This morning it was -10C when I went to work. Brrrr. It was quite sunny and nice all day but as I left the office it started to snow and when I got home it was covering the ground. Now it’s been snowing for another couple of hours but it is so dark outside I didn’t bother to take a new photo. But, our backyard is a winter wonderland again.

Our youngest had prepared dinner when we got home from work. A luxury I easily could get used to. Now some corner time watching another couple of episodes of our latest series – a Netflix one from Finland called “Sorjonen”/ Bordertown in English. It’s quite good!


Got to work from home today since I took my oldest to his appointment. Started working a bit earlier and stayed over for half and hour so I almost worked a full day even though I was away for a little over an hour.

This afternoon I had an appointment with the optician to check if I need new glasses. It turned out I do. No surprise really since I made the appointment and had a feeling this might be the case. Also I ordered new sunglasses since my last pair are from years ago when I got my previous glasses. Have to wait a few weeks to receive both of them though. Bummer.


Winter came back today. It was freezing this morning so extra everything was needed in order to keep warm. Yesterday I wore my leather-jacket and happy that spring was here. Today I was back to the winter coat again. Lol. 

A very long productive day. My hubby arrived home before me so he fixed the dinner. Now we’re watching an episode of “Annika” before the important soccer game starts. A must-win game and if we do we qualify for the world championships. So, fingers crossed and Go Sweden! 


What a lovely day. We welcomed a new colleague today and took her to a nice lunch. Short day for me so I could go home after the luncheon which was really nice. Took this photo on my stroll to the subway. 

Now I’m gathering some strength and will start with some house chores in a bit. Vacuuming, some laundry and dinner. Think I’ll make a yakiniku. 

Daylights saving

Today it was time to change our clocks to summer time. One step closer to spring. 
After lunch we decided to pay a visit at the carpet store close by which is closing today and had a big clear-out sale with a 70% discount on everything in the store. Our youngest came along and we bought one carpet for each of the boys rooms. Yeah. At a really good price too! 

When we got back I made waffles for an afternoon treat. It was the national waffles day Friday but we didn’t have waffles then. But, today was a good time for waffles so said and done. 


Managed to sleep in a bit today and after breakfast we went over to the mall in Liljeholmen for some shopping. We decided to get the groceries over there too – love their ICA store. Amazing selection but quite pricy.

After lunch I went to Huddinge where the jacket I wanted to get was in stock. I bought the pants to go with the jacket a few days ago but that store didn’t have the jacket in my size. But, today I found what I was looking for and also treated myself a couple of other things. Afterwards I went to Skärholmen to get a pair of shoes that I wanted. When I got home I found a dress that hopefully will be perfect for the wedding this summer. Fingers crossed it will fit. A day of shopping!

Now I’m on cost restrictions. Lol. But so nice to buy some new things for my wardrobe. Haven’t done that in a while.


Weekend – here we come! And spring is getting closer with the daylight saving time starting on Sunday. 

Tonight it was my hubby’s turn to have a work event so me and the boys had dinner by ourselves. He didn’t arrive back home quite as late as I did.. so, now we are tucked in our corners enjoying a quiet Friday eve together watching the first episode of “Masked Singer”.  Shall be interesting to see. (photo TV4)


Thursday and long day at work. And very long when you are a bit extra tired. But, still, I got quite a lot done. Busy with meetings and preparations. 

Got a new phone today so I’ve spent the evening trying to move everything from one mobile to the other. And activate all the apps and log in everything again. Puh. So much to check and make sure it works. But, I’m very nearly there. 

The florists in Fruängen have started to sell branches decorated with these feathers for Easter. Sparkling colors. Soon soon Easter break is coming up. 


Midweek and long day for me due to an afterwork event. A very busy day with a lovely evening to complete a full day.

We had a teambuilding evening where we were divided into three groups and in charge for cooking one part of a three-course dinner per group. My group prepared the starter – a beef tartar – which turned out great.

Very tired after a very long day. New day tomorrow (another long day). But, the sun is shining and there’s a spring feeling out side. Lovely.

Special afternoon

A lovely afternoon and just what I needed. My oldest niece picked me up from work and we walked over to a fairly newly opened restaurant and enjoyed a great lunch. We chose the lunch-of-the-day menu – I had fish and she chose the vegetarian one. 

After lunch we went shopping for a bit. I wanted to find something to wear for the wedding but no such luck. Not even with a young assistant by my side. Maybe I’ll just have to wait a while until the spring collection has arrived. The stores are not exactly filled with new arrivals for the moment. 

Thank you for a lovely time! Let’s do it again within not too long.