A productive day – everyone working on different projects. Me, mom, dad & L cut down one more area of lilac bushes. Hard work but with a quick result. My sister has been working on the bench she is making and my brother-in-law has painted the boards for the main house that will replace the rotten ones. 

This afternoon a couple of friends from home stopped by to say hello. They will be spending a couple of days at the camping site here in our paradise so we will see them again tomorrow. 

Tonight we had “kroppkakor” for dinner – a potato dumpling filled with pork and onions seasoned with all spice. A local speciality. Served with lingonberry jam and a glas of beer. Not bad. 

Last night in our paradise together with my parents. They are leaving us tomorrow morning to attend the Swedish Championships in track&field up in Norrköping. We have had a lovely summer here in our paradise and I am so grateful and happy we were able to get so much quality time together. Love our morning dip in the ocean – a perfect way to start the day. One more together to look forward to this summer.