Gold and silver!!

This morning our guests left shortly after breakfast. It’s been another windy day but we’ve had plenty of sports to enjoy so we’ve been inside a lot. First our women won the handball game this morning and then we managed to receive our first two medals – both gold (Daniel Ståhl) and silver (Simon Pettersson) in discus for men! Yeah! Our first Olympic track-and-field medals in 17 years! Wow. And we have more track-and-field competitors who have reached the finals so more chances await.

I made a lasagna for dinner tonight and it turned out pretty good. After dinner I went down for an evening dip in the ocean – in a desperat attempt to cool down a bit before going to bed. We’ve watched a movie together tonight (Hamilton – the musical) and had some ice cream for Saturday treat.

Evening walk

A very windy and rainy day but we managed to get some sun here and there and also fit in both a morning walk and also an evening walk. It is still quite warm outside but the wind is very tiring. 

Our ladies team in soccer managed to win the quarter final towards Japan today and are now facing Australia in the semi finals in a couple of days. Great job! It’s been a lot of sports on TV now with the olympics – we’ve been following our handball teams and the soccer team. Now the track-and-fields starts too which shall be interesting. 


This morning after our morning dip in the ocean and then breakfast my parents packed the car and drove back to the real world after six weeks in our paradise. It’s been so nice to spend quality time together! But everything has to come to an end, I guess. They made it home safely. 

My aunt and uncle treated us a nice lunch at the local restaurant – some of us had Wallenbergare and some tried their “Eldost”. As we were finishing our lunch a storm came over us and we made it home in time to secure the furniture and take the flag down. The wind got up to almost 16m/s and it was raining pretty hard. 

My parents in law arrived to our paradise this afternoon and will stay for the weekend. Tonight we have bbq some pork filet served with oven baked potatoes. The weather is still not very outdoor-friendly so we have spent the afternoon and evening inside. The weather forecast promised rain tomorrow too – but after that we might be able to enjoy the sun again. 


Today we received some rain and thunder during the afternoon. A much needed injection of water to our garden – which is completely dry and all the grass is yellow. The weather prognosis is not as sunny and warm as it has been for the next couple of days – I guess we will have to get used to a more normal summer again. But still very nice and warm in the ocean and when the sun is shining it is lovely outside. 

Tonight we went for an evening walk north along the coast – me, my hubby and my parents. It was just lovely with no wind, a nice sunset and a lot of people out and about to enjoy the gorgeous evening. I am so glad we have been able to enjoy some time together this summer! But, tomorrow my parents are going back to the city again due to track-and-field competitions this weekend. They will be missed! 


Tuesday and a day with all kinds of weather. This morning it was 21.5C in the ocean – still crystal clear water and now the jellyfish have arrived too. The friendly ones – not the ones that burn you. No algae yet – thank God. 

This afternoon a friend of mine stopped by for a chat and a glas of wine. So nice to see her for a bit! 

We had some rain during the afternoon but not too bad and we could hear thunder far away. Apparently, this afternoon Kalmar had been struck by lightning 1700 times and received 40 mm of rain in a few hours. What??? I’m so glad we didn’t get any of that up here. 

Tonight we picked up some “kroppkakor” for dinner. A local speciality that we all love. A dumpling made of potatoes and filled with smoked pork and onions. Served with lingonberry jam. Yum! 


Monday again and another week in paradise to look forward to. We needed more groceries and run some errands so we went into Borgholm after breakfast. 

Tonight my mother has panfried fresh flounders – yum! My favorite dish! Served with new potatoes and a glas of beer as the sun is slowly starting to set. Life is pretty good. 

Old friends

Sunday. First week already over. Fortunately we have some more to enjoy. 

This afternoon an old friend from school stopped by together with his wife for a coffee and catch up. It was so nice to see him and to finally meet his wife. My mother had made a swiss role and served it with whipped cream and fresh raspberries and we sat outside for a couple of hours. 

Tonight we played “Wingspan” again – the board game M got for his birthday. It is quite fun! Now we’ve watched another episode of “Call the Midwife” – if you haven’t seen that series you have really missed out! It’s great! 


July 24th – my namesday. Always celebrated here in our paradise and almost always with a strawberry cake. This year no different. My mother made the cake and we had afternoon coffee outside with my aunt and uncle. 

A good day for our Swedish teams too – our ladies won again in soccer  and our gents won in handball. So far so good but the tournaments have just started. 

Tonight we took an evening walk since we skipped our morning walk. It was much nicer outside tonight – not as hot. And as we arrived back home it was the most amazing sunset. Life is good! 

Daily walk

Every day me and my parents try to take a 3k walk after breakfast. At the end of our promenade we walk thru this lovely forrest. You can really see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is very green and peaceful. 

Today we have been working on different projects for instance my mother helped me shorten the curtains for the boys room that we bought yesterday (thank you!). 

We watched the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Tokyo on the tv during the afternoon. A special year with no audience in the arena and a limited number of athletes participating in the parade. Tomorrow we have a number of Swedish participants competing – fingers crossed they will do well and have fun in their sport. 


Thursday already. Where does time fly? After breakfast we drove down to Kalmar since our oldest had an appointment there. While he was busy with that me and my hubby ran some errands and then we all went to lunch before it was time to drive back to our paradise again. 

Me and my mother were busy bees yesterday and put up new wallpaper on the unfinished wall in our house. Today we bought some new fabrics to match. Fun with something new! 

When we got back home me and my parents went for our daily walk. We have been really good taking walks every day after breakfast but today we postponed it so I could join them. I’m longing for my activity watch to arrive – have been without it for a whole week now. 

We snacked on strawberries from Öland tonight. Yum!