The memory of an ocean

I listen quite often to a song with Laleh called “Minnet av ett hav” (the memory of an ocean). It’s about finding yourself.

“And it was here, Where I became me It was here, Where I became free, It was here where I, Became me and no one else, It was like this I lived my life”. 

Love the lyrics. I can’t imagine living too far away from the ocean or a lake. Gives me peace. If we would get an apartment later on in life both me and my hubby agree on one thing – we would love to have an ocean view. If we can afford it. Lol. 

Missed the bus when I was going home so I ended up taking a walk from the subway. Which was very nice by the way. Sunny weather and the lake was stunning with the mirror reflection in the water. Going to start dinner in a bit – I have prepared burgers and I will cook some pasta to go with.