Last weekend


A lovely dinner at my parents-in-law – boxing day dinner moved to today due to us being poorly.

A quiet last weekend of the year with awful weather – fortunately a lot of sports on tv to enjoy with good results both in the giant slalom and hockey (we won today again – yeah!).

Old movies


A grey rainy day off from work.. hmm.. what could be better than to cuddle up in my corner, with my coffee and knitting and watch an old movie or two?

Oh – this is the reward of course – I have been to the supermarket,  done lunch and started packing for new years. Soon I will start a nice Friday dinner – ribs and steak with french fries.  Yum.

Annandag Jul

IMG_20130518_220231Boxing day.. but no boxing today (lol) – ice hockey though! The junior world championships begins today and the tournament is held here in Sweden, in Malmoe. We have a silver from last year in Ufa, Russia and a gold from the year before when we won in Calgary.

We were supposed to have dinner tonight at my parent-in-laws but half of my family is sick so we decided to postpone the dinner a day or two. So a quite different boxing day for us this year. I made a wok for dinner with chicken and noodles to have something other than left-over Christmas food – lol. It was appreciated by everyone I think.

Now I am sitting comfy in my corner ready to cheer on our junior team – let the tournament begin and may the best team win!



We started today with Christmas mass in church – is was very nice to get a moment together. Still dark and rainy though.


Christmas day dinner we always enjoy at my parents. A nice tradition which we started after we began to celebrate Christmas eve at ours.

Merry Christmas! 



Christmas eve – we have celebrated this day in our house every year (except one) since we bought it back in 1997. We all contribute to the dinner table and enjoy a nice meal. But first we watch the yearly Disney hour together and have a glass of glögg which is a molded wine served hot. Then after dinner we open the presents – this year limited to the kids only – and finally we have coffee and a fruit sallad.

Thank you all for making this such a special day filled with tradition created by us together. Let’s hope we can enjoy many more Christmases like this – but hopefully with snow instead of rain. Next year my sister w/ fam will join us too – they do every other year!

Be safe everyone and God Jul!

Getting ready


Vaccumed the house and tidying some more.. then a burger in the mall before the boys went up to their grandparents to bake gingerbread cookies (a lovely tradition) while I looked around in the stores. Then we enjoyed a nice coffee together when I picked them up.
Now a moment to myself before I will start dinner. New knitting project to dig into – can’t wait!

4th of Advent


The forth candle is lit and the ladder is completed. A nice relaxing Sunday so far with a quiet time in my corner cheering on the Swedish giant slalom team and other winter sports. That will change in a minute and we will go to the mall for some last minute shopping.

It is a rather sunny day with temperatures well above freezing. No snow or winter feeling at all except for the darkness. But now we are heading towards longer days after the breakpoint yesterday. Yeah!


IMG_20121224_140157A chance to regain some strength and energy. 17 days off from work. 17 sleep-ins. Well, 16 left since I have already enjoyed one. Sort of. My son needed to be picked up from his all-night gaming at 06:30 this morning. Life as a parent but I love it. I’m glad he is able to participate in things like that, enjoying himself as a teenager as he should.

Now a long relaxing day from my corner to enjoy. Maybe watch a movie or two. Have a coffee. Enjoy the delicious cookies we  baked. Oh – and the prettiest ones  – the chocolate cream filled ones – they were just as amazing as I hoped they would be.

I made it


Tucked in my corner with a glass of wine relaxing after a very hectic last week before the holidays.  I feel good though about everything I’ve accomplished and looking forward to the time off. No more work before January 7th.

I received a very nice Christmas gift from work which I will enjoy as soon as possible…

Two more

Two more days – then this semester is over. Christmas and new year around the corner. My youngest is going in to the old town in the city today to enjoy the Christmas fair.  I remember when my class did this a lifetime ago. Very special.

The kitchen is back in order againimage
after our baking marathon last night. Our cookies turned out great. I haven’t tried the prettiest ones yet but I’m sure they are delicious.
Thank you ladies for good team work – as always!