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I decided to give my category “Castle-of-the-month” a higher level so I put it up by the rest of the headlines so it is easier to access and look at all the castles we’ve visited so far. If you have any suggestions of castles to see, please leave a comment there. 

Today we picked up lunch from DinDin in Mood Galleria and it was really nice. My dish was called “Sneaky Samurai” and had chicken as protein. They have a lot of funny named dishes – all delicious! 

Our heating pump broke down last night so hubby stayed at home today to get a service personnel here. Fortunately, it was repairable so he could fix it while he was here. Perfect. Otherwise it would have been a big expense for us if we would have had to replace the whole pump. But, I guess we need to plan for a replacement and save up. 

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