Full bloom

A grey Sunday with some rain here and there didn’t really invite us to spend time outside. We went to get some more groceries and ran a few errands. Picked our first home-grown strawberries this year – three all together. Lol. But they were really sweet and very tasty. 

My red/yellow rose is finally in full bloom – love it! The yellow, white and purple ones are also blooming in full right now. Just the champagne-colored one that hasn’t come around yet. Seems to be a good year for the roses. 

Now some corner time cheering on our ladies playing an away derby towards AIK. Love it when they show the ladies games on tv too! Our ladies have two more games before summer break and a couple of more wins would be really good. We are third in the league right now. Win today with 2-0. Great. Go Bajen! 

Album done

So nice with the whole weekend left to enjoy! I’ve been a busy bee today clearing up from yesterday, doing laundry, relaxing but also working on my photo album from our trip to Norway. Managed to finish and order it – yeah! Finally! Now I just need to start on the photo album from last year… Haven’t felt up to doing it but maybe I will now when this is done. During Xmas, when I usually to my year books, I put together the album from our US-trip instead. 

We bbq the rest of the fillet of beef that we had last night. Only did half of the steak then – so we could enjoy another very tasty dinner. Not bad. Now we are finishing the cheese from yesterday while watching some soccer. Türkiye vs. Portugal. 0-3 so far. 

Midsummer eve

Midsummer eve and a day off to enjoy quality time with family and friends. We had invited my parents-in-law over for a day with us starting with a traditional “smörgåsbord” – lunch. We could sit outside but after a while it got a bit too windy so we moved indoors instead. 

In the evening we bbq some meat and shrimps along with padrones. Mmm. Served with new potatoes, sallad and sauces. And a nice red. A very nice day catching up chatting and spending time together. Lovely. 

Now some soccer on tv – tonight Poland and Austria are playing. And a whole weekend left to enjoy. Perfect. 


A nice sunny day with no rain for a change. Long day at work and a good day. Not terribly busy but a nice pace and enough to do. 

Picked up some strawberries on my way back so we have some to enjoy tomorrow on Midsummer. Perfect! 

Finished a bunch of leftovers for dinner – three different courses for the four of us. Great to make room  in the fridge. Also great with a long weekend ahead to enjoy. More of those please! 

My yellow/red rose is about to bloom – my sister w/ family gave it to us years ago and it finally seems to have settled in its new environment. We moved it a couple of years ago and it has struggled a bit to bloom again. But, hopefully we will see it in full bloom tomorrow unless the deers eat it… Lol. 

Walk by the lake

Midweek and my short day. I had lunch at the office before I left since I had a couple of things to do on my way home. Went to tend to my nieces flowers among other things. Took a nice walk back home instead of taking the bus. Two days in a row. Yeah. 

The clouds are getting darker and they are almost covering the sky now. The forecast predict thunder and lightning any minute – glad I got home before it all starts. Maybe we’ll go and get some groceries later on since it’s midsummer on Friday and we need some more bits and pieces. 


A long day at the office and all kinds of weather. Even hail in the afternoon in-between some thunder and lightning and heavy rainfall. Wonderful. Lol.

After work we had a dinner planned in town – just us administratives – and it was really nice. We went to “Glashuset” – a restaurant we all wanted to try. I had a lovely fish dish with char (röding) and a glas of white. Mmm.

Of course the subway didn’t match the bus going home so I ended up taking a walk back. And just made it home as the rain started to fall again. Lucky me.

Short week

Short week with midsummer on Friday.

I left really early this morning and worked some from home this afternoon but other than that I’ve had my short day. 

Absolutely love our purple rosebush right now – it is covered with gorgeous blossoms. The white and yellow ones are also in bloom but they don’t come near this one in amounts of flowers. They are pretty too though. 

Going to make a lasagna in a minute. But first some me-time catching up on some stuff on the tv. 


A sunny Sunday and we had a nice afternoon coffee at my parents. My mom had made a rhubarb pie and a vanilla custard and also treated us to strawberries. Mmmm. Nice. 

Our ladies won 5-0 today in the soccer game. Yeah. They had a great start of the season but then struggled a couple of losses but now things seem to have turned around again with wins the last couple of games. Yeah. 

Going to bbq a tritrip for dinner served with a potato gratin. A nice Sunday dinner hopefully. Short week next week with midsummer on Friday, but an early start tomorrow. Have to be at work at 07.30. But that’s ok. Also have a meeting an hour after I get off so a couple of extra hours for me tomorrow. 

Castle of the month – Tullgarn

June and a new castle to visit – this time we chose Tullgarn Slott, near Trosa in Södermanland. It’s one of our most popular royal destinations and less than an hour away from Stockholm by car. Tullgarn Palace was the summer palace of King Gustaf V and Queen Victoria at the end of the 1800s and beginning of the 1900s. However, the palace was originally built for Duke Fredrik Adolf in the 1770s. 

We had a lovely visit and took the guided tour when we arrived. It was 45 min and showed several of the rooms in the castle and the history behind. After the tour we walked around to the front which is facing the water and then we had lunch at the castle café. Waffles and a locally produced apple juice. Mmm. 

Another week

Friday again. This week has been quite long for some reason. We are all a bit tired – I think the thunder and weather has had an impact on us.

We have watched the Netflix-series “Fool me once” (Sanningen) this week and tonight we are going to watch the last episode. It’s quite good. “When ex-soldier Maya sees her murdered husband on a secret nanny cam, she uncovers a deadly conspiracy that stretches deep into the past.”

Tonight the European Championships in soccer begins. One whole month of several games per day. But Sweden didn’t qualify so it’s not as interesting as it would have been otherwise.