Today we have been cleaning outside – my husband cleaned our patio and I cleaned our windows in the living room. Got rid of a few of my indoor plants which was well overdue – lol.

After lunch we took a walk over to Herrängens Gård hoping to sit down for a coffee, but once there we decided not to enter and went back home again and had a cup of tea instead. The weather was absolutely lovely today and the lake gorgeous. 

We will get a take away pizza / kebab for dinner – being a bit lazy today. Maybe we’ll watch a movie or something after dinner.  


Today after work we had an informal AW via Teams. Just a glas of wine and a chat about life – not work. We were about 8 colleagues present. Quite nice!

No walk today – we were supposed to but it was pouring down outside so we skipped it.

Made a steak dinner which turned out pretty good. Now another glas of wine and a movie on the TV together with my husband. Have a nice weekend everyone!

Flying Jacob

This morning my husband gave our oldest a ride to KTH for an exam – the first one on site since February. Afterwards he picked him up again. Fingers crossed it went ok.

Worked a full busy day today and afterwards we went to get some groceries.

Made a “Flying Jacob” for dinner. It is a Swedish casserole that consists of chicken, whipped cream, chili sauce, bananas, roasted peanuts and bacon, seasoned with Italian salad seasoning. The dish is cooked in the oven and is usually served with rice and a salad. We haven’t had it in ages and it was delicious!


Slept quite good last night and the night before too. Fingers crossed it will stay that way for a while.

Worked a short day today and after lunch I took my youngest to the pharmacy to pick up some things. He then took a walk back which is great! I am so glad he is making an effort.

I went to my physio when I got back home. The weather was nice in the afternoon – grey, cold and rainy when we woke up. So I’m glad it changed for the better since I walk back and forward to the session.

Now I’ve crashed with a cup of tea and a snack in front of another episode of “Luther”. It is quite good but a bit too brutal for me. But I love British criminal stories.

Busy Tuesday

Long day infront of the computer. It’s gone remarkably well to sit on a regular chair by our living room table and work. My back is still ok which I never would have thought if you would have asked me six months ago. I guess me going to physio therapy regularly must have helped a lot. Tomorrow it’s time again. Puh.

Monday again

Monday again. Physio before work. Worked my hours – Monday means online meetings in different constellations. Had leftover sausages fried up with corn and mushrooms for lunch. Yum. After lunch I took the boys to the hospital for some blood tests. Great when we they can combine – saves us a trip.

Made us a nice dinner and now I’m just enjoying a quiet evening infront of the tv.

Sunday lasagna

A lovely sunny day. After lunch I went up to my old friend for an afternoon coffee outside. We had a nice chat. I saw her only a few weeks ago but we had a lot to talk about anyway.

I made a lasagna when I got back home – perfect comfort food and great leftovers. It turned out pretty good.

Now I’m going to enjoy a glass of red and watch another episode of my new series “Luther”. Finished watching “Suits” – turned out Netflix isn’t up to date with all the seasons so there might be more episodes later on.

Rainy day

Saturday again. And a very grey and rainy day. We went to buy groceries after breakfast and then after lunch we went into town to switch the lovely gift my husband gave me for our 25th anniversary to another lovely gift. Different color, slightly shorter. Now it’s perfect! Love it!

The flowers my sister w/ family gave us are still amazing – looks exactly like when they arrived. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy them for many days more.

Tonight we are going to try to air fry chicken drumsticks and wings from scratch. Hopefully they will turn out good. So far we are very happy with this new machine.


Friday again and after work I had some me-time planned. A well over-due combo treatment of abhyanga / marma massage. Perfect relaxation. I have a friend who works with this and she invited me to her home instead of to the salon, which felt much safer for me.

We picked up some take away for dinner and now we have a movie-night watching the new Harley Quinn movie “Birds of prey”. Have a great weekend everyone!

Best leftovers

My parents brought this delicious cake yesterday and today we could enjoy one piece each for our afternoon coffee. Yum! It was filled with raspberries – really nice. 

A long day at work and even some overtime (an emergency after hours). Glad I could help. 

Made a teriyaki for dinner – served with rise and veggies. I think everyone liked it. Nice when we can enjoy the same dish.