Tuesday and a day with all kinds of weather. This morning it was 21.5C in the ocean – still crystal clear water and now the jellyfish have arrived too. The friendly ones – not the ones that burn you. No algae yet – thank God. 

This afternoon a friend of mine stopped by for a chat and a glas of wine. So nice to see her for a bit! 

We had some rain during the afternoon but not too bad and we could hear thunder far away. Apparently, this afternoon Kalmar had been struck by lightning 1700 times and received 40 mm of rain in a few hours. What??? I’m so glad we didn’t get any of that up here. 

Tonight we picked up some “kroppkakor” for dinner. A local speciality that we all love. A dumpling made of potatoes and filled with smoked pork and onions. Served with lingonberry jam. Yum! 

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