Finally Friday and a very challenging week in many ways. But, everything has gone alright and now we have a whole weekend to enjoy! After work me and hubby went to congratulate the latest graduate among our friends – now all our friends kids have finished the “gymnasium” and the only graduates we have now are from college or uni. One uni-graduate last week too! But we don’t celebrate those in the same way. 

We had a great evening among friends and were treated a buffet of amazing food. Mmm. We could sit outside all evening and they had organized the event very well. Congratulations, Alex! And thank you for inviting us over to be part of the celebrations! 

Garden in bloom

I love this time of the year when our garden is really showing off. And our little friends hiding here and there.. like this little fellow.. 

Worked a long day today. Hubby is away tonight again. I made a wok for me and the boys and it turned out pretty good. My youngest will enjoy it in  his lunch box for tomorrow too. 

Tomorrow I have a busy day at work and have to put in some extra time too. But then we have a nice weekend ahead to enjoy! 

Last episode

The last episode of this season of one of my favorite series of all times “Call the Midwife” was sent yesterday. And I could enjoy it tonight! Oh I do wish there will be another season next year. This was the 12th season.

Long day today since we are short of staff but it was ok. Not too much to do but enough to keep me busy most of the day. It was raining a bit again during lunch-time but now the sun is shining again.

Hubby is on a work-event tonight – and tomorrow night too – so it’s just me and the boys. Picked up a fried chicken going home and my youngest had prepared the pasta when I got home. Perfect!


This morning there were dark clouds heaping up in the sky and after a few hours it rained for a bit. Nice. The ones allergic to pollen were happy – finally a chance to breathe. 

The warmest day so far this year – this afternoon the rain was no where to be seen and the sun was shining again. 

Worked a long day today and when I got back home our rhododendron had started to bloom. And some of the white roses too. And the peonies. And.. and.. and.. Lovely! Best time of the year when the whole garden is coming alive. 

New glasses

New week and still very warm with almost 30C outside. Puh. Not used to this. Fortunately we have a nice cool office so it’s not a problem being at work. 

Had an appointment at the optician this afternoon and it took longer than I had hoped for. But, everything was ok but I need new glasses. The prices on frames have gone up ridiculously so I decided to keep my frames and just replace the glasses. I did change my sunglasses though – could find another frame that was in a good price range. 

We had another appointment today – at the police station – to pick up our new national id-cards. Made a nice pasta dinner when we got back home and now we are watching another couple of episodes of “Death and other details” on Disney. Not sure if I like it or not. 

Mother’s Day

A lovely Sunday with a lot fun things happening. Flag up for all mothers today! My boys gave me a tecup in the Mumin-series that I collect – made my day!

After lunch we went over to my sister to celebrate our mother and her mother-in-law. My mother-in-law got her present yesterday when she was over here to celebrate M. My boys gave their God-mother this bouquet of garden-flowers. Dark red peonies, lilacs and yellow broom. 

A great day – we managed to win the bronze towards Canada after yesterday’s loss towards Czechia. Yeah. First medal in the world cup since 2018 so well overdue. Next year the world cup will be held here in Stockholm – would be fun to see a couple of games! 

AND we won the soccer game too which took us up to fourth place for now. Still games left in this round so we’ll see where we are in a day or two. But, great with another win! 


Time to celebrate our oldest son together with our family. The forecast had promised rain for today but it’s been a very sunny and warm day so we could sit outside. My sis w/ family and all four grandparents came over for coffee and cake. Lovely.

I had made a Swedish chocolate sticky brownie according to the birthday boys wishes, but also bought a strawberry cake, fresh strawberries and some buns.

Our pride and joy are playing the semi finals today towards Czechia but if nothing spectacular happens the last ten minutes we are going to be playing the bronze-game tomorrow instead of the finale. Bummer.


A rainy start of the day which was almost nice after all this sunshine. Lol.

I managed the office by myself today so I had a very very hectic day. But, I made it and managed to take care of most of the chores I was assigned.

Picked up some nice meat, a gratin and these goodies on my way home and made a delicious dinner (if I may say so) for my boys with these treats for afters. Mmm.

Oh – and we won the quarter final yesterday after a thrilling finish on overtime. But, we made it and the semifinals awaits tomorrow towards Czechia. It will most likely be a tricky game since they are hosting the event and has a lot of supporters on site. Go Sweden! I hope our guests will excuse me for being a bad host.. lol


A special day – my oldest turns 27 years old. How is this even possible? 

We bought his present a while ago and gave it to him right away so we didn’t give him anything else today. But, flag up – of course – and his choice of dinner. So, we picked up some thai-food and have enjoyed a nice meal together. I think he had a good day – our family will come over this weekend for some more celebrations! 

Important game tonight with the quarter finals in ice hockey. Sweden vs. Finland. On the paper it’s an easy win for us, but one never knows with Finland. Can be tricky. Fingers crossed! 

Wrap up

Times goes by way too quickly and as much as I have missed my boys I have made new friends and learned so much in these few days. 

Our last day ended after lunch so I managed to get home in time. Another participant was driving her own car and passed where I live so I could get a ride back home – or to the main busstop anyway. So nice of her and so nice with the company too! 

Now I’ve unpacked, started some laundry and emptied the dishwasher.  And given my oldest a big hug! Hmm.. I wonder what we are having for dinner!