Still alive

Whoaa what a sweaty day. Slight fever and 30C indoors. Not a great combo. I worked a full day though – which is doable since I can work from home.

Today our washing machine broke down. It has been making a bother for a couple of days and we have tried all the tricks we could think of. Today I called a repairman and she came to the conclusion that it was the motor that is broken which costs almost as much as a new machine cost to repair. So, said and done, I ordered a new machine online with home delivery, installation and removal of old broken machine. With us having covid going to a store is not an option. Hopefully the new laundry machine will be here before too long.

My turn..

Another night with fever. Woke up all sweaty a couple of times and got up to get an aspirin (or Alvedon rather) which helped. Almost managed to sleep thru the night which was great.

Worked from home again and decided to take another covid-test today which, of course, was positive. Or negative depending on how you choose to look at it. Lol.

My cough is getting worse but the fever is almost gone. Or in control with painkillers. My hubby is also getting symptoms with both cough and fever so I guess he’s got it too. Our youngest has managed to stay away from the germs so far. Fingers crossed he won’t catch it.


Hardly slept at all last night – didn’t feel great (slight fever and cough) and it was terribly warm too. Talked to my boss and we decided I should work from home today and tomorrow. Took a covid-test but it was negative. 

Love my purple roses – they have started to bloom now. The yellow and white ones are also in bloom. Lovely. Just the pink one and yellow/red-one left. 

Our router broke down so we don’t have any internet at the moment and he went to get a new router. But, it turned out that the problem might be with the Telia-box and not the router. Bummer. Might take three days before they could fix it. My boys are miserable.. Lol. I can share a mobile spot with my cellphone so I can work. 

Afternoon off

So nice that I was able to work from home today and had quite a busy productive short day.

After lunch I have been doing house chores – catching  up on laundry, grocery shopping etc. Also popped in to the liquor store and got some more wine. My hubby is off for the summer – worked his last day before we left and is starting his new job after the summer. *not jealous at all*  He has started his painting-the-rest-of-our-house project.

We bbq chicken filet for dinner – served with salad and cottage cheese for me – fries for the boys (ok, I had one .. lol ).

Special weekend

The alarm went off in the middle of the night.. or so it seemed. Our hotel room didn’t have an air conditioner so we’ve been struggling a bit the whole visit. Need a good night sleep! 

We have had a great weekend but today it was time to start the long journey back. After breakfast we took the 1k walk to the busstation to go back to the airport. 

At the airport things didn’t go quite as smoothly as on the way here. There was a problem with loading the luggage so they were not able to check the travelers in as quickly as they should. Therefor we didn’t have time for any lunch or taxfree shopping – just rush to the airplane. Bummer. A long wait at the next stop (Copenhagen) gave us time for a nice dinner and plenty of strolling around the taxfree stores though. 

Arrived back home around midnight after a very long day of traveling. 


Finally the day of the wedding. The wedding that was supposed to take place in 2020. Then in 2021. And now finally in 2022. All due to the pandemic.

But – today Molly and James could say their I-do’s and I have seldom seen a happier couple. So much love and the setting in the cathedral was just perfect! A very nice ceremony which was ended with an organ-version of “Geraldine”. Put a lot of smiles on peoples faces. 

The sun was shining all day and after the ceremony everyone walked down to the City Hall / Fruitmarket for a lovely three-course dinner and after-party. Congratulations, wishing you both the best and a happy life together! And we are so honored to be invited to be part of your special day! Thank you for a great day! 


Midsummer in Glasgow and a whole day to ourselves! We had breakfast at the hotel and then we decided to explore the city a bit. This statue is in front of the Gallery of Modern Art, but we didn’t go in. 

I wanted to try and find a fascinator / coiffe and a nice handbag and I did. Yeah! Impossible to find those special hair decorations in Sweden. 

We had a pasta for lunch and then we tried to book a table at a very nice restaurant we found yesterday but – like  yesterday – it was fully booked any normal dinner-hour. Bummer. So, we ended up at an Italian place close to where we stayed and had a pretty tasteless dinner, to be honest. We keep forgetting to order the sides.. lol. 

Day of travels

The alarm clock went off the usual time and after breakfast we headed out to the airport to start our journey. The new rule about not being allowed to enter the airport more than 3 hrs before take-off seems to have a positive effect – no chaos and the lines were no worse than they usually are. So that was great. 

Arrived after a long day to Glasgow and the Fraser Suites apartment hotel. Tired but glad we had made it – a lot later than planned though due to a few unfortunate circumstances. 

We had a nice dinner in town – soup of the day followed by a traditional fish & chips platter. Lovely. Let the fun begin! 

Getting ready

Worked from home today. So nice to not have to commute and also to sleep in for an hour. It’s been a productive day and my half day turned in to a full day due to a late meeting that also was delayed an hour. Oh well. Good thing I was at home! 

My Saint Paulia is in full bloom now. Love them. My grandmother had a whole bunch which are now cared for by my sister . I would like to have a pink one too – with curly petals. 

Movie night with my family – the new Marvel Studios movie Doctor Strange in the “Multiverse of Madness” is on so the whole family is gathered together in our living room for some quality time together. Nice. 


What a productive day. I have a lot on my table but slowly but surely I am making progress. Saw this sign today and it felt like me right now. 

The check-in to our trip opened today and now we are ready for our flight. Boarding passes downloaded on our phones, tickets printed out. I hope we have everything in order and thought of. Now we have to figure out what to pack in our suitcases. The weather prognosis is not great with rain every day, but I hope we will have a great time regardless. 

It’s been a lovely sunny day today – almost feels like summer. I will breathe. And it will be okay.