Ventilation decorations

A few days ago someone posted a photo of the ventilation in the subway asking if anyone else had noticed that a few of the holes were not circular but cut into other shapes. The person received tons of photos from people who had seen hearts, pacman, squares, diamonds etc etc. Today as I was going home I noticed that the ventilation next to me had three crowns 👑 👑 👑 cut out. How funny. Must be a sign from our pride and joy! 

Has anyone else of you seen this? 


Walked over to a food court to get some lunch today and the street where I used to work is going thru a make-over. They have dug up more or less the whole street and it is quite tricky to walk there. Hopefully the construction won’t take too long – right now it is a challenge to pass. 

Long day today. I made a left-over wok for dinner when we got back home. Now I’ve crashed for a bit – feeling so tired for some reason. Might make it an extra early night. 

Rainy start

A day filled with problems to solve – mostly small ones – and so far so good. Just deal with them one at a time.

The weather isn’t great though – it’s been raining off and on all day. Not very inviting to take a walk and I’m not up for getting dressed for the weather. Nah – going to spend the afternoon indoor and make a lasagna for dinner. Perfect when I get home early to make something that takes that extra time. 

Cleaning spa

Managed to actually sleep in a bit today – yeah for me! Hubby has been a trooper today and cleaned our spa since it isn’t raining or snowing today and more winter will arrive next week. Great to have a clean spa! 

Love these pink and white tulips we bought yesterday. Pure joy! 

Have been working on my puzzle this afternoon but it is very tricky. Going to take me a while to complete. All the pieces left are pretty much the same color .. Slowly but surely I will get there. 

Game day

Saturday and I woke up early and couldn’t sleep. So, I got up and made myself a nice breakfast and enjoyed a quiet morning instead.

Not very nice weather today with rain and fog and a few degrees above 0C. Brrr.

Our soccer team played the semi finals today but unfortunately they didn’t managed to win. Bummer. No finale in the Swedish cup for us this year.

This afternoon my parents picked me up and we went into town to cheer on our team playing handball. Only a couple of games left of the basic series before the playoffs start.


Friday again. Don’t know where the time flies sometimes. But funny enough it also feels like time goes extremely slowly. 

Didn’t find anything to get in the grocery stores on the way back that I wanted to make for dinner so we skipped that and took the boys over to Le Beirut instead – a Lebanese restaurant in Heron. The boys had steak and chips and hubby and I shared a 12 meze course dinner. 6 cold dishes and 6 warm dishes. Fun to try something new! 

Now we’re cuddled up in our corners watching the new “Luther – the fallen sun”-movie on Netflix. I loved the series so I have high hope on this one. 


Quite a sunny day again – lovely! My colleague picked up burgers for us for lunch – mmm! Haven’t had that at work in ages. Nice with a filling lunch when I work a long day. 

Made pasta bolognese for dinner and leftover steak with pasta for my oldest.

Now we’ve crashed in our corners watching the soccer game on tv – the Stockholm based team Djurgården has a chance on reaching the quarterfinal in the UEFA Europa Conference League. This is game 2 of 2 and they lost the first one 2-0 towards the Polish team Lech Poznan.   Several of my colleagues are there tonight to cheer on their team. 

Tuna butty

Busy short day and really lovely weather so I took a walk after work. Stopped at a café for a tuna butty and a coffee. Haven’t done that in ages – usually I have a late lunch when I get home. Nice to not hurry anywhere.

Been a busy bee this afternoon with this and that. Gathered the family for dinner – made a pork filet with pasta and veggies – and now we’re watching a couple of episodes of “Fauda”.

Cup finale handball

Yesterday Hammarby played the quarter finale in soccer in Svenska Cupen and tonight they are playing in the finale in Svenska Cupen but in a different sport – handball.

The finale is played in best-of-two games and our team won the first game towards Kristianstad with 31-30. Tonight our team are playing in their home arena – tickets sold out since ages ago so we are watching the game from home since it is broadcasted on TV (yeah!). A very tight and even game. Nerv wrecking to say the least.

The game went to shootouts and we lost by a point. Bummer. But what a great game! And Hammarby handball silver medalists! Puh. What a team! 

Pyssel hos A – 13 mar

Äntligen pysseldag och gammalt hederligt knep & knåp. 

Vi bjöds på en jättegod middag med kyckling o ris och sedan var det dags att sätta fart på skaparhjärnan och knepa ihop gratulationskort. Mys! 

Fika framför TVn och en spännande kvartsfinal i svenska cupen – derby mellan Bajen o AIK – där Bajen drog det längsta strået efter ganska mycket stök o bök o rök. Puh vilken pärs! 

Nästa tillfälle inplanerat – vi får se vad vi hittar på då! Så mysigt att vi är igång och kan ses regelbundet igen! Bästa gänget!