Whoaahh what a day. Then photos like this one is great to help getting a way back to a good mindset. The kind that I find in our paradise and the calm this place incorporates. The everyday life with the morning dip in the ocean, a quiet long breakfast, spending quality time with loved ones and just breathe for a bit.

It’s been a nice sunny day and I had my lunch outdoors. Made a sallad with crab sticks – trying to save on the calories a bit. Tonight my hubby is on a work-thing in town for the first time in ages. So, me and the boys have had dinner by ourselves.

New week

The weekend went by too quickly. Again. A new week to look forward to. Got information last night about things that needed an early start today. A very busy start and a busy day filled with meetings.

After work I needed to get some new energy so I walked over to my parents for a nice chat and a coffee. Lovely. Just what I needed. Now we’ve had dinner and we’ve crashed in our corners for some TV and computer-time.

Medal of Honour

This weekend the Swedish championships in track& field takes place in Borås. My parents are there to follow the event but also to be part of the banquet that was held last night.

During this banquet my dad was decorated with the highest Medal of Honour from the Swedish Athletics Association. Our friend G was also decorated with the same medal – congratulations to you both!

This medal in gold is only given to those who already have received the silver medal (both my parents have). To receive the silver medal you have to have distinguished yourself and been dedicated for at least 25 years and your club can recommend you to receive the medal.

To receive the next level you have to have contributed in a particularly distinguished way and made a big difference not only within your own track&field club but also nationally and for other track&field organisations. The receivers of this medal are chosen by the board of the Swedish Athletics Association. A big honour indeed to be selected!

Our hammer-thrower Grete won a gold medal in her disciplin yesterday – congratulations to you too!

One more day of track&field. The weather-conditions have been terrible – cold and rainy. Slightly better today. I hope my parents are able to stay warm and won’t catch a cold during this event. And safe travels home tonight!


Happy birthday, dear niece! I heard you had to work today – saw that your family got up REALLY early to celebrate you before you head off to work. So nice of them! Wishing you a great day taking care of people and bringing them some comfort. I would have you as my assistant nurse any time!

Anyway – a big birthday-hug from us to you and we’ll see you next weekend to greet you! You are such an amazing person and we couldn’t be more proud of you. Love you!

Roof project

Today our roof workers finished putting up the rail to prevent snow from falling off the roof. I hope it will work the way we expect it to. Now we only have one part left of our roof-renovation project and that is to replace the barge boards which they will start on this weekend. 

Another rainy day so no afternoon walk in the forrest unfortunately. My parents arrived safely in Borås for the Swedish championships in track& field. They will spend the weekend there for the event and also because my father is receiving the highest Medal of Honour tomorrow from the Swedish Athletics Federation. *so proud* 

More rain

Thursday and another rainy day. We had people here working on our roof but they gave up after a while and said they’ll come back tomorrow due to the heavy rain and wind.

Worked a long day today and it was very busy with a lot of things to consider and figure out. A challenge but it worked out pretty good in the end.

Rainy day

A big day for us today.

My youngest signed up for school again! Yeah. It was just a nose count to announce that you were still interested in the program. The start date is next week and it will be held online for at least the first month or so.

Today it’s been raining off and on most of the day and now it is pouring down. I made cod for me and my hubby and a nice steak for the boys to treat us something special for dinner. Now I’ve crashed infront of the TV for a bit. A busy day tomorrow – need to work up some new energy.


Bought these cactuses the other day when we ran around doing errands. And I had brought a small bag of pebbles with me back from our paradise to decorate with. Turned out pretty good, don’t you think? 

Worked a long day today and I have been very busy all day. Now I’m quite tired and just crashed for a minute with my laptop and some TV while catching up on mail and this website. Going to start our dinner soon. 

Visit to work

This morning a taxi picked me up at 08.00 and took me to work. For the first time since March 17th 2020. It was a strange feeling to walk into the office again – but so great to see my colleagues again in person. The day went by quite fast and before I knew it, it was time to go back home again. 

I had ordered a present for my boys which arrived tonight – now they are upstairs playing a game involving this little knitted guy called Sackboy. I hope it is a good game that will take them a while to finish. The best part is that it is a multiplayer game so more than one person can play at the same time. 


A quite active Sunday. While my hubby was working in the garden I tidied up inside. Haven’t vacuumed since we got back from our paradise so it was well over due. Also baked an apple cake with apples from our tree. Hardly any fruit on the tree at all this year, for some reason. 

Bought some solar cell lamps for the garden this afternoon. Some of the old ones were ready to be exchanged for new ones. So, now I’m waiting for the sun to go down so I can see what they look like!