Friday and this challenging week has come to an end. I would say we have completed everything we were supposed to and I feel contempt. Now a whole weekend to relax and regain energy. Tomorrow I have a massage to look forward to. Perfect!

I am quite sore today but not particularly bruised. Maybe it will come tomorrow. My right arm is hurting some – don’t know if it is from the fall or just all the lifting and carrying. We sat in our spa for a bit tonight – might help relax the muscles a bit. 

Love this sign with No-nonsense-coffee-guide. Especially the two bottom ones – Tea – Not coffee and Hot Chocolate – Still not coffee. Lol. 


Puh what a day. Early start and worked late. But, so far so good. Everything is going as planned (more or less) and we have been really productive and busy bees sorting, throwing things away, organizing etc.

Had a minor accident on my way back home – guess I am a bit too tired, so I tripped and fell. Going to have a bruised knee and maybe a few other places. Oh well. People were very nice and ran to my assistance and to see I was ok. There is kindness in this world! I guess tomorrow will show if I bruised more than my ego..

Midweek already

Another day with hard work. Two more days of hard work this week with early starts and long hours.

Hubby is on a work-event this evening so I picked up a grilled chicken on my way home and me and the boys had a treat for dinner.

Now I’m catching up on some e-mails and other things. Going to crash early tonight. I am so very tired – my whole body aches and I am really giving this my all. Hopefully it will pay off with a smooth move and a great new office by this time next week.

Early start

We had an event at work this morning so I left an hour earlier than I usually do. A very busy day with packing and organizing but we are slowly but surely getting ready to move out. Unfortunately the new office is not ready for us yet so fingers crossed they will be able to complete within the next couple of days or we will have to work from home for a bit.

Made meatballs with pasta for dinner and now I’ve crashed in my corner almost ready for bed even though it is still early. Might continue watching “Cell 8” that we are currently watching on Viaplay. Quite good!

Sparkling color

Love the fall and all the gorgeous colors everywhere.

Our last week of packing has started and we’ve been really busy all day today. I’m going to work full time this week too so long day today even though it is Monday. Great start of the week and we got a lot done. 

So glad I made the lasagna yesterday so we could just heat up some dinner tonight. Tomorrow we have a morning-event at work so I need to get in an hour early. Need to hug the pillow a bit earlier tonight so I get my sleep. 

Sunday walk

A quiet day just enjoying time off together. We’ve been working in the garden – hubby trimming apple trees and me trimming plants.

As we were preparing lunch two of our friends stopped by to drop off  the challenge prize from our ESC-competition that my hubby won last time. We have just forgotten all about it but now it will decorate our living room until next spring (and maybe longer if we win again.. ). 

After lunch we took a walk along the lake in the lovely weather.

I have made a lasagna for tomorrow and pulled chicken for dinner. Now me and hubby have baked bread together to try a new recipe I found. Packed with dried fruits and seeds. Going to be interesting. 

Slow mail

Slept in a bit this morning after the late night yesterday.

Went out to empty our mailbox and found this little fellow – Postnord taking “snail-mail” to a whole new level. This postman had a feast on one of our bills making a big whole straight thru the envelope. Should have left him to himself for a while longer – maybe the bill would be completely gone? Lol. 

A whole weekend to relax and regain energy. Worked about 10-15hrs overtime last week and next week will be even more hours. And maybe the week after that too. So, need my strength to get thru this adventure moving an office involves. But, we are many who are sharing the chores so that’s great. 

Autumnal equinox

Last Friday together at our old office so after working a full day we celebrated a bit with an AW all organized and prepared by a colleague. He had done a great job and picked up pizza trays from The Italian Cousins – mmmm. Served with the beverages we wanted to finish off before the move. 

We stayed fairly late and had a great time. Shared a cab home with a colleague who lives close to us. 

Today it was the “höstdagjämning” – a mark that winter is getting closer and fall has started. It’s been quite cold in the mornings lately with almost frost-nights. 

Tbt ..

Saw this old photo of Depeche Mode members Dave and Martin this morning. They are writing on a new album and will hold a press release in a few weeks announcing their new world tour. Apparently. And I thought the group would split up after passing of Andy.

Love their statement “Finding stability in what we know and love, and focusing on what gives life meaning and purpose”.  So true. Good advice.

Busy long day at work and so much to do still and time is running short. Going to have an afterwork event tomorrow with some pizza and drinks. Last Friday together at the office on this location. Next Friday everyone will work from home while we are moving all the stuff. An era is coming to an end. Time for a new start.


Completing the boxes to be sent off to a client – took another half a day to get ready and when the courier company picked them up it felt like a big relief. Puh. 

I have decided to not work my short days for the next couple of weeks – we simply have too much to do so I can’t relax and enjoy my time off anyway. We have enjoyed the spa for the third evening in a row instead – to relax and take care of my body & mind. Now we’ve crashed infront of the TV with a bowl of ice cream. Nice ending of a long day.