My roses are so pretty – four of the five rosebushes infront of our house are in bloom. This pale pink one is so pretty but also the yellow, the white with pink edges and the purple ones are beautiful. My yellow/red colored one hasn’t started to bloom yet. Also my pink ones on the back of our house hasn’t started to bloom yet. Today I went to buy a higher support to the white rose and it was a challenge to wiggle out the rose from the old support and then wiggle the rose into the new support. I look like I’ve been fighting a cat.. LOL. But I think it turned out pretty good and I hope we didn’t damage the rose too much.

A very warm day today. My hubby has been painting some more on our house. I went to buy the rose support and put gas in our car. Also tried to buy some new clothes but the store was way too crowded so I ended up going back home and ordered everything online instead. Fingers crossed I picked the right sizes.