Rainy day

Today has been a very rainy day from start til end with a few breaks. While I had a Teams-meeting this morning the rest of my family struggled to take down the tent before the wind would ruin it. They made it. We had planned a small trip this afternoon but we had to cancel due to bad weather. 

Last night I took this photo on our walk along the coast. It was a gorgeous evening and quite warm – what a contrast compared to today. The forecast predicts thunder tomorrow morning – fingers crossed it won’t keep me from working since I have a lot on tomorrow. 

Sweden 🇸🇪 vs. Ukraine 🇺🇦

This morning it was 21.4C in the ocean – a new record – again! Such a perfect way to start the day! 

Long day at work – not too busy. After dinner me and my oldest niece went for a 3.5k walk to get some steps after a long day spent on a chair. Nice. 

Tonight it was the premier of “Allsång på Skansen” – the sing-along summer program we all enjoy so much. We snacked on strawberries and two kinds of melon and a glas of bubbly to celebrate. 

Sweden had a chance of reaching the quarter finals in the soccer tournament, but lost in the last minute of the over-time to Ukraine with 2-1. Bummer. We did our best to cheer them on wearing our soccer jerseys, but it didn’t help. 

Back to work

This morning my parents and also the K family left us. Only six still here.

Back to work again – but to a room with an amazing view this time. I worked a short day today so I had the afternoon off to relax and enjoy the sun.

This morning it was 20.1 C in the ocean – the highest so far. And in the afternoon the water temperature went up to 23.4C.  Me and my oldest niece tried the stand-up-paddle-board and managed to stay on it the whole time. Yeah. 

Tonight I cooked mussels with pasta for me and my brother-in-law. The others had chicken with the pasta. We have played board games and relaxed and enjoyed a fantastic sunset. Now it is time to hug the pillow. Tomorrow is a long day work-wise. 

Lazy day

Sunday already and time for three of our family members (my hubby, youngest son and my brother-in-laws mother) to drive back to the city. Twelve of us still here to enjoy this sunny lovely day. 20C in the ocean and several opportunities to enjoy it. Treated ourselves an ice cream this afternoon sitting in the sun reading our books, doing crosswords or chatting on our cellphones or computers. Nice.

I have set up my computer and headset to charge so that I will be ready for work tomorrow morning. Decided to work from our house instead of from the office in our main house. Going to work from here next week before we will head back home for a couple of weeks before it’s time for our longer vacation.

Tonight we are going to bbq pork flare fat with oven baked potatoes. Mmm. And maybe hopefully we will have a magical sunset.

Midsummer day

A perfect ending of a day with a rainy beginning. We took our dip in the ocean at 08.00 regardless of the pouring rain though. 

As the day went by the weather improved more and more. I even managed to do some laundry in the afternoon. 

Bbq bacon wrapped chicken filet for dinner. Served on our deck with the sun slowly going down. No wind tonight either. Last evening with all 15 of us together – so nice that Öland showed us some of its beauty. 


Midsummer on Öland. Can’t even remember when we celebrated this day here. The girls picked flowers and made hair-decorations and then we prepared a traditional “smörgåsbord” and enjoyed a nice lunch together. 

In the afternoon we played some games and relaxed and then we made burgers for dinner. We ended the evening playing different pop quizzes. No rain all day – the forecast had promised some so we were very glad it was wrong. 

A great midsummer in our paradise with near and dear! 


A special day – my little sister turns 50 and we had gathered the closest family and friends to give her a special day. And I think she was happy with her day! 

We could sit outside and put up a tent on our new deck and we managed to fit in all 20 of us. Smörgåstårta for lunch, swiss roll with strawberries for afters. Then she opened all her presents. After a few hours of chatting, playing games and some dinner preparations we could continue our day with a bbq pork filet, potatoes salads and oven baked salmon. Everything turned out really tasty and I think everyone was happy and well fed by the end of the day. 

Now the dishwasher has been on constantly all evening and we are slowly but surely getting ready for midsummer celebrations tomorrow. A perfect day and I am so happy and thankful we all could be here and celebrate together. 

Sweden 🇸🇪 vs. Poland 🇵🇱

A very busy morning with a very stressful experience in the grocery store. Me and my sis were exhausted when we left the store but we managed to buy most of the things on our long list. The rest we bought in another store on the way back. They had corona-proofed the store and tried to keep track on how many people that were in there at the same time. Also they had re-organized the store so we didn’t know where to find what we needed. Oh well. Better luck next time (if we dare to go there again). 

Sweden faced Poland tonight and managed to win 3-2 which gave us the group victory and hopefully a slightly easier opponent in the eighth final. We’ll know tomorrow which team it will be. 

Tonight my brother-in-laws sister w/ family arrived. They have rented a cabin really close to ours and will stay for the weekend. Nice! 

Walk along the coast

This morning after breakfast my sister dropped me and my oldest niece off in Sandvik and we then took a nice walk back along the coastline. It was really nice weather today – again – quite warm but not too hot for the walk which took us close to 1,5 hrs. Puh.

We’ve taken quite a few dips in the ocean today again. Around 20C so one can’t complain even though it feels colder. F and S put the lounge furniture together and it looks really good on our deck. A perfect new place to hang and enjoy the sunset. 

We ended the evening playing Trivial Pursuit – and I managed to win! With some help on some of the questions, to be honest. Let’s hope tonight will be a little less hot than the previous ones so we all can get a good nights sleep. 

Evening walk

Monday and our first day of vacation. After our morning routine with a dip in the ocean and breakfast to follow six of us packed ourselves in two cars and went for a day of shopping and running errands. We drove down to Kalmar and also made a couple of stops on the way both going down there and also on the way back and we managed to tick most of our boxes of chores. Great to get organized for the upcoming birthday party and also midsummer. 

My hubby and brother-in-law have cleaned our new deck tonight and put a special wood soap on it. It looks great! 

Tonight we went for a nice walk to Grönvik and back. It’s been another really warm day and hopefully it will cool down a bit soon so we can sleep better. We have all windows opened and also the fans going but we still have 28C indoors. Puh.