Sunny Sunday

Very tired today since the ESC didn’t finish until 2AM.. so we slept in a bit today.

After breakfast we decided to get some things done so my hubby prepared his bike for the season and I sorted my flower potts. I had two boxes of potts in the garage that my mother-in-law gave us years ago that I decided to use. So I re-planted some of my plants and switched all the potts in my windows. Took me several hours to complete but now it’s done. Also sorted out a big bag of potts that I will throw away. Yeah. I moved all the potts I have stored in our laundry room to the garage so I gave the laundry room a good clean while I was at it.

The blood red maple tree my cousin and his wife gave me 14 years ago is still very pretty. I think it is a bit too sunny where we planted it because the leafs are no longer dark red as they are supposed to be. But it is still very pretty.