A visit to our paradise during fall break has become a dear tradition. This year extra special since my whole family decided to come along. The last couple of times they have remained in town. My parents and brother-in-law are here too which is great! I am really looking forward to this week away from all the musts and have-to’s . Just be here – enjoy the silence, sky covered in stars (maybe we can figure out how to take a night photo of them) and regain some new energy. The trip down went without problems even though it rained a lot the first part of the journey. Tonight we have enjoyed a nice dinner and then just relaxed in front of the tv. Perfect. 


A quite hectic day with a lot of challenges has come to an end. Now we will make an environmental change and move our office. 

After work me and my oldest went on one of our walks. We made the walk a bit shorter than we first intended since it was a bit too wet in the forrest with a lot of pools of water and slippery leaves. When we got back out on the field the sun has started to set and lit up the trees beautifully. I love a good autumn day. So pretty with all the colors. 

Pretty plant

My parents-in-law gave us this pretty plant for our anniversary. I love it! So different and extraordinary! It looks great in our kitchen window. 

Long Thursday. New recommendations from the government regarding covid. Some stricter and some not. Still need to work from home, keep a social distance, avoid traveling via public transportation etc. Looks like our home office will be just that for a long while yet. I miss my colleagues and social contact but I don’t miss all the hours spent commuting every week. It will be a big challenge to return to the life as it was before whenever that will be. 


Midweek already. Made pasta for lunch and then I went to my physio. Done for the week. Great. 

Saw this little drawing yesterday – gives you something to think about, doesn’t it? No touching! 

Picked up some chicken skewers for dinner – sallad for me. Needed to do some errands at the same time – good to get everything done at once. 


It was freezingly cold this morning, -5C. Brrr. Winter is on the way.

My husband took the boys to their appointments and picked up some McD on the way back. Sometimes a BigMac is just what you need.

Worked a full day today and I had quite a lot to do all day. Great. After work I made spagetti bolognese for dinner. Meatballs for my oldest.


Started the week with my physio, worked my hours and then after lunch me my oldest took a long walk to pick up a packet from CityGross, which apparently is the new point of delivery for us. It took us 60min back and forward and now I have almost 14.000 steps today. Yeah. 

It’s been really cold all day. Had to dig out some winter clothes for our walk. When we walked passed the ice hockey arena there was a big pile of snow outside. Really felt like winter is on its way. Brrr. 

Extra hands

A day to clean a bit extra – washed the pillows and blankets in our couches, changed the table cloths etc. After lunch my brother-in-law did us a huge favor and lend us a pair of hands. My parents-in-laws have bought new armchairs and we are taking their old stressless armchairs. He helped us pick them up and bring them over here. In order to fit them in we needed to get rid of our two-seat-couch upstairs and we would never have managed to bring it downstairs without J’s help. Thank you!


Today we have been cleaning outside – my husband cleaned our patio and I cleaned our windows in the living room. Got rid of a few of my indoor plants which was well overdue – lol.

After lunch we took a walk over to Herrängens Gård hoping to sit down for a coffee, but once there we decided not to enter and went back home again and had a cup of tea instead. The weather was absolutely lovely today and the lake gorgeous. 

We will get a take away pizza / kebab for dinner – being a bit lazy today. Maybe we’ll watch a movie or something after dinner.  


Today after work we had an informal AW via Teams. Just a glas of wine and a chat about life – not work. We were about 8 colleagues present. Quite nice!

No walk today – we were supposed to but it was pouring down outside so we skipped it.

Made a steak dinner which turned out pretty good. Now another glas of wine and a movie on the TV together with my husband. Have a nice weekend everyone!