A bit tired today, to be honest, since I was up a bit too late last night. Oh well. But, it was fun to watch the last of the track & field event. 

After work today me and a colleague decided to treat ourselves to dinner and a nice chat. I chose the scampi salad which was delicious. When I arrived to Fruängen the bus left the same minute my subway pulled into the station. Bummer. 30 min to the next bus. So I texted my hubby and he was an angel and came and picked me up. Had heals on so I didn’t feel like taking a half-hour walk after a full day either. Now we’ve crashed with a cup of tea. 

Pole jump

Short day today and all kinds of weather today too. Hail, rain, sunshine. Some thunder. No lightning. Tomorrow will be no difference, if the forecast is correct. 

Made some minute steaks for dinner served with boiled new potatoes or fries. Mmm. Not bad. 

Last day of the European Championships in track & field and tonight our pole jumper Armand Duplantis is going to try to defend his title and win another gold medal. Fingers crossed. He just entered the competition and managed to clear his first hight 5.65 so still a long way to go (hopefully) before he will reach his limit. Hopefully as the last participant left in the competition. And maybe with another world record. 

Long day

A long day today and rain off and on again. Picked up some thai for lunch and then a grilled chicken on my way home. Didn’t feel like cooking the leftovers so this was an easy way out. Hubby is not home tonight either so a chicken is perfect for the three of us. Made some pasta to go with the chicken. Mmm. 

These lovely flowers were a gift from our dinner guests last weekend. They still look great! Love them. 

Now some corner time while waiting for the track & field to start later on this evening. The one thing I want to watch is on closer to 11 PM which is a bit too late on a work-night. We’ll see if I stay up late or not. 


New week – new challenges. It’s been crazy weather today with sunshine, rain, thunder and even hail for a minute.

I have something bothering my right shoulder and didn’t sleep so well last night. Have felt a bit taken by it today so I ran a bath when I got home. Now I feel a bit better. I hope I’m not coming down with anything – hopefully I’ll feel even better tomorrow. 

Made a teriyaki-chicken with rise for dinner, turned out pretty good. And perfect for my youngest and his lunchbox. 

Today my uncle celebrates his 80th birthday – happy birthday! I have sent him a card and left a message on his Facebook page. I hope he had a great day with the ones able to attend. 


Today it is the election day – Sweden will elect 21 Members of the European Parliament in 2024. All countries that are part of the European Union will have an election between 6-9 June.

My family all went together and all four of us have exercised our rights to vote. We treated ourselves to a take-away lunch afterwards. Five years until next election to the European Parliament. May the candidates do a good job.

A mixed day with sunshine and rain off and on. I’ve been working on our photo album some but also watched the European Championships in track & field. The Swedish athletes are not having a great championship so far unfortunately.


Last night when we drove back home from the concert we passed our city hall with the sunset behind the building. So pretty. 

Today we have prepared ourselves for our guests this evening – one of hubby’s cousins w/ her hubby came over for dinner and we had a great catch up! The hours went by very quickly and we had a lot to talk about. We decided to try to have another cousin-dinner this fall and try to gather all of them this time. 

Live in concert

A day off and we have done some of our Saturday chores today instead. This afternoon me and my hubby picked up our niece and the three of us went into Gröna Lund to enjoy Lukas Graham in concert. He didn’t disappoint and we had a great evening together!

We had some fish&chips when we arrived to the amusement park while waiting for the concert to begin. The new ticket rules for concert evenings at Gröna Lund says you have to enter the park before 6PM and then the concert starts at 8PM. So plenty of time to enjoy a meal.

So glad we could go tonight! Lukas Graham has a lot of great music and the concert was a good mix of his best songs and also introducing some new ones not yet released.

National day

June 6th and the national day in Sweden. My sis, her hubby and K came over for a bbq hotdog lunch and we could sit outside. It’s a bit chillier today and not as nice as it has been lately, but still perfectly ok to enjoy the lunch outside.

I had bought a yellow princess cake for afters – and set the table with blue and yellow colors on the china, table cloth and napkins. Yeah. Flag up! 

When we had finished it started to rain a little bit so we moved inside to spend some more time together before it was time to say goodbye. 

So nice with a long weekend to enjoy! We are off all the way until Monday and fun things planned for each day. Yeah! 


Midweek and my early day. I decided to have lunch before I left the office and then I strolled over to Åhléns to have a look around. No luck in finding anything though. 

Bought some groceries on my way back so we are prepared for tonight and also lunch tomorrow on our national day off. 

Our rhododendron are absolutely stunning this year. And so does everyone elses too. Must be a good year for them. The flowers where just stunning in the garden a week ago, but now some of them has already lost their petals such as the lilacs and the broom. 


Long day at work today with Tuesday meetings and things to do. Got home in time for dinner – made a wok for the boys and I enjoyed some leftovers from yesterday’s “smörgåstårta”. Mmmm. And there is still some left that I might bring with me to work tomorrow. 

Tonight our ladies are playing another game in the qualification tournament for a place in the European Championships in soccer next summer. We have Ireland, England and France in our group – so far we have played three games with one win, one loss and one even score. The top two teams qualify. Another win today would be great.