ESC – part 2

Tonight it is the second part of the Eurovision Song Contest.

I especially look forward to the performances while waiting for the result. Lol. They were quite good in the first semi-final with Johnny Logan, Benjamin Ingrosso and others performing. Since Sweden already has a place in the finale the voting result it isn’t as thrilling to watch. Tonight they had a sing-along with former winner songs – Sertab, Helena Paparazzo and Charlotte Perelli. And then a great interval act performed by Petra, Malin and Sarah among others.

These pre-qualified countries will perform (but not compete) and vote in Semi-final 2 – France (after song 5), Spain (after song 9) and Italy (after song 13).

The final 10 countries going thru to the finale was; Latvia, Austria, Netherlands, Norway, Israel, Greece, Estonia, Switzerland, Georgia and Armenia.