Flag up

Best birthday. To wake up in our paradise. My hubby and boys are here. My sis w/ family are here. My parents are here. I know, mostly to celebrate Easter but today they are here for me! Lol. 

I made a chocolate cake yesterday and today me and my youngest niece made this cake – a spongecake with meringue and whipped cream decorated with fresh fruit and berries. My uncle came over for afternoon coffee and my parents-in-law and aunt Gertrud came by to surprise me for my birthday too. So – quite a big celebrations with all 14 of us. I received many presents but the best one was to see everyone here in our paradise. 

We made a nice sirloin steak dinner with potato gratin and pepper sauce. Yum! And we toasted in some bubbly while waiting for dinner to get ready. After dinner me and my hubby took a walk around the block as the sun set and the moonshine was amazing too. Unfortunately my stomach didn’t approve of all these goodies so I ended up going to bed early. Hopefully I’ll feel fine tomorrow. 

Thank you everyone for all the greetings on social media, all the greetings in person and lovely presents. Love you!