More snow

Wow – winter arrived. It has been snowing non-stop since yesterday and my hubby has been out shoveling snow twice already today. Even helped our neighbor shovel. He is a star! 

The rest of us has spent a quiet day indoors not doing much use. Well other than doing some laundry, fixing lunch and dinner, receiving some groceries we ordered with home delivery, changing curtains in the living room etc. Now I have put up our curtains with the red bullfinches on – they are more winter curtains than Xmas curtains so they can be up all winter season. Love them. Next weekend it is the first of Advent so then we will continue with the season decorations and put up the Advent candlelights. 

Tomorrow it is time to get back to work again after a lovely week off. I am so grateful we got to go to our paradise for a few days and that we managed to get home before the snowstorm arrived. Now I guess we will have to wait until Easter before we drive down there again.