Castle of the month –  Årsta slott

Castle of the month of July is – Årsta slott in Österhaninge. We decided to go over there for a quick coffee and take a look around. The castle is nowadays the main building at a golf course so plenty of fields around the property with people playing golf.

The castle was finished built back in 1667 but the property is from the 13th century. The Bremer family owned the castle 1805-1863 and one of their daughters, Fredrika Bremer, was an internationally known writer, reformer, and champion of women’s rights. She introduced the domestic novel into Swedish literature. Her novel “Hertha” caused a lively debate and led to a public opinion forming which made the government in 1858 pass a new law allowing unmarried women of the age of 25 or older to apply to come of age. Married women, however, were not allowed to come of age before the 1921 legislation over 50 years later.

The Årsta castle was her home until she died in 1865.

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