100 years old

A very special day. My hubby’s great aunt turns 100 years old today and had invited the closest family and friends to a lovely celebration in Västervik. Starting with a champagne toast in the afternoon to be followed by an amazing 3-course-dinner. We had a lovely time. 

She received this greeting from the king & queen of Sweden. Wow. 

After a long day we crashed in our bed at the floating hotel Slottsholmen. Very comfortable room and very quiet. Lovely. What a nice party and I believe the birthday girl had a nice celebration too. 

So tired after a long day and me not being 100% well with an annoying hacking cough. Tested myself twice before we left to make sure I would spread the corona virus around. Both tests came back negative of course. I have been feeling fine besides the cough – otherwise I would have decided to not attend. But hopefully I was able to keep a distance and not give my cough to anyone else.