Last day of May

Can’t believe June will begin tomorrow. May just disappeared. Today it has been raining most of the day so I am glad that I have my nice raincoat I bought for our trip to Scotland a few years ago. It is quite dressy and I like it a lot. 

A very busy day today – both tired when we got back home. We didn’t feel like cooking so we went to pick up some thai-food for dinner. Luxury Tuesday, I know. But, so nice to be able to treat ourselves too. Now we’ve crashed in our corners and will not move before it is time to hug our pillows. 

Special lunch

A great start of a new week. Sunny morning so I put a dress on today – first time in ages. Lovely.

After work my nieces came to pick me up and I took them both to lunch. So nice to spend time with them! We had several restaurants to choose between and the choice came down to Eataly which is situated in the building where our new office premises will move to. We could sit outside (they had blankets to keep us warm) and enjoyed some pasta and an espresso on the house.

Love spending time with these two young ladies. And I’m so happy they choose to spend time with their aunt. Love them to bits.

Mother’s Day

Flag up for all mothers today! My hubby raised our flag this morning before I woke up. Love the tradition of putting the flag up on special occasions! 
After breakfast we tried to decide what to do today and the choice fell on a trip to Tyresö Slott for a nice stroll in the park and a lunch. My youngest came along and made the day extra special. My oldest have a big exam next week and needed to study. 

A lovely family day and nice ending of the long weekend. A perfect mix of me-time and quality time with family. My parents are off to a track&field event in Gothenburg this weekend so we have left a small surprise for mom for her when they arrive back home tonight. 

Happy mother’s day, all amazing mothers out there! 

Rainy day

Yesterday I took a day off – the rest of my family had work / school. I started my day with a quiet breakfast and continued with a massage. First one I’ve had since before the pandemic started. So nice. I have another one booked for next weekend. I imagine my shoulders might need it since it’s been so long since my last massage. 

After my boys had finished work / school we went over to my parents-in-law for a nice early Mothers’ day – dinner. My hubby’s aunt was there too. We were treated a lovely three course dinner and stayed fairly late. 

Now it is raining outside and no hockey for our team to enjoy. We will spend the day with our usual Saturday chores – starting with shopping groceries. 

Fletch – RIP

As if yesterday wasn’t bad enough – this morning I heard the news about Depeche Mode band member Andrew “Fletch” Fletcher. He died yesterday at the age of 60 leaving wife since 30 years and 2 kids behind. He was one of the original members of my favorite band all times – Depeche Mode – and played with the band for over 40 years – from their first album in 1981 until now. I have seen him perform several times playing the keyboard with DM. Last time on the premier of their most recent world tour “Global Spirit Tour” at Friends Arena in 2017.

“When the body speaks” – “To the soul’s desires The body listens What the flesh requires Keeps the heart imprisoned What the spirit seeks The mind will follow When the body speaks All else is hollow”

14 studio albums and 7 live albums in 40+ years. In 2020 they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I wonder if their era is over now. Or will they survive this great loss?

My thoughts to his wife and kids and to Dave and Martin, of course.


I had such great hope for today. But, both games were lost by an inch. Bummer. 

Our team reached the final of the Swedish cup in soccer towards Malmö. Managed to reach full time, overtime and penalty shots but lost at the last shot. Such a major disappointment. 

And our pride and joy didn’t manage to go past the quarter final in the world championship in ice-hockey. Managed to loose a 3-0 lead to a 3-3 score and then lost during the overtime towards Canada. Another major disappointment. Oh well. No more hockey this weekend. 


Finally time to get a well over-due haircut and getting rid of some grey. 4 inches / 10 cm shorter and most of the blond strings of hair now gone and colored in a brown tone. My family approved and I’m happy. 

Today I was treated a special tour of our new office premises that are being renovated and prepared for us this fall. *so special* Loved it and I really appreciated given the chance. A well needed inspiration injection to proceed with the planning. 

Now I’m off until Monday. Started my extended weekend with the appointment to my hairdresser. Tomorrow there are a lot of sports to enjoy on tv – both soccer and ice hockey at the same time (tough choice). Then I’ve booked a massage on Friday (haven’t had one since before the pandemic over 2 years ago). Much to enjoy and be grateful of the next couple of days. 

Teriyaki dinner

Long day today with things to do all day but no stress. It’s been a sunny day but according to the weather forecast it will be rainy days ahead.

When I got home from work I decided to make a wok for dinner. Or two, really. One with chicken and one with salmon. Served with rice and veggies. Mmm. Love this sauce in a bottle – the original one (there is a ginger & sesame one too) is our favorite. Usually I make a more traditional teriyaki with beef. But, not tonight.


Today 25 years ago my oldest son was born. On a Friday – two days before Mother’s day. This year his birthday is on a Monday – with Mother’s day at the end of the week.

Worked from home today since M had an appointment in the afternoon. Nice to not have to commute for a change.

Tonight we have treated the family to a nice dinner at O’Learys – M’s choice. We haven’t been out to a restaurant in ages – just the four of us, that is. Flag up for M today – happy birthday!

Flag up

A lovely day. Woke up early and wasn’t able to go back to sleep so after 1,5 hrs I gave up and got up instead. After breakfast I baked two chocolate sticky brownie cakes for this afternoon.

After a hot-dog lunch our family came over to celebrate M who turns 25 years old tomorrow. Flag up for him! The sun was shining all afternoon so we were able to sit outside and enjoy the brownie cakes along with fresh berries, whipped cream and ice cream. Yum! M received a lot of nice gifts and it was great to see the family for a couple of hours.

Tonight we bbq a picanha steak served with potatoes and corn on the cob. Now some corner time watching some hockey before it is time to hug my pillow and get ready for next week. A short week due to the Ascension day.