Full day

Thursday already. Had quite a lot of things to do today so the day went by rather quickly. Except the last hour which was extremely slow.

We made salmon for dinner – again. This time oven baked served with rise. Chicken for the boys.

Had a discussion with our mailman today. She has started to drive on the lawn again. Didn’t take long to pick up that bad habit. The mailman has no interest whatsoever in getting out of the car and walk to our mailbox. So I sent off a letter to the mail company and asked if they had any suggestions on how to fix this recurring problem.


After work I  got a chance of some me-time while I was waiting for my youngest at his appointment. And what could be better than a sun-bun and a caffe latte at Vete-katten? Served with a pink alstroemeria flower to decorate the tray. Lovely. 

Back home again. Crashed in front of another episode of “Queen’s Gambit” – it is quite good. It’s just a mini-series – one season. I’m half way thru. 

Salmon in two ways

Today we had salmon both for lunch and dinner.. oh well.. it was two completely different dishes and both very tasty so it was ok. We had cold marinated salmon with potato sallad for lunch. Then I made a fish casserole / soup for dinner with boiled potatoes and butter fried fresh asparagus, brussels sprouts and zucchini. A ready-made fish soup to which I added the above ingredients. Yum. The boys had pork instead of fish soup. 

Quite a busy day off and on with a couple of meetings. Now it feels great to relax a bit before it is time to hug my pillow. 

Back to work

Back to the real world again after our break in paradise. Got up early and walked over to my physio therapy only to find out that it was cancelled due to the new stricter pandemic regulations. Three weeks to start with and then hopefully the gym will open again. I just wish they would have announced it on their website so I wouldn’t have had to walk over there in the rain for nothing. Oh well. 

Made a lasagna for dinner and now I’ve been relaxing for a bit watching a new Netflix-series about a woman chess-player which is pretty good. 

Carved pumpkin

They grow a lot of pumpkins on Öland and we always buy some during fall break. This year we didn’t manage to grow our own – we planted them way too late. We received a lot of flowers but no pumpkins. Anyway, we brought the ones we bought back home with us and today I carved mine and put a tea-light in it. 

Tonight we went over to my parents-in-law for a lovely dinner. We haven’t seen them in a long time and it was really nice to chat for a bit. First time we have dared to go away for dinner since this whole pandemic started. 

Great week

This week went by so very quickly. And I have loved every minute – been able to relax, spend quality time with my family, parents and brother-in-law. Visited my uncle and other relatives. I have started on a knitting-project which was a good way to stay away from my computer, iPad and cellphone. 

The weather hasn’t been as great as we would have liked but we really have no complaints. I am so very grateful and thankful for this time away and for our paradise. And I am so happy that both our sons appreciate it as much as we do and want to be there with us. 

The drive back to the city went without problems and I think it was a good decision to make the trip today rather than tomorrow when there probably will be way more traffic. And now we have an extra day off tomorrow too before we need to go back to work on Monday. 


Last day off this vacation. We have had candles burning all week to honor our loved ones who are no longer with us. The correct day to do this, I guess, is tomorrow, but since we are leaving tomorrow we will not have lights burning here when we are not still here.

Today I had a date with my second-cousin down by the sea. She brought some home made cinnamon buns with blueberries (yum) and a I brought a thermos with coffee and we had a lovely chat until it started to be too cold to sit outside. When I came back to the house my uncle was over for an afternoon coffee so then we had another nice chat. My mom had baked an apple pie – yum.

Last night in our paradise – I’m glad we could be here a whole week and spend some time together. Next visit will probably not be until Easter.


A lovely morning in our paradise. One of our neighbors has a sauna on wheels he rents out and this morning he transported it down to the beach with his tractor. After lunch some people used the sauna and cooled down in the ocean. Brrrr. 

After lunch we received our new fridge/freezer which was delivered to our property. They also picked up the old broken one as  a service. Nice. So now we have a brand new fridge/freezer to enjoy. I hope it will work for many years to come. 

I went over to see my uncle and we had a nice chat. Even though we live so close down here we don’t see that much of each other. He is seldom outside and hardly ever comes over to see us. 

My mother and I went grocery shopping this afternoon as it started to rain and it is still raining. Now we have enjoyed salmon for dinner served with rise. Pork filet for the boys. 

Migratory birds

Midweek already. Can’t believe how quickly time flies. Today we managed to squeeze in two walks – first this morning after breakfast where my parents and I spotted these birds flying south for the winter. 

Then later on in the afternoon me and my father decided to go for a second walk – a bit longer this time. We walked away around 3PM and 70 min later we arrived back as the sun set in the horizon. Good thing we were almost home otherwise we would walk in complete darkness (well, almost). No streetlights here in the countryside. 

Tonight we have watched another movie together – “Gemini” with Will Smith. It was ok. Now it is time to hug my pillow. Good night! 


Another autumn day here in our paradise. Grey and cloudy but quite warm. We went to get some more groceries after breakfast and then after lunch we took an hour walk over to Grönvik and back. Me and my parents and oldest son. 

Tonight we had pasta bolognese for dinner and now we have cheered on our ladies playing soccer towards Iceland. They won and now they have qualified for the European Championships in 2022. Yeah! Another relaxing day in our paradise has come to an end.