Last day

Last day of October. Can’t believe it is already November tomorrow. Advent is only a few weeks away. 

This week it is fall break so many of my colleagues are away. I would love a week in the sun too but no such plans this year. 

Halloween night and we have had a few visitors trick-or-treating us tonight. All the candy is now gone so I guess we will have to chose “trick” if someone else comes knocking. Lol. 

Game day

Sunday and time to change over to winter time. I’ve been lazy today and haven’t done much besides dishes and some laundry. Made a lasagna in the afternoon. 

After dinner I went over to my parents for a coffee and apple pie (yum) to watch the soccer game together on tv. A very good game which we won 4-2. Looking good now and we have a great chance to take that third (or maybe even second??) place which gives us a ticket to play in Europe next season. One more game to go before the season is over. Go Bajen! 


What a great day – started with a quiet breakfast, then some me-time getting a massage. Perfect.

Picked up groceries and started to get the house ready for guests later on – my sis w/ family! We decided to make a chicken dish which turned out really good, if I may say so. Served with a nice wine and the bread my hubby baked this afternoon. Yum.

We spent a lovely evening together playing the new set of Jackbox-games. Fun! Enjoyed a pumpkin-shaped princess cake with the coffee. A long day but great for body and soul! Loved spending the evening with all eight of us – haven’t done that in ages.


Friday again. Time goes by so quickly. We had a Caesar salad for lunch to make up for the burger we had yesterday. Lol. 

Vacuumed downstairs when I got home and cleaned the kitchen. M had an exam this afternoon so we treated ourselves to thai food for dinner. Soon he has completed all his exams – fingers crossed he passed this one. Not much left now. And F is almost done with his first internship – next week is his last this time. Then he has one more period next semester. 

Happy weekend everybody! 


Another busy day and a long one too. It is getting so dark outside now and it’s been a bit rainy today.

My hubby is out tonight with his work so it’s just me and they boys at home. I made a wok for dinner with the left-over meat from the other day. Great way to take care of left-overs!

We are changing our clocks to wintertime this weekend. Fall break next week for a lot of my colleagues – I will have to wait another couple of weeks for my time off. But, soon soon!


Midweek and short day. Had a late lunch when I got home and did some laundry during the afternoon. Also baked a chocolate-vanilla sponge cake (tiger cake as we call them) – haven’t made one in a long time. Turned out pretty good. 

Made a chili marinated filet of pork for dinner. Served with potato gratin and veggies. Now some tea and a slice of my cake while watching some tv before it is time to hug my pillow. A pretty good productive day! 

Time flies

Can’t believe November starts next week. Where does time fly? October came and went in a flash. What a busy month and so many things have happened. Us moving the office has taken up pretty much all of my time and thoughts. Now we are starting to settle in, getting the last bits and pieces in place. Some things have been delayed but this week a lot of those things will arrive. Fingers crossed. 

Long day today. A rainy grey typical fall day with leafs covering the pavements. With some luck the sun will shine tomorrow when I get off early. That would be nice. 


Time to cheer on our team in another sport other than soccer – handball this time. Both my parents picked me up at home and we could enjoy an evening together in Eriksdalshallen. A game with many turns which ended 32-32 in the end. Probably a fair result.

No more game-nights planned for a while now. We’ll see when the next game will be on site – probably just going to watch them on TV for now.

Chicken pie

One more day off – great! Couldn’t sleep very well so I got up early to enjoy a quiet breakfast. 

Made a pie of the leftover grilled chicken from the other day. Used some bell peppers and broccoli too, seasoned with soya and herb spices. And some shredded cheese. Turned out pretty good – great lunch! 

Me and hubby took a nice walk after lunch in the sunny weather. Might go and get a take-away for dinner. But first I’m going to enjoy our team playing soccer on TV. Fingers crossed we’ll get the 3 points this time. 

Day off

Day off and no real plans. After our regular errands and lunch we took the boys shopping and found new winter/ski-jackets to them both. Great.

I bought a new mini-light strand for our outdoor area. The old one had played out so we took it down a while back. But now it is getting so dark again so I wanted to put up a new one. I think it turned out pretty good. 

Tidied the garden a bit – hubby cut the grass and all the leafs with the lawn mower and I took in all the solar cell lamps since the sun doesn’t shine enough during the days for them to light up in the evening anymore.