 

Girls night out

A long day starting with a memorial breakfast for our colleague who passed away one year ago. It was very special and appreciated. A good start of the day!

After work I met up with my mom and sis for a girls night out starting with dinner at the Teaterbrasseriet.

We had given our mother an event of her choice for her birthday and she chose for us to see the “Shirley Valentine” act on the Oscars Theatre. A one-woman-show – a monologue – which was really good! We all loved it! Maria Lundqvist played the part and she is amazing. Gave us all some good laughs as well as something to think about..

New songs

New week and new songs to enjoy while traveling back and forward to work. I really like some of the Eurovision songs – the winner Switzerland is great but my personal favorite is France. Wow, what an amazing ballad! 

We went to the police station tonight to order national identification cards for me and my hubby. They will have them ready within a week so another trip back to pick them up awaits. 

Sweden is facing Germany tonight in the third game in the group play. Two wins so far – fingers crossed this will be one more! 

Helping out

Slept in a bit this morning after arriving home quite late last night. After lunch we walked over to my parents to help them with a couple of things and also have a coffee and a chat. Then I stayed to watch the soccer game with my parents – finally an away-win for the first time this season. Yeah! 

Made burgers with boiled potatoes and brown sauce for dinner. Served with pickled cucumbers, lingonberry jam and panfried onions. Mmm. Now some corner time before it is time for the next hockey-game for our pride and joy – this time facing Poland. 

ESC – finale 2024

Time to choose this years winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. Since we won last year the competition is held in Sweden – Malmö Arena to be exact. Petra Mede and Malin Åkerman have been a great host-couple – very professional! And I heard Sarah will be part of the finale too tonight. Yeah! Love her Lynda-character.

Big demonstrations in Malmö due to Israel participating. The ones earlier this week were manageable without major incidents. Fingers crossed nothing bad will happen tonight either.

The countries qualified after the two semi finals are;

Sweden is first out with Martin & Martinus – Unforgettable.

Winner: Switzerland with “The Code” performed by Nemo
Second place: Croatia
Third place: Ukraine

Sweden 9th place!

And K won the challenge price! Yeah! Congratulations and thank you for a great evening!

Day off

Since yesterday was the Ascension Day yesterday we took today off to get another long weekend. Lovely. Our youngest had to work so hubby game him a ride to work on his way to his workout. Win-win!

Today the sun is shining and it’s really nice weather outside. Perfect.

Tonight we play the first game in the Ice Hockey World Championship – this year played in Prague. Our first opponent is USA. Group A also consist of France, Germany, Latvia, Slovakia, Kazakstan and Poland. In group B Czechia, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Great Britain and Canada play.

PS! We won 5-2! Amazing start! Fingers crossed it’s a sign we have a great team this year! Love that Erik Karlsson is captain and part of Tre Kronor again after 12 years absence. Yeah!