A fun Saturday with quality family time planned. Managed to sleep in until 07.30 .. not bad! 

A rainy day so no walk today. Instead we got ready in the afternoon to catch the same bus as my parents and sis & brother-in-law to go into town together. 

First we went to a Greek restaurant we all enjoy for a nice dinner. After dinner we went to Göta Lejon for a concert with Tommy Körberg. And wow – the man has still got it! He sang really really well and didn’t make anyone disappointed. 

So glad we got to do this together – and excellent choice of concert, mom! Thank you! 

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  1. It is we who shall say Thank you for this marvellous birthdaypresent! It was worth waiting for for me and dad got it in advance for next year. Lots of hugs from us.

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