A sunny morning but the forecast promises rain during the day. Today the Stockholm Marathon takes place so rain would be great for the runners since it’s so warm outside. I hope all the runners will be safe and survive the race. The other week there was a 21 year old who died in the run in Gothenburg and about 20 people who had to be assisted by medical aid due to the heat. 

Managed to sleep in a bit this morning, now we’ve enjoyed a nice breakfast and in a minute we are going to get on with our Saturday chores. Going to try to buy some clothes today too – maybe we’ll do that before we get the groceries so we don’t have to go anywhere this afternoon. Nice to have the rest of the day at home. 

Our white roses are in bloom now. Love that they buds are red/pink and when they unfold and starts to bloom they have a red/pink rim on the edge of the petals. I think our purple roses are out next. Then the yellow or maybe the champagne colored ones and last the yellow/red ones. Can’t wait.