What a warm day! Puh! Lovely sunny day and summer feeling. 

A very busy day and as I left the office to go home I realized I hadn’t drank enough water today. So, I treated myself a Trocadero on my way home. A favorite! 

Made a big “pyttipanna” – a hash with all the leftovers for me and my hubby tonight. They boys prepared a homemade pizza. Now we’ve crashed for a bit before it’s time to hug the pillow. 


This morning I had a meeting over breakfast with one of our suppliers. So nice and very productive too. Great start of a sunny day.

Busy short day and off early for an afternoon fixing a few things for our upcoming trip. Went to an ATM machine to get some British pounds – they have a few of those with foreign currency in town. Perfect. Also I bought a card.

Did some laundry when I got back home and made cod with spinach for dinner (the boys got something else.. lol). Now we’ve crashed infront of another episode of “Stranger Things”. We are up to season 3 now.


Äntligen dags att träffa mina bästaste och umgås ett par timmar. Vi bestämde oss för att prova nya pizzerian i Stuvsta Centrum – Stella – och jag tror vi alla var mycket nöjda med maten! Och framför allt – sällskapet! 

Nu blir det väl lite sommarledigt men vi kom överens om att ta nya tag i vårt pysslande och få upp våra regelbundna träffar igen. Ser fram emot hösten och att vi kommer lyckas med detta! Kram på er! 


A lovely sunny day but a bit chilly in the wind. My hubby has been a really busy bee all day getting the deck ready for the season. He has rubbed down the whole deck and now he put on several coats of protective oil of different sorts. Now it will last for several years before it’s time to do it again. 

This afternoon my parents came over for an afternoon coffee to celebrate our national day. We had a blue princess cake and strawberries for a treat and my parents brought cherries. Yum! A few hours of chatting and relaxing went by really quickly. 

Now we have put the bbq on and will roast a picanha-steak for dinner served with oven baked potatoes, asparagus and onions. A nice ending of a lovely long weekend. 

Whit Sunday

Whit Sunday and time to raise the flag. It’s been a lovely sunny day with over 20C outside. After breakfast we went to get some groceries and after lunch me and my oldest went into town to change his birthday present. He was able to return the clothes and also he found other clothes in another store. Perfect. New grey pants and a blue short sleeved sweater. 

When we got back home (12000 steps later.. ) we bbq some chicken for dinner. Served with gratin and a nice salad. Saved some of my favorite red wine – perfect with the bbq and also with the cheese platter we will enjoy tonight. Yum. 


This morning I had another massage booked with the same masseuse as last time. This time we focused mainly on my back and neck and it was so relaxing and did the world of good. Nice.

Took a walk around the cemetery afterwards – so peaceful and quiet. Love the metal trees with the leafs printed with loved ones in the memorial place. Like miniature gravestones. Something to remember you by.

Spent the rest of the day catching up on laundry. Still have some to do. Piled up since I did the bedlinen and towels too. Great start of the weekend. And two more days to go!


Stockholm is beautiful. Took this photo the other day on my way to the hospital. Today started with sunshine. We got some heavy rain tonight but now the sun is shining again. 

It’s been a chaotic day due to the big Stockholm +50 environmental conference along with demonstrations and graduations from school. Buses cancelled. City closed off. Traffic lines for miles. Took me almost 2 hrs to get home from work today instead of 45 min. Puh. 

Now we have a long weekend to enjoy with our National day on Monday. Lovely. 

Rain rain

What a terrible start on the day – it was raining cats and dogs as I left for work. My bus didn’t show so I had to wait for 20 min in the pouring rain. Blä.

Long busy day today and when it was time to go home the sun came out and now it is a quite pretty evening. Good ending of a rough start.

My hubby worked from home today so dinner was on the table as I got back. Nice. Leftovers deluxe. And tomorrow it is Friday already and another long weekend ahead with our National Day on Monday. Lovely.

Annual check up

June arrived. With rain to start with but as the day went by the sun shone more and more. Short day today and after work I took a long walk over to Serafens Hospital for the annual checkup of my birthmarks. All clear – didn’t have to remove any of them. Great. 

I have never been to this hospital before – the doctor I see transfered here so I followed her since I’ve been a patient of hers for years. As you enter the hospital this big sign welcomes you with details of when the hospital was founded etc. There you can read that the premises was purchased in 1749 and the hospital was opened in 1752 during King Fredrik 1st ruling. Amazing how much history we have in this city! 

Last day of May

Can’t believe June will begin tomorrow. May just disappeared. Today it has been raining most of the day so I am glad that I have my nice raincoat I bought for our trip to Scotland a few years ago. It is quite dressy and I like it a lot. 

A very busy day today – both tired when we got back home. We didn’t feel like cooking so we went to pick up some thai-food for dinner. Luxury Tuesday, I know. But, so nice to be able to treat ourselves too. Now we’ve crashed in our corners and will not move before it is time to hug our pillows.