Hard work

This morning most of the algea were gone again – perfect! 

After breakfast we worked hard for a couple of hours and cut down the lilac bushes in our arbor. They have grown too tall with leafs only in the top. So, I cut the branches and my dad and hubby worked the shredding machine. Good work! Rewarded with an ice cream and a cup of coffee in the afternoon when we were finished. 

Tonight we made a sweet&sour casserole with pork and rise and could sit outside again. Now we’ve relaxed a bit as the sun is going down. Life is not so bad. 


This morning there was some algae in the ocean but not enough to keep us from our quick dip.

After breakfast we took a nice hour long stroll along the coastline – a beautiful day with little wind.

This afternoon we had a guest over for coffee and a chat – my dads cousin who lives close by. Funny – we have family around the corner but we don’t see each other that much. Everybody is busy with their own things.

Tonight my sis made her delicious pasta bolognese and after dinner we played a boardgame for a few hours. Now it is time to hug the pillow.

Friday treat

Friday again. Times passes by way too quickly. A bit colder in the ocean this morning, only 18C (or just above). After breakfast us girls drove up to Löttorp for grocery shopping and to look in a few stores. My parents wanted to treat us a nice Friday dinner so we bought the groceries needed for the occasion along with a nice bottle of red.

Tonight we could sit outside and enjoy this feast with a great sirloin steak served with bbq veggies and potato gratin. Yum! And then we had fresh raspberries with ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate sauce for an evening treat. Yum! Thank you!


A lovely day in paradise. Sunny and not too windy and about 19C in the ocean.

After breakfast my parents drove to Småland to visit an old friend for the day. The rest of us have been busy with different things. Me and M cut the lilac bushes outside our bedroom and my hubby shredded all the branches. Good work.

Tonight me and my sis went to the yearly friendship association (¨vägförening¨) meeting for the community here in paradise. First time the two of us went together so that was nice! I have been to these meetings for years but together with my dad and uncle. Both me and my sis got involved in different tasks and spoke out at the meeting.  We are not part of the board or anything and we don’t have any ambition to be so either but I think it is important to be present at this yearly meeting and show that we care.

Kingdom of Crystal

This morning it was 3C warmer in the water than in the air so it felt quite nice going in. 18.9C in the water. 

After breakfast me and my hubby decided to go for a drive to the “Glasriket” – kingdom of crystal as it is called. A number of glass factories and outlets all located in Småland – the landscape next to Öland. 

We spent the whole day visiting the different shops and bought a few things. We arrived back in time for dinner my mother had prepared. Nice! After a long day in the car it felt good to be back home again. 


This morning after our dip in the ocean and breakfast us girls drove down to Färjestaden for a few things. We had a lovely time and enjoyed a nice lunch together that our mom treated us. Thank you! 

On the way back we stopped at a farm and bought fresh strawberries and raspberries for our “tisdagsmys” while watching “Allsången” (and my nieces we could spot in the crowd). 

Now we have watched our ladies loose big time in the semi finals towards England. 4-0. Oh well. They played really well initially but as the game went on and England started to score goals they just were not able to keep up. England won fair and will play France or Germany in the finale. Sweden and France or Germany will both receive the bronze medal. 

World record

Tonight our golden-boy Armand Duplantis managed to reach his goal of winning the last of the 5 major titles. He is now the gold medalists in both indoor as well as outdoor in the World Championships and European Championships as well as the Olympics. Tonight he also managed to beat his own world record and jumped 6.21m. Wow. At the age of 22. Congratulations! (image borrowed from Svensk Friidrott).

We took a an hour walk after lunch – it’s been a bit windy and cloudy today but quite warm. My oldest went with us so that was nice!

Tonight my mom made a delicious salmon pudding with the salmon leftovers. Yum! So nice when you can make a new dish from the leftovers rather than just heat something up.

After dinner me and my dad watched our team win 3-0 in soccer towards Varberg. We need to keep this winning strike up in order to advance in the league.


Kristina is the name of today and a day we’ve been celebrating here in our paradise since forever. A named shared in my family by my grandmother, me and my niece. My sister raised the flag for us! 

Today my aunt took the bus back to the city so one less of us here. My hubby drove her to the bus stop and she will return in a week or so when we will pick her up again. 

My parents-in-law and aunt Gertrud came over for a “fika” this afternoon. They brought two delicious cakes and other goodies to treat us. Yum! Also I was greeted with a flower in a pot. We could sit outside and had a lovely time. Thank you! 

Tonight we bbq some pork filet and I made oven baked potatoes. After dinner we watched a movie together while enjoying some more of the cakes served with fresh strawberries. 


This morning my youngest niece took the bus back to the city to go back to work again after four weeks in our paradise. So glad she chose to be here with us! So, now we only have one youngster here. In a couple of weeks the remaining two will join us for the last week. 

Ran a laundry this morning and managed to dry everything. We decided to take a drive after lunch – just my family of three – and went up to Böda for an ice cream treat. Drove along the coast line on the way back. So pretty!

We made bbq salmon for dinner served with boiled potatoes, a roe sauce and some fresh shrimps we picked up on our trip. Tonight it started to rain which is very well needed. Good for the garden! 

Game night

This morning our guests joined us for the morning dip in the ocean. Then after breakfast they left to continue their vacation. A nice visit!

We’ve been working on this and that today. It has been a nice sunny but rather windy day. Lovely 21C in the ocean.

Tonight we cheered on our ladies in the European cup in soccer. They played in the quarter finals towards Belgium and won in the 92nd minute of the game. Fair and square. They completely dominated the game but just weren’t able to score. One more quarter final tomorrow and then the semi finals begin. We will be facing England.