Vasaloppet 100

Slept in a bit this morning and when I got up I watched the Vasaloppet on TV for a bit. Today it is the 100s time this ski-competition takes place. Amazing. Love these old traditions. A Norwegian, Torleif Syrstad, won. 

Change of plans today so I’ve been lazy and haven’t really done that much. But I have installed my new computer though – with a little help from my youngest. The new computers are able to clone old computers nowadays so it wasn’t as tricky as I feared it might be. Fun with something new! Have had my old computer for about 13 years and it is giving up so I wanted to replace it while it was still possible to clone it. So I treated myself! 

Love this little daffodil my sister gave me yesterday. Hope for spring! 


Finally Friday again. Me and my colleague went to lunch together after work – a nice ending of the week. We went to the Italian place at Åhléns and had pasta. Mmm. 

When I arrived to Fruängen they had started to sell these Easter decorations on the market. A bit early but on the other hand it is Easter in about 4 weeks. Meaning we will be on Öland in 4 weeks. Something to look forward to. It feels like we’ve had a long winter and I am really looking forward to spring. 

February 29

Last day of February this year – and leap year so one extra day. A friend of mine has his birthday today and celebrates 14 years even though we are the same age. Lol. 

Picked up some thai food for lunch – mmm. Hubby is out tonight so me and the boys finished some more leftovers for dinner. Maybe we can pick up something tomorrow night. Crashed in my corner for a bit – no sports tonight but it went really well last night with wins in both games. 


Short day but I had to do some work from home this afternoon. It was ok though since I had nothing else planned. 

Made a nice dinner for the family since I had some time on my hands. Afterwards we watched the latest episode of “Bäst i test” and now I’m cheering on our ladies playing soccer in the promotion – relegation matches in the UEFA Women’s Nation League towards Bosnia Herzegovina. We won the first round 5-0 and so far we are in a 3-0 lead. So, feels like we have a safe win. Going to continue my sports evening watching some handball in a bit. 


This morning I had an appointment at the “Breastcenter” in Stockholm doing the mammography check up that Sweden offers for free to all women over 40 years old. Every other year we get an invitation to have this check up and it’s is a real privilege, if you ask me. It went well and I will get a letter in a couple of weeks letting me know the result after the x-ray. Or sooner if they find something that they want to take a closer look at. So, now I just have to wait for the result. 

Made a bolognese for dinner tonight and afterwards we went over to my parents to help them with something. We brought what was left of the birthday cake since they were not able to come over last weekend. Nice to see them for a bit and enjoy a cup of tea and a slice of cake and my moms freshly baked cinnamon buns! Lovely! 


This morning it almost felt like spring outside. The sun was shining and when I waited for my bus I noticed that the bushes by the busstop had started to get small buds. So nice. 

Short day but quite a lot to do. Hubby worked from home since he had a dentist appointment during the day. I was a busy bee when I got home doing things around the house. Ended the day watching the latest two episodes of “Nora Sand” – it’s quite good! 


Twentyfour years ago, early in the morning, my youngest was born. Can’t believe how time flies. It was a snowstorm when we drove to the hospital in the middle of the night. But, today there is no snow, sunshine and about 10C outside. What a difference. 

This afternoon my parents-in-law and sis w/ hubby and oldest daughter came over to celebrate. We had ordered a blue princess cake with congratulations on. It was from the local bakery which changed owners a while back so we decided to give them a try. The cake was delicious! I also had bake a cardamom cake which turned out great too. 

Now we will make a nice dinner for the birthday boy! Happy birthday, son. Love you to the moon and back! 

Paper art

Friday again and another week has come to an end. A terrible weather when I went to work this morning with rain and quite windy. Was completely soaked when I arrived at the busstop. Lol. Oh well. As the day went by the sun started to shine and when I left for the day it was almost spring-like outside. Lovely.

Walked by this exhibition at NK today with a Danish artist who makes paper art. This flower is huge and takes up a whole room. Quite neat!

Made a roast beef for dinner served with fries and a nice sallad. A busy weekend ahead with guests both Saturday and Sunday – but all fun things so it’s no worries. With some planning it will work out fine.

Beach time

A couple of times per year we have an afterwork event and we take turn arranging the event.

Tonight we had an activity planned outside of the office and we went to Stockholm BeachClub for a pentathlon.

Ball sports are really not my thing to participate in so I went along to cheer and be part on a distance. We had a fun evening and I think everyone enjoyed the different challenges. Afterwards we had dinner at the arena – a buffet of different vegetarian dishes and some chicken to make our own wraps. Not bad. 

Stop on the way

Busy short day and stopped on my way back home to get something to eat and buy a new pair of jeans. Had a carbonara and it tasted much better than it looks on the picture. The menu didn’t say anything about cream but it was plenty. Couldn’t even finish the plate. 

A lot of things to think about regarding work but last night I was able to get a good nights sleep which as well needed. Hopefully I will again tonight because I have a long day tomorrow with an early start and a work-event in the evening.