New years eve

Last day of the year 2022. And for the first time in years we decided to celebrate it with our friends. Unfortunately some of them had to cancel due to not being well but 13 of us were able to have dinner together and then 2 more joined us after dinner. Yeah!

We were in charge of the starter so we decided to make a soup ninon – a green pea soup – and home made garlic bread. I found a recipe of the soup that was made with onions, chili peppers, stock and creme fraiche. When serving we added shrimps, roe, dill and some virgin olive oil. With the bread it turned out great!

Then we had an amazing tenderloin with potato gratin, different kind of sauces and sallad. Yum! And for afters – delicious cheesecake trifles with rhubarb fool. A great dinner prepared by great friends. So grateful that we have our friends – we have been thru so much and struggled thru the pandemic each facing different challenges. But we have each other and fingers crossed next year will be a better year for the world.

Movie night

A family treat – dinner and movie night with my sis w/ family! All eight of us together for a full evening. First we had an early dinner at the food court at Heron City – perfect when everyone can get food from a restaurant of their choice but we are still able to eat together. 

Then followed by the 3 hr long sequel to Avatar – The Way of Water. We saw the first one a few days ago to remind ourselves how it ended since it was released in 2009 and we haven’t seen it in a while. I think we all enjoyed this new movie – and fun to do something together! 


The alarm went off at 07.30 this morning. Puh. After breakfast we went to the hospital for our oldest sons treatment and while he was busy with that me and hubby treated ourselves to a nice coffee / hot chocolate with buns. Mmm. 

A lazy long day with lousy weather so no walk today either. Done some laundry and fixed the meals. Going to watch the hockey-game on TV tonight – this time we’re facing Czechia. Going to be a very hard game to win but so far so good. 


A phone call from work woke us up this morning at 08.30. The caller wanted something important so at least there was a reason to call. Oh well. 

After breakfast we went to change one of the things we bought yesterday and also to get groceries. 

A quiet afternoon watching things on TV and getting dinner ready. Made a flank steak with oven baked potatoes which turned out pretty good. Now we’ve watched the BiT Xmas edition together which was quite fun. 

First day off

Yesterday we played our first game in this years World Junior Championships in ice hockey towards Austria (11-0). Today we are facing Germany – fingers crossed this will be a win as well. We are in Group A – Sweden / Czechia / Canada / Austria and Germany. Then Group B – Finland / USA / Switzerland / Slovakia and Latvia. 

First day off – or – first vacation day anyway. I am off until January 9th now – going to be great! A lazy first day with just a few errands. We watched the first Avatar-movie to be up-to-date for the second movie we are going to see on Friday eve with my sis w/ family. 

Boxing day

Managed to sleep in for a bit this morning. So nice to finally be able to do so – fingers crossed I can regain a lot of energy the next couple of weeks during my time off. 

This afternoon we went over to my parents-in-law for boxing day dinner. My hubby aunt was there too and we were treated a glas of fizz to start off the evening. Then a three course dinner and coffee for afters. A lovely evening together! When we went home it had started to snow so it really felt like winter again.

Xmas day

Best breakfast of the year with the leftovers from Xmas eve dinner! Two deviled eggs, home-baked bread – one with liver-pâté and pickled gherkins – the other one with beetroot sallad and homemade meatballs. Served with a cup of tea to be followed by a big cup of coffee. Great start of another great family day – the second out of three in a row. 

Gathered the family at my parents to exchange presents with my sis w/ family and enjoy the traditional roulade-dinner my mom makes for us on Xmas day. Now we are fed, full and happy after a lovely evening together. Thank you for a wonderful time and presents, delicious food and great time together. 

Xmas eve

A very nice X-mas has come to an end. A busy day but so nice at the same time. My mother and mother-in-law and I put together a “smörgåsbord” with the traditional dishes we all enjoy so much. So nice that we all can contribute!

It’s been freezing outside today with -10C but quite sunny and a thin layer of snow. My hubby has returned after giving all of our guests a ride back home while I took care of the dishes and clearing up. Now we’ve crashed in our corners for a bit before it is time to hug our pillows. Thank you for a great Xmas eve, lovely presents, great food and company!


Just me and one colleague at work today – two troopers keeping the fort while the rest either worked from home or had started their Xmas vacation. Not as busy day today as yesterday so I got a lot done and could finish things in time for my holiday. Now I’m off for two weeks and hopefully I will be able to disconnect my brain from work-mood and relax and enjoy time with near and dear ones. 

This pretty advent candle stick and the small santas are in my and my colleagues window at work. So nice with a Xmas-feeling! 

After work I tried to find a few last things but didn’t find anything unfortunately. Tomorrow’s Christmas Eve! 


Survived the day but it was packed with challenges. Hardly time to have lunch but I must say a day like this is absolutely better than a day with nothing to do.

My hubby was a busy bee today and got a lot done and managed to see both his parents and aunt for a quick hello too. Great! He picked up my bracelets for me that has been repaired – so great to have them back on my wrist again! Youngest son got a well over-due hair-cut – he’s always handsome but even more so now! And oldest son worked on his assignments that he needs to complete.

Now time for the daily flavor from the tea advent-calendar and the licorice advent-calendar. What shall we enjoy in the evening after the 24th? Do we have to chose ourselves then?