Rainy Sunday

A rainy day – not so much this morning but it started this afternoon and the forecast says it will continue all night. 

Me and my hubby decided to go for a ride and drove over to Bromma Blocks to have a look around and pass the time. I found some swimwear on 50% sale – yeah – and hubby found some polo shirts – also on sale. We treated ourselves to a fika – I had a cappuccino and he chose a juice. We shared the pecan / caramel bun. It was really yummy! 

Now some corner time watching the last day of track & field this Swedish championship. Our oldest is over at his friends’ house playing boardgames today – we might go and pick him up tonight if it is raining a lot. Doesn’t take many minutes to drive there and forever and a day to commute. 

Sharing is caring

Another very warm night – so hard to sleep when you get all sweaty. Hate it. But, nice with the sunny days and time outside in the garden. Me and my oldest have tended to my roses and rhododendron bushes – joint effort. Nice. My husband has cleaned the windows outside. We have done laundry and picked up groceries.

AND shared my wifi .. lol. Sharing is caring and with all the hard work we had earned a reward.

Watched our ladies win 3-0 towards Norrköping on tv this afternoon while I was doing the ironing. Perfect excuse for some TV-time. But, since we don’t have any internet we can’t watch the streaming channels such as Netflix. Bummer. No news from the company we reported the torned off cable to yet.

No internet

The internet stopped working today and I figured out why.. lol. When I got back home from work this is what I found – the internet cable had been pulled down and was hanging over the other cable from our house. Oh well. We have reported the damage but who knows how quickly we will have it sorted. Probably not until next week. Bummer. Oh well. Glad we have internet on our mobiles to share so we at least can do the basics and most important things online. The rest will have to wait a bit. 

It’s been about 30C today again and it is so very humid. Next week the heatwave will be gone, they say, and right now I’m longing for a night with cooler weather. Can’t sleep when you are all sweaty and warm. 

Summer event

A very busy day – especially in the afternoon – getting ready and prepare for the afterwork-event we had planned.

It was a success and people could enjoy a nice time after work with a drink or two outside on our roof terrace followed by catered food – Spanish tapas – after.

Since it is a workday tomorrow I didn’t stay very late and got home in time to sit down for a minute before I’m going to hug my pillow.


A very warm day again with temperatures around 30C in the city. Puh. Worked a short day today and managed to get off on time. 

Stopped to tend to the two households on my list on my way home and also picked up a parcel I had ordered containing this hanging birdbath. Thought I’d treat the birds to some water to cool off in with this heatwave going on. So far they haven’t discovered their treat – hopefully they will soon. I am looking forward to seeing them in there. 

Made a nice wok for dinner and it was enough for my youngest to bring lunch tomorrow. Perfect. Now some TV to end the day. 


Long day today and another sunny warm day in the city. I met up with a friend for lunch which was really nice.

After work I took the commuter train to my parents-in-law – my hubby and the boys went home first and brought our car.  It was my father-in-laws birthday so flag up for him today. They treated us a lovely dinner with skewers filled with different kind of meat. Mmm. Ice cream and strawberries for afters. 

Happy birthday ⚘️

Happy birthday, dearest sis! Flag up for you today. I hope you have enjoyed an amazing day in our paradise with mom & dad. Big hug! Soon we can take another one of these photos!

Survived the chaos that the maintenance of the commuter train rails is causing. Three weeks they will make us take a different route to work or suffer thru 3 changes of train on the way. I tried both the different route as well as the switching-train part today and it went better than I feared it would. So, I guess I will survive this mischief of a chaos this maintenance will cause.

Made a bolognese with tagliatelle pasta for dinner. Now some corner time before it’s time to hug the pillow.

Full bloom

A grey Sunday with some rain here and there didn’t really invite us to spend time outside. We went to get some more groceries and ran a few errands. Picked our first home-grown strawberries this year – three all together. Lol. But they were really sweet and very tasty. 

My red/yellow rose is finally in full bloom – love it! The yellow, white and purple ones are also blooming in full right now. Just the champagne-colored one that hasn’t come around yet. Seems to be a good year for the roses. 

Now some corner time cheering on our ladies playing an away derby towards AIK. Love it when they show the ladies games on tv too! Our ladies have two more games before summer break and a couple of more wins would be really good. We are third in the league right now. Win today with 2-0. Great. Go Bajen! 

Album done

So nice with the whole weekend left to enjoy! I’ve been a busy bee today clearing up from yesterday, doing laundry, relaxing but also working on my photo album from our trip to Norway. Managed to finish and order it – yeah! Finally! Now I just need to start on the photo album from last year… Haven’t felt up to doing it but maybe I will now when this is done. During Xmas, when I usually to my year books, I put together the album from our US-trip instead. 

We bbq the rest of the fillet of beef that we had last night. Only did half of the steak then – so we could enjoy another very tasty dinner. Not bad. Now we are finishing the cheese from yesterday while watching some soccer. Türkiye vs. Portugal. 0-3 so far. 

Midsummer eve

Midsummer eve and a day off to enjoy quality time with family and friends. We had invited my parents-in-law over for a day with us starting with a traditional “smörgåsbord” – lunch. We could sit outside but after a while it got a bit too windy so we moved indoors instead. 

In the evening we bbq some meat and shrimps along with padrones. Mmm. Served with new potatoes, sallad and sauces. And a nice red. A very nice day catching up chatting and spending time together. Lovely. 

Now some soccer on tv – tonight Poland and Austria are playing. And a whole weekend left to enjoy. Perfect.