Last goodbye

Pandemic times require creative solutions. Today I attended a funeral via an online link. It was an old friend of my parents who passed rather suddenly (not for covid reasons) and they were invited to be among the few people allowed to attend in person. It was strange to see the event via my computer but also very nice to be able to still be a part of it. Before he died he sent some music sheets for me – we used to play together when I was younger – and that was really sweet of him. He will be truly missed by so many. Heaven will be a happier place with him up there cheering people up with his accordion and great laughter. 

Took a quick walk afterwards to breathe some and clear my head. 

Forrest walk

Sunday already. I’ve been really tired all weekend but this afternoon me and my oldest decided to go for a long walk. Maybe some fresh air would do us some good. Said and done, we were out for almost 1,5hrs and 10.000 steps later we arrived back home again. We walked the “Domherren”-trail in the forrest. 

Now I’m going to make a fish casserole for me and my husband for dinner. Minute steak for the boys. Then we are going to watch the new program on SVT tonight – “Vem kan vad”. 

Dinner treat

Woke up around 8.30 and after breakfast we went to get some groceries. It wasn’t as cold outside today as yesterday, only -2C.

After lunch we went to pick up some bottles of wine I had ordered that Systemet didn’t have in stock. It’s one of my favorites that I haven’t seen in a long time and now it was possible to order again. Perfect!

Spent the afternoon watching biathlon – so much more fun than regular skis! Prepared a nice sirloin steak dinner and now I’m waiting for the handball-game to start. World cup just started and this is our second game. Won the first one.


Very cold morning and a lot of new snow. Some sunshine in the middle of the day but only for a short while. 

As you can see on the photo, I walked over to save my little snowman who was buried under snow. I dug him out – lol. Now when it is dark I can see him again when his lights are on. 

A very busy Friday with some overtime. But, fun things all day and problems to figure out and solve. Now I’m ready for the weekend though. Going to start dinner soon. Have a great weekend everyone! 

Snow snow

A long day and it’s been snowing all day long. My garden decorations are all covered up now. Can’t even see the little snowman anymore. Need to go out and dig him out.

My youngest needed to go to the bank – why they can’t solve things online or via phone is above me – so my husband dug out the car and took him over there. I hope they can sort things out once and for all.

They will pick up dinner on their way back. Hoping for a skewer from the Greek place.

White sky

It’s been snowing non-stop since we got up this morning. The sky is white – no sunshine. An afternoon walk doesn’t seem very appealing so I might just relax and do nothing on my afternoon off. Might watch some episodes of season 2 of “Velvet”. 

We have a family of magpies (skator) in our back yard. They are looking quite unhappy in this weather. Poor things. 


Long day at work and now the sun is shining. Typical. Fingers crossed it will be sunny tomorrow too when I have a short day. 

We managed to take a quick walk during our lunch-hour which was really nice. The lake was so pretty – the ice isn’t thick enough yet to walk on though.  

Winter really arrived – now it is -6C outside and freezing. The prognosis says it will be even colder closer to the weekend. 

White beans, sausage and potatoes / pasta on the menu tonight. 

Walk in the snow

Back to work again. Started with a quite busy but short day. After lunch me and my oldest went for a 3k walk – it was snowing quite a lot but it was really pretty in the forrest. And nice to be out walking chatting with my oldest too. 

Now I’m going to make a casserole for dinner. Ham and rise in the oven. Yum. 

Winter seems to be here now – the weather-prognosis promises colder weather and a lot of snow this week. I just hope some sunshine will find it’s way to us too. 


Last day of our vacation. Tomorrow we need to get back to work and the real world again. From the comfort of our home, that is. Still going to work on a distance – probably for the rest of this semester. After the summer maybe things will be different. 

Took away my puzzle today, changed table cloth and set up my workspace again. Decorated with some tulips to cheer me up! My computer and headset need to be charged for tomorrow since they have been put away for the last 2,5 weeks. 

It’s been snowing all day today so we have stayed indoor watching different things on tv. Going to make homemade nuggets tonight using our air fryer. I hope they will turn out good. 

Steak dinner

Saturday and we went grocery shopping after breakfast, like we always do. They had a good price on fillet of beef so now we have enjoyed a great Saturday dinner and I opened a bottle of red which I had saved for a special occasion. 

We went for a short walk this afternoon – my husband has a sore heel so he didn’t want to walk so long. 

I finished the puzzle – it was great fun to put together. Now I need a new challenge..