ESC – finale

Finally time to select this years winner of the Eurovision Song Contest – this year held in Turin, Italy. Sweden is competing with “Hold med closer” performed by Cornelia Jacobs.

We will host the dinner tonight and my sis w/ family are coming over (except their oldest). We are going to get some take away pizza to make life easier and then we have prepared some deli snacks to continue on the Italian theme. And a bottle of fizz of course.

The countries participating are ;

    1. Czeckia
    2. Romania
    3. Portugal
    4. Finland
    5. Switzerland
    6. France
    7. Norway
    8. Armenia
    9. Italy
    10. Spain
    11. Nederlands
    12. Ukraine
    13. Germany
    14. Lithuania
    15. Azerbaijan
    16. Belgium
    17. Greece
    18. Iceland
    19. Moldavia
    20. Sweden – Cornelia Jacobs
    21. Australia
    22. United Kingdom
    23. Poland
    24. Serbia
    25. Estonia

Winner: Ukraine
Second place: United Kingdom
Third place: Spain

Sweden: 4th place

And PM won the challenge price! Yeah!

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