Friday already. Don’t know where this week went. My husband got up early this morning to take our care for a planned service. Took them all day before we could pick it up again. 

My mother-in-law stopped by with the Xmas gift for my youngest she ordered ages ago. It had finally arrived and he was very happy to receive it. 

After my husband had picked the car up he went to get the wallpaper we had ordered along with some wallpaper paste. One more thing on our checklist completed. Next step is to get paint, floor cover and spackling paste. The furniture we have decided on are still not available to order so there is really no rush at all. 

I have worked on my jigsaw puzzle and have made some progress. Maybe I’ll be done by Monday when I need to get the table back for work. This vacation has gone by way too quickly. 

Winter arrived

This morning it was snowing. Finally winter arrived. And it’s been snowing all day but it is above 0C so it is melting away already. 

I had to dig out the car and take our youngest to the hospital for some blood tests. And then we went to pick up some medicine at the pharmacy he had ordered. 

Now we have made a cup of coffee and decided to watch an episode of a series my parents-in-law recommended. 

Twelfth day

Funny.. the day we call the Thirteenth day here in Sweden, in the UK and US they call the Twelfth day. I assume it is because  we celebrate Xmas on the 24th and they on the 25th of December.

A couple of degrees below 0C, some snow in the back yard barely covering the grass. A snowy winter not quite here yet.

No real plans today – a day in-between a lot of small chores we have planned for the week. We’ll see what the day will bring. Like the quote says “you don’t always need a plan. sometimes you just need to breathe. trust. let go. and see what happens.”

Vehicle inspection

This morning my husband went to the vehicle inspection and our car was approved with no remarks. Yeah. Can’t believe we’ve had the car for six years soon. Time flies.

We took a 40 min walk before lunch which was nice. A bit slippery and chilly but no rain or wind.

A quiet afternoon ahead. I baked a gingerbread sponge cake which will be nice with the afternoon coffee.

SPA night

Monday again – and we have the whole week off. Lovely. Today we didn’t do much. I have just relaxed and worked on my jigsaw puzzle while watching some stuff on tv.

Made Swedish pancakes for lunch and leftovers from new years eve for dinner.

Now we have enjoyed our spa for a bit. It is so nice now when it is almost below zero outside. Perfect. No stars tonight though – still a bit grey and cloudy. It started to snow right before we were done.

Light a candle

Another grey fairly chilly Sunday. No rain or snow though so we might enjoy the spa for a bit tonight.

A dear friend of my parents recently passed away and today we found his obituary in the paper. So sad. We have so many fond memories of him and his wife ever since I was little. The funeral will be held online so we will be able to participate in a way, which is nice. Strange times demands new solutions to old traditions.

Finished my yearbook of photos from 2020 today. I am so glad I have worked on it over the year – made it so much easier to finish.


My children gave me a jigsaw puzzle for Christmas with a Disney motif. Love it! Now I have prepared the puzzle and turned all the pieces, sorted out the edge-pieces and it is ready to be put together. Let the fun begin! 

We have also started to set some balls in motion – ordered the wallpaper we need for our bedroom and talked to the store that will help us renovate our indoor stairs. Exciting! We will not be able to complete or maybe even start during this vacation but it will be done when it’s done. No hurry. 

Going to take down our Christmas tree today and the rest of the decorations. Time to put Xmas behind us now. 

2021 – here we come

New Years day… everyone dead tired and slept in for a bit (some of us more than a bit.. lol). We have not done much today besides watched the hockey this morning (I recorded the game – the time difference to Canada is a challenge), watched series, cleaned up some from yesterday (love my fine crystal glasses but they need to be washed by hand.. ). Now we have ordered some pizza / kebab w/ fries (typical new years day dinner) and then we will probably relax some more. Lol. 

May 2021 be filled with joy and happiness and the ability to see friends and family again. Let us use the new ways of doing things in a positive way – learn from our new experience in how things can be done. Make last year a positive one after all. 

Happy New Year everyone! 

Happy New Year!

Another year has come to an end. A challenging year in many ways. We have been forced to find new ways to see our loved ones. New ways to get thru work and ways to solve problems. We have spent a lot of time infront of our computers – to see family and friends via Teams (both for celebrations, dinners, games or just a drink), online work meetings, online AfterWorks. And when we have dared to see the closest family it has usually been outdoors with a social distance. No closeness , hugs / kisses or cuddle up in a sofa together. No restaurant visits, going to the movies, gym, shopping. No travels. No visitors. 

I am grateful that I have my family, that we have survived this year with all it’s ups and downs. I feel that we all struggle in different ways but in the end we have each other. Together we are strong and we will get thru this pandemic and go back to some sort of normal again. 

We ended the year with a dinner together with my parents. We opened the champagne I received from work, enjoyed a lobster starter, tenderloin steak w potatoes gratin and then two kinds of fromage (raspberry and chocolate) for afters. We watched a movie on TV and then we met with our friends online for a couple of Kahoot-games. And we treated ourselves a magical firework outside as we greeted 2021 to start!

May 2021 be a good year. Be safe out there everyone! 

Dec 30

A long day in my corner. Watched several episodes of my series “Velvet”. My Spanish is improving – lol. I really like the environment in this series – the people, the clothes, the interaction and the drama.

My husband has spent the afternoon preparing for his declaration of shares. Figured out what to keep and what to sell to lower the taxes on profit. I haven’t sold anything this year so I don’t have to worry about that. I wish I had more interest in the stock market but I don’t. Especially now when the banks don’t give hardly any – if any – interest on money saved.

To my worried followers – I’m sorry I didn’t get around to post this on time. I’m ok. Just a bit tired and distracted.