Big bird

The heat is killing us – above 30C both outdoor and indoor. And no air-conditioning in our living room. If we are going to have this kind of warm weather here in Sweden we might need to do something about that. 

What we are trying to do something about is to get rid of all the doves and other birds that are sitting on our antenna and roof and making a mess on our newly renovated roof top and solar panels. So, we bought this big fake owl and placed it in our apple tree to start with. Our ladder doesn’t reach the antenna and our roof is pretty scary to walk on since it is so steep so we decided to try the tree first. Fingers crossed! 

Haircut ✂️

A well over due haircut for me and my youngest but today we managed to get it done. What a pair of scissors and some color will do for the mood! Feels so much better – with 10-15cm shorter and much more manageable hair and now I’m blonde again too! And my youngest looks great with his short hair!

But – it was quite expensive.. I forgot to set the parking meter and realized it too late and got a ticket. Bummer. Oh well. Fortunately this doesn’t happen that often (my third ticket in 35 years). And going back home we picked up dinner. So this was a day of big expenses for me. Puh.

Flag up for our crown princess today! Happy birthday, Victoria!

Allsång & Midsomer

Tuesdays at this time of the year means “Allsång på Skansen” and tonight also “Midsomer Murders”. A tradition that goes way back.

A few years ago me and my sis & the girls were able to attend the “Allsång” and we had a great time. Hopefully we can do it again some time!

It’s been another very warm day and quite humid too. I miss the air-conditioned office! And especially during days like these.

New toy

We managed to be one of the lucky ones to get our hands on a PS5. Now all my boys are happy campers playing together. Lol. Always fun with a new game and new console. 

I had ordered some shirts online and some fit and some didn’t. Last weekend when I gave up in the store due to it being too crowded I ordered the clothes online instead. Free home delivery and also free pick-up tomorrow with whatever I didn’t want to keep. That is good service – even though it took a bit too long for the package to arrive. I kept 2 of the 5 pieces – which I was happy with. 

I ended up working a long day today. And I didn’t have any other plans so I didn’t mind. On Wednesday I need to work my short day because I have an appointment with my hairdresser in the afternoon. Finally going to get my hair cut after almost a year since last time. Well over due. 


Finally M could see his friends again and play their boardgames together. They haven’t seen each other in person since before the pandemic so I guess he won’t be home until late tonight. 

We’ve been busy today. I’ve been tending to my roses and cut off all the dead flower buds to allow new buds to bloom. Also I’ve cleaned the laundry room and got rid of a lot of old stuff that we don’t need anymore. 

We bbq nice steaks tonight and had a lovely dinner outside where it is somewhat cooler than indoor. Now we’re just enjoying a quiet evening and wait for M to call and ask us to come and pick him up again. 

Busy day

The promised rain and thunder today seems to have chosen another way but it’s been very humid all day.

We had a list of chores today and started to tick them off straight after breakfast. A visit to the waste disposal site, a visit to my parents house, then IKEA, groceries, wine store and finally burgers & nuggets to bring back home for lunch.

After lunch we have cleaned the house – vacuumed, dusted, done laundry, installed the extra storage we bought for our broom closet, updated our portable storage disc with photos. Puh. Now some corner time before it is time to start dinner. A very productive day! 

Pink roses

Friday and my pink roses are in bloom! The rain this week did the trick! A friend of mine gave me two pink rosebushes for my birthday the other year and they seem to like it here in our garden. 

My half day turned in to a full day but very productive so it was ok. After work me and M went for a 40 min walk but we got attacked by mosquitoes and now we are both itching and scratching the bites. 

I’m feeling ok after the covid-shot yesterday – my shoulder hurts and I felt a bit feverish earlier but now I feel fine. My hubby has felt a bit off all day but nothing major. Good thing that we have a weekend ahead to enjoy! 

Family done

Finally my family is vaccinated with both doses – all four of us. No symptoms yet – just a bit sore in my shoulder. Hopefully that will be it. Read in the paper today that we most likely will need one or two more doses during the fall. Oh well. But so far so good – and  in a couple of weeks we might dare to hug our loved ones again. 

The electrician was here this morning and connected our new solar panels. Now the supplier of electricity just need to change the electricity meter and then we are ready to start using this new eco-friendly system. Yeah. 


A rainy day. It’s been raining almost all day. And it is so very humid. But, I guess our garden is happy and the flowers love it. 

Made myself a shrimp salad for lunch. Trying to eat healthy. Found a new product a while back – peeled frozen shrimps packed in portion sizes. Sold in packs of four portions. And they are delicious! I can really recommend them! 

Gave M a ride over the fam K for a board gaming afternoon and he is still over there so I guess they are having a good time. Fun! I’m glad. 

Missing the ocean

Another very warm night. I’m missing the ocean. To be able to just walk down and enjoy a dip whenever I feel like it. It was raining for a few hours last night which made it slightly more bearable. Let’s hope tonight will be cooler. 

A long day today. A lot to consider and a lot of things to keep track of. And with the upcoming summer holidays and everyone wanting to get as much done as possible before the break, it is quite busy. 

Managed to upgrade the software and re-connect my Vivosmart tonight which has been acting weird lately. It starts activities all of a sudden for no reason and also the battery runs out within a day or two instead of a week like it’s supposed to. Fingers crossed I managed to fix it.