A little something about me..

I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, aunt and God-mother to my wonderful nieces. I am surrounded by a loving family and a bonus-family in the States. I have life-time friends, a great job and a lot of hobbies.

I was born the same year as Bob Beamon broke the world record in long jump (8.90) at the Olympic Games in Mexico City – probably the most classical Olympic record ever. The new record was 55 cm longer than the old one and it took until 1991 before Mike Powell finally was able to erase that record and set a new world record (8.95). I was at work – unable to watch it on TV – glued to the radio and completely unable to focus on the switchboard I was supposed to manage..

Track and field – and especially long- and triple-jump – has been a huge part of most of my life. Maybe I was destined to become a national technical official (NTO) in this particular event. Maybe it is just a coincidence that I did. Who knows?


I know I am extremely proud of being able to say that I have been part of some great events and met and worked with some amazing athletes over the years. Carl Lewis, Mike Powell, Ivan Pedroso, Jonathan Edwards, Willie Banks and of course our Swedish stars Christian Olsson, Mattias Sunneborn and Erica Johansson to mention a few.

However, this blog will not focus on track and field, it will not focus on anything other than my everyday life – the World – as I see it.

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  1. Hi kid, thought I’d let you know I checked out your blog today, just like I promised I would. Thanks for sharing your story. Enjoy your time with the family down in Orland. Love you, Gary

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