Friday again. Two very busy days at the office getting ready for Xmas. Lovely. A lot of progress but also things that needs dealing with and corrected. But, soon we’ll be done.

Stayed over a bit. After work I walked over to the vaccination place close to my office and got the yearly flue-shot. Check.

Passed the lit-up glas statue on Sergels Torg – right now it has pink/red lights. They chose different colors all the time.

Tonight my hubby is out with his work again so it’s just me and the boys. I am going to watch the finale of Swedish Idol and maybe some soccer too.

Legend departed this life

A legend is dead. Börje Salming died today – 71 years old. One of our great ones. Celebrated and honored as recently as a few weeks ago in Toronto. So glad he was able to be there and receive the greetings from a whole world. So well deserved!

We have seen him many times cheering on his daughter Bianca competing in track&fields.

I have also seen him quite often close to my work where his Salming Concept Store is – especially a few years back when the store was new and he was there quite often.

They are making a series about his life – with one of the Skarsgård-brothers (Valter) playing Börje. It is still under production so we will have to wait a while for it though.

(photo borrowed from Expressen)


Another day working from home – this one planned since before though since I had some me-time booked this afternoon. Worked my hours and then I took the bus over to get my massage. So happy the buses were back on the roads again after two days having to stand still. But, the snow has been melting quickly and on the main road it is just the pavements that are not cleared of the snow. Our street is still not drive-able and a challenge to walk on too. 

Hubby is on a work-event tonight so it is just me and the boys. Tomorrow I’ll be going back to the office – haven’t been there in a while now. Nice to see everyone again! 

Cancelled buses

My hubby managed to take the bus this morning but when I left for work one hour later all the buses had been cancelled again due to the difficult situation. The roads have not been cleared from snow and it is very slippery so the conditions are awful.

So, another day working from home. But, fortunately that is not a big problem and I have been busy all day long. I will work from home tomorrow again – but that has been planned since long due to my massage appointment in the afternoon. Fingers crossed I will be able to get there – otherwise I will have to cancel the reservation by 06.15 tomorrow morning to not have to pay for the appointment.

Happy birthday to my mom today 🌷🌹🥀🌺🌻! I hope you have had a great day. See you in a few days and we will celebrate you properly! Love you! Big hug!

Thunder snow

Still snowing and has continued to do so more or less all day long. We decided to work from home and follow the recommendations from the community. Last night there was a thunder snow which rarely happens in our country. 

Hubby has been working hard taking care of the snow to keep our car drivable if needed. I had a short day today so I could prepare a slow-cooked dinner for us. Now we started to watch a new episode of “Yellowstone” before it is time to hug our pillows. We’ll see if we are able to get to work tomorrow or if we have to remain here another day. 

More snow

Wow – winter arrived. It has been snowing non-stop since yesterday and my hubby has been out shoveling snow twice already today. Even helped our neighbor shovel. He is a star! 

The rest of us has spent a quiet day indoors not doing much use. Well other than doing some laundry, fixing lunch and dinner, receiving some groceries we ordered with home delivery, changing curtains in the living room etc. Now I have put up our curtains with the red bullfinches on – they are more winter curtains than Xmas curtains so they can be up all winter season. Love them. Next weekend it is the first of Advent so then we will continue with the season decorations and put up the Advent candlelights. 

Tomorrow it is time to get back to work again after a lovely week off. I am so grateful we got to go to our paradise for a few days and that we managed to get home before the snowstorm arrived. Now I guess we will have to wait until Easter before we drive down there again. 

First snow

We thanked our lucky star that we decided to drive back when we did – today the first snow arrived and has caused a lot of problems all over the east coast of Sweden. Our paradise is covered in snow and so is our house here in town. 

Managed to sleep in for a bit and then we went on our usual round. After lunch we drove over to church for the yearly fair. We went all four of us and had a nice coffee and bought some lottery tickets so support the church. 

It is going to snow all weekend so I think we will stay indoors and relax. So nice with one more day off before I go back to work again. 

Long drive

We got up early this morning to get on the road as soon as possible since it gets so very dark in the afternoon now. After breakfast we finished up, said good bye to my uncle and started the long drive back to the real world. My second-cousin says the real world is down here though – she might be right. 

No traffic hardly all day – some closer to Stockholm but not too bad, mixed weather – both sun, rain and even some snow. We took some nice breaks, switched driver a few times and arrived safely back home  about 6,5 later. 

So nice to hug my boys again – I have missed them but I know they have been ok here so I haven’t been worried. My hubby had bought things for dinner so I prepared it and we could sit down together and catch up while eating. Lovely. 

Last day

This week has gone by so very quickly and I would have loved to stay a while longer. But, we have things to do in town so tomorrow morning we are packing up and driving back to the real world again. Hopefully before the snow arrives. 

Today it has been raining off and on (again) but we managed to go for a nice walk in the morning – south this time – for about an hour. 

After lunch we planted some garlic in our pallet rims – fingers crossed they will bring us good harvest if not next year maybe the year after that.

We brought a pot of coffee and my chocolate cake over to my uncle this afternoon and had a nice time there chatting and catching up. He is doing remarkably well at the moment and it will be much easier to leave him tomorrow than it was last time. 


Slightly better weather today so we went for a long walk after breakfast. Nice to get some fresh air and also not to sit still all day. 

We picked up my dads cousin and met up with my second-cousin in town for lunch. Lovely to see them! After lunch we went with them home for an afternoon coffee and to chat some more. 

Now we are tucked in our corners to watch the handball game on TV. Unfortunately we will not be able to reach the semi finals so the game is not as interesting as it could have been. Oh well.

It started raining again tonight – fingers crossed it will be a lovely day tomorrow since it is our last day before we start the drive back home. The time goes by so quickly. Poff and vacation is over.