Special tradition

This morning it was time for the last dip in the ocean this summer together with my parents. Everyday at 08.00 AM since we came down here we have been in the sea for a sometimes quick dip and sometimes a bit longer. Love these mornings – and to share this moment with two to me very important people is very special.

My parents left our paradise before lunch together with our guest to drive up to Norrköping for a weekend of track&field. We have been busy bees all day and finished painting the new boards to the house, finished building the bench (which turned out great!) and done all the laundry. I have cleaned all the windows in our house and the kitchen window in the main house (saving the rest for another day).

Tonight we had friends over for dinner. We bbq sausages and I made a potato salad to go with. Now have sat outside talking for hours and had lovely time. Later on tonight my oldest niece will be arriving with the evening bus from Stockholm. It will be great to see her again! My youngest was supposed to come along but something else came up so he is remaining in town.