Yesterday I walked by the Kungsträdgården in town and all the cherry trees are in full bloom. Unfortunately I was on my way to catch a bus, otherwise I would have enjoyed the park a bit longer. 

Today it is Walpurgis night and I’m having a day off since I worked a full day yesterday instead of a half. I have been packing our things for tomorrow and in a minute I will start to get ready for our guests arriving for dinner and celebration of Walpurgis. We thought we might start the grill and bbq for the first time this year. And then later on we will walk over to the bonfire. Love traditions. And family around me. 


Monday again and a busy day divided into three parts very different from each other.

First I worked my short day. Then I went over to the Swedish Bar Association to attend a course / training for the afternoon regarding “stress and a sustainable life”. It was very interesting both to listen to the lecture but also to hear the other ones attending – our questions and discussions to follow.

Third part of the evening I spent with my dad cheering on our team at a home game. A great evening – a tiny bit chilly but sunny and about 22000 people there. Last time we faced this team we lost but tonight we managed to win 2-1. Yeah! Important that we start winning more games in order to keep up with the ranking. After the game my dad gave me a ride home. A great day with a great ending.


Busy day working in our garden. We rented a trail after breakfast to drive a couple of rounds to the waste disposal site with all the cuttings and branches from the trees. Also some other things that we needed to take there such as batteries, electronics, bulbs etc. 

Four hours of hard work later we now have earned a break – me watching soccer on tv and the others playing on their computers. Our oldest went to see his friends so he will be gone all afternoon. I have started to plan what to pack for our trip since I’ll be otherwise busy the next couple of days before we leave. The weather forecast looks promising. Great! 


Managed to sleep in a bit today – great! After breakfast we went to get groceries and this afternoon we have been busy around the house. Cleaning, ironing, dusting, mopping, baking bread etc etc.

Sorted my Fantasy-Team out and tried to prepare for the next round that starts tomorrow. Did really good last time – fingers crossed it’s a positive trend moving forward. Three of my players are injured though.. but I’ve kept them on for some weird reason. We’ll see how they are doing after this round – maybe I need to replace one of them.

More snow..

Woke up to a winter wonderland this morning and it kept on snowing for several hours. Then it started to rain instead and now the lawn is green again. April-weather! 

Finally Friday and weekend to enjoy! It’s been a long week but next week will be very short since I only work on Monday and have the rest of the week off. Great. 

A lot to plan, pack and prepare this weekend. Time to get organized! 


A cold and rainy day. Long day at work so we went out for lunch to get away from the office for a few minutes. So far everything has gone according to plan with the new changes which is great. 

Tonight we were invited to my parents for dinner. When the soccer game started on TV my guys went back home but I stayed and watched the game with my parents. Unfortunately we lost 2-1 – so far we have lost all the away-games this season. Bummer. New chance on Monday when we play on our own arena. Fingers crossed that will be good and a necessary win. 

Afternoon walk

Busy short day today.

I had lunch with one of my best friends after work. She just switched jobs and now we work quite close to each other. We used to be colleagues 20 some years ago so it’s great that we finally meet up for lunch again after all this time. 

Missed the bus going home so I took a walk back. Dark clouds started to cover the sky as I started my journey and by the time I got home it rained a bit. Now it’s sunny again and I have sat down for a minute to relax a bit. Really tired today – it’s been a lot of things to deal with lately.

Red velvet

Today it was my turn to be treated cake and birthday wishes at work. We could enjoy this amazing red velvet cheese cake from Mr Cake – mmm. Perfect – loved it! 

My turn to work late due to some issues with the electricity at work. But, they were done quite quickly so I could get back home in time for when hubby had dinner on the table. Nice. Chicken with rice and a sallad. 

A sunny day but around freezing point this morning. The weather forecast promises warmer weather next week – fingers crossed they are right. We want spring now. 

Pyssel hos E – 22 apr

Pysselkväll och dags att göra toabomber… Inte så konstigt som det låter – som en badbomb fast i rengöringsform till toaletten. Bra idé och ska bli spännande att prova om det fungerar som tänkt. Bara jag som inte har någon erfarenhet av detta i vår lilla grupp. En miljövänlig produkt med bara naturligt innehåll. 

E bjöd på pasta med köttbullsås och sallad med smarriga hallonmazariner till fikat. En härlig kväll med mycket prat och diskussioner. Bra för själen. Och krya på dig, A! 

Game day

Today our women team played their premier home game for the season. They won their first game last week and they followed up by another win today 2-1 towards Brommapojkarna. 4160 people in the audience cheering on our green-white ladies. Me and my sis went with our parents and we had a great couple of hours. Fun that we can do this together! 

It’s been quite cold today and snowing off and on all day. Brrr. The arena had closed the roof top so that was nice and we weren’t cold at all. When we arrived to the arena there were hail on the ground. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks it will be warmer to attend the games.