Grey day

A very busy day with an early start. We had an educational day with an external lecturer so a lot of preparations and service during the day. I managed to get all the technology to work and everything worked according to plan. Stayed for lunch after work and then I left to go home.

My sis gave me this lovely lavender plant with pink flowers. Can’t wait for it to start blooming – hopefully soon! Now I’m going to relax for a while – didn’t sleep very well last night. Not good.

ESC – part 1

Time for the first qualification round in the Eurovision Song Contest – this year held in Turin, Italy.

Tonight the first 17 countries are competing for 10 seats in the finale. On Thursday the remaining 18 countries are doing the same. Then the 5 countries that are automatically qualified along with the host country (which this year is one of those 5) adds up to 25 competing acts on Saturday. Hopefully Sweden will be one of them.

Countries that went thru from semi-final 1 ; Lithuania, Switzerland, Ukraine, Netherlands, Moldova, Portugal, Iceland, Greece, Norway and Armenia.

A smile

“Give yourself a smile, because you are worth it”. This lovely work of art was made to me by my nieces a while back. It makes me smile. Sitting on the headboard of our bed. It is those small things that matters.

Sunny short day today and I had lunch when I arrived back home. Leftovers from yesterday – the chili/lime fish casserole with rise. Made a wok for dinner. Now some tea and corner time before it is time to hug my pillow.


Sunny Sunday. We ended up watching two movies last night – the sequel of “Venom” too. So we slept in a bit this morning and after breakfast my hubby went for a run.

After lunch we decided to take a drive and went to get a new lamp for our study and since we were close to Hågelby we stopped for a “fika” and a stroll. The park is being renovated so parts of it were closed off but it was lovely to visit anyway. We had our wedding dinner and party here 27 years ago. Time flies. This year we celebrate 32 years as a couple. 

Movie night

A rainy first part of the day. We did our regular chores buying groceries and getting rid of garbage. This afternoon we went to get our oldest his birthday-present and a few other things. After a busy day we deserved a treat for dinner – beef with veggies and gratin and a nice glas of red. 

Now we are having a movie night watching the latest Spiderman movie from the comfort of our home. The new Doctor Strange-movie is out so we needed to see this one before that one to get them in the right order. 


A sunny warm day. Strolled thru the city after work and took this photo at Sergels Torg. A lot of people enjoying the lovely day. Flags up. Looked very nice. 

Took forever to get home due to problems with both the subway and the bus. We picked up some skewers tonight and now we’re watching Masked Singer. 

Let the weekend begin! 

Stay true

I had quite an interesting day today. Visited a company to look at their showroom with new technology to get an idea what choices we have to our new office. Across the street from my old work at HP in Kista. It was a walk along memory lane for sure. 

Long day today. We made pancakes for dinner and now we’ve crashed for a bit. Posted this picture today of a painting an old friend made that we have in our bedroom. It is filled with words of wisdom, pep talk and feel good stuff. Love it. 

New energy

The re-charge in our paradise didn’t last very long – already tired. And now the pollen season has started so I guess that adds a bit to me being tired.

Had to stay on a bit today – my fault – but needed to sort it before I left. Very late lunch at 2.30 when I arrived home. Hubby had to stay late too so me and the boys had dinner by ourselves. I made a bolognese which turned out pretty good.

Now a cup of tea and some episodes of “Sorjonen” on Netflix.

Long day

Didn’t sleep so good last night for some reason. A lot of thoughts running thru my head. Hard to relax and think of nothing. Oh well.

After work I walked over to the shoe stores and actually found a new pair of white sneakers that I bought. My old ones broke in half – both of them at the same time. Rubbish. Also I bought a new pair of the black ecco-shoes I love – the old ones have enough miles in them. I got a 20% discount when buying two pairs so that was a good deal.


New week – new challenges. And May already. Filled with fun things and almost not enough time. Fingers crossed everyone will feel ok and that everything will work as planned.

Had some problems going home today – problems with the subway. First there was no train and then my train was taken out of traffic so I had to get off and switch. A lot of waiting for no good. Ended up having lunch at 2.30 which was a bit later than I had hoped for. But, I had some leftovers waiting for me so two minutes later I could enjoy a nice microwave heated meal tucked in my corner enjoying last nights episode of “Midwife calling”. Perfect.

Happy birthday, dear niece! Thank you for yesterday! Flag up for you today!