Mother’s Day

A lovely Sunday with a lot fun things happening. Flag up for all mothers today! My boys gave me a tecup in the Mumin-series that I collect – made my day!

After lunch we went over to my sister to celebrate our mother and her mother-in-law. My mother-in-law got her present yesterday when she was over here to celebrate M. My boys gave their God-mother this bouquet of garden-flowers. Dark red peonies, lilacs and yellow broom. 

A great day – we managed to win the bronze towards Canada after yesterday’s loss towards Czechia. Yeah. First medal in the world cup since 2018 so well overdue. Next year the world cup will be held here in Stockholm – would be fun to see a couple of games! 

AND we won the soccer game too which took us up to fourth place for now. Still games left in this round so we’ll see where we are in a day or two. But, great with another win!