Bbq fish

This morning we were one more taking the dip in the ocean. Nice. 

After a lovely breakfast with freshly baked bread (my hubby is a star) me and my sis drove into town for groceries. First stop at the fish shop where we found these guilt headed breams and a bag of common mussels. Then groceries and final stop at the “kroppkaksbod” to get some filled potato dumplings for tomorrow night. 

My brother-in-law bbq the fish – I prepared them with a herb filling and also boiled the mussels. My mom prepared the meat for the non-fish-eaters. The dinner was a success and everything turned out great! 

My back has been killing me all day – don’t know what I have done. Woke up this morning and something snapped. Took a painkiller tonight and hopefully I will be as good as new tomorrow. 

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