Long time no see

What a great day! My sis had taken the day off and came over to the house to see us. Lovely! We then drove into town all five of us to have a nice lunch at Los Reyes in Vacaville – a Mexican restaurant they like to go to. We had a really good time chatting and catching up. After lunch we strolled around the area – they had decorated the big Xmas tree in the park. 

Then we drove back to the house to drop mom and dad off and then  me, Peter and Nic drove over to the outlet factories in Vacaville to have a look around and maybe buy a few things. 

Tonight my other sis Lorna invited us over to theirs for dinner – she had prepared a great meal and set a beautiful table for us. We are being spoiled and having a great time. And my hubby is finally feeling a bit better again. 

Catching up

Tonight it was raining for a bit but it was all nice and sunny by the time we got up. Hubby had some more fever tonight so he kept to himself most of the day although the fever was gone by the morning. 

I have spent the day catching up and it’s been a nice quiet day. I went grocery shopping with day and we had a great time chatting. Then before dinner me and my oldest sister and mom went to run some errands and also stopped by a  store they wanted to show me. Now we’ve had dinner together with my sis and her husband – sliders and lumpia – which are like a small beef burger and Filipino spring rolls. Mm.


Hubby felt a bit better this morning after sleeping for about 32 hrs… so, he was able to join us for breakfast and then we went for a slow lovely walk on a trail near by where they live. The Helen Putnam Regional Park it was called and we chose a 3 mile trail which took us about an hour to finish. A lovely walk up hill and in a forrest. Great views. Hubby was able to come along too! 

We had a great visit with the S family – they always make us feel so welcome and at home. Thank you so much for having us! 

We took another covid test (all four of us) and it was still negative, so that was good. After a lovely lunch we drove over to my extended family and it was amazing to see them again after all these years. Now hopefully my hubby will feel much better and fingers crossed I won’t come down with any flue either. 

Visiting friends

This night my hubby woke up feeling really sick with an aching bod, a headache and sore throat. Typical flue symptoms. So he took a covid test which was negative. But, he stayed in bed all day long sleeping it off. Fortunately I felt fine and could spend the day with our dear friends G & B. G took me to see his golf and country club which was a very nice little tour. And the weather has been absolutely gorgeous today – I could sit outside in my t-shirt enjoying the sun. 

We stayed in for dinner and this evening P came down with a fever as well but another test still showed that it wasn’t covid. Puh. 

San Francisco

After a good nights sleep we got up and went out for a nice breakfast in town. Half price compared to the hotel.. Then we took a long walk down to the pier and Farmers Market before it was time to walk back and check out from the hotel. A lovely sunny day – quite chilly so the jackets were a good idea. 

We drove by the Golden Gate and stopped for a scenic view. Then went down to Sausalito – a small village by the water – and stopped for lunch. So nice with all the time in the world just enjoying the day. 

After lunch we drove up to our friends in Petaluma and it was so great to see them again after all this time. I haven’t seen them since 2017 and my hubby not since 2013. They treated us a very nice home cooked dinner and we have been chatting and catching up all

Day of travel

Left the house in the morning after shoveling some snow – it was snowing pretty hard when we left but as we arrived to the airport it was really nice and sunny. Unfortunately our flight to Copenhagen was delayed so much we might miss the connecting flight but the SAS delayed the connecting flight enough so that we could make it anyway. Puh. We had booked nice tickets for the long flight so we could sit comfortable and have some extra space. Perfect. No more delays and we arrived even a bit early to San Francisco. 

Found the rental car place and drove to the hotel and found it with the help of the GPS in the car. Perfect. Very tired we crashed after having little something to eat. Let the vacation begin! 

Home office

Today I worked from home which was perfect – so glad we are able to do so. Gave me a chance to sleep in an extra hour and also not having to expose myself to a lot of people right before we leave. After work I could continue with my packing without having an hour trip back home. Great. Saves a lot of time.

Have started to get dinner ready – a nice Friday eve with my boys! Going to make some nice steaks and gratin to go with.

It’s been snowing a bit today but just to cover the grass. The prognosis promises more snow the next couple of weeks so the winter wonderland won’t be far off now.

Pyssel hos A – 23 nov

Sista pysslet för i år – vi avslutar med ett riktigt juligt pyssel och försöker oss på en favorit i repris – polkagris-dekorationer. Vi fick ihop varsin men jag tror att vi lyckades bättre sist om jag sa vara ärlig. 

Så mysigt att ses även om vi saknade S som inte kunde komma. A bjöd på en jättegod middag med lövbiffgryta, ris o sallad och sen hade hennes yngsta bakat supergoda kladdkakor med vit choklad o sylt i muffinsformar. Mmm. 

Tack för i år, tjejer! Ser fram emot nästa år! 

Celebrating mom

Today it is my mothers birthday so me and the boys went over there this afternoon to celebrate her. She had made all kinds of goodies for us! Thank you for spoiling us! Love you! 

It was freezing with -8C this morning and when we arrived to my parents it started to snow. By the time we walked back home it was snowing pretty much and I think we will wake up to a winder wonderland tomorrow if this continues. 

Hubby is on a work-thing tonight so it’s just me and the boys for dinner. Now I’ve crashed in my corner for a bit before I get on with everything. 

Birthday dinner

Tonight we gathered the whole family in the local pub to celebrate my mom who has her birthday tomorrow. But, since everybody was available today we celebrated her today.

A lovely dinner with great food and conversation. So nice. We greeted the birthday-girl with an X-mas flower and tickets to a musical of her choice. To be collected sometime early next year. See you tomorrow, mom, for an afternoon coffee after work! Love you!