Last day 😞

Thursday already and our last full day. Time to start packing and see if we can close our suitcases – lol. Done some shopping since Xmas is coming up when we get back home…

Nicole came over and we went out to lunch together with mom and dad. Then we went to look for some last bits and pieces and found most of what we wanted. We had a great time and in the afternoon she had to go back home and we had to say our goodbyes. 😞

We met up with Kevin for dinner at a Japanese restaurant with mom and dad. It was a hibachi-place (kind of like teppanyaki) where the chef prepares and cooks the dinner in front of you. I had a steak & lobster – loved it!

After dinner Kev came with us back home for a bit and Lorna & David came over too for a drink and a chat. A great day with so much family around all day. Loved it!

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