ESC – finale

Finally time to select this years winner of the Eurovision Song Contest – this year held in Turin, Italy. Sweden is competing with “Hold med closer” performed by Cornelia Jacobs.

We will host the dinner tonight and my sis w/ family are coming over (except their oldest). We are going to get some take away pizza to make life easier and then we have prepared some deli snacks to continue on the Italian theme. And a bottle of fizz of course.

The countries participating are ;

    1. Czeckia
    2. Romania
    3. Portugal
    4. Finland
    5. Switzerland
    6. France
    7. Norway
    8. Armenia
    9. Italy
    10. Spain
    11. Nederlands
    12. Ukraine
    13. Germany
    14. Lithuania
    15. Azerbaijan
    16. Belgium
    17. Greece
    18. Iceland
    19. Moldavia
    20. Sweden – Cornelia Jacobs
    21. Australia
    22. United Kingdom
    23. Poland
    24. Serbia
    25. Estonia

Winner: Ukraine
Second place: United Kingdom
Third place: Spain

Sweden: 4th place

And PM won the challenge price! Yeah!

ESC – part 2

Time for the second qualification round in the Eurovision Song Contest and Sweden is competing tonight.

Sweden / Cornelia Jacobs is participating with the song “Hold me closer” – a song that has really come to grow on me and I love it. The whole  audience sang along when she performed. Wow.

Countries that went thru from semi-final 2 ;  Belgium, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Poland, Finland, Estonia, Australia, Sweden, Romania and Serbia. 

Wow – we made it! Go Sweden!

ESC – part 1

Time for the first qualification round in the Eurovision Song Contest – this year held in Turin, Italy.

Tonight the first 17 countries are competing for 10 seats in the finale. On Thursday the remaining 18 countries are doing the same. Then the 5 countries that are automatically qualified along with the host country (which this year is one of those 5) adds up to 25 competing acts on Saturday. Hopefully Sweden will be one of them.

Countries that went thru from semi-final 1 ; Lithuania, Switzerland, Ukraine, Netherlands, Moldova, Portugal, Iceland, Greece, Norway and Armenia.


Time to select which song that will represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin, Italy, in May.

My sis/ family are coming over for an evening together. Fam. E are not able to join us tonight and our parents are away for the weekend for a track&field event in Gothenburg. But, the rest of us will enjoy a nice dinner, the event and maybe some time in our spa and a boardgame or two.

Result of the evening:

1. Cornelia Jacobs – Hold me closer – winner!
2. Anders Bagge – Bigger than the universe
3. MEDINA – In i dimman
4. LIAMO – Bluffin
5. Tone Sekelius – My way
6. Klara Hammarström – Run to the hills
7. Theoz – Som du vill
8. John Lundvik – Änglavakt
9. Cazzi Opeia – I can’t get enough
10. Faith Kakembo – Freedom
11. Robin Bengtsson – Innocent love
12. Anna Bergendahl – Higher power

S won the desirable trophy to cherish for a year. Congratulations!

Mello semi finals 1 and 2

This year they have made a change in the competition and no longer call this particular part of the event 2nd chance anymore. Instead of having all the eight 2nd chance-participants compete two and two they have divided the contestants into two groups of four. Two from each group will go thru to the finale next weekend.

Fun semifinals to enjoy together with my sis/ wi family and parents!

The contestants tonight are;

Semi final 1:
1. Tone Sekelius – My way – finale
2. Alvaro Estrella – Suave
3. Danne Stråhed- Hallabaloo
4. Anna Bergendahl – Higher Power – finale

Semi final 2:
1. Theoz – Som du vill – finale
2. Lisa Miskovsky – Best to come
3. Lillasyster – Till our days are over
4. Cazzi Opeia – I can’t get enough – finale

Mello 4

A beautiful Saturday! We slept in a bit and then we enjoyed the spa before breakfast. Lovely sunshine all day! After our errands and lunch we took a nice walk around the lake. Our oldest son joined us too.

Tonight it is the last part of the Mello before semi- and finals start. Trying a new kind of bubbly tonight – with apple flavor. Not a favorite as it turned out. The peach one last weekend was much better.

The participants tonight are;

Part 4:
1. Anna Bergendahl – Higher power – semi finals
2. Lillasyster – Till our days are over – semi finals
3. Malin Christin – Synd om dig
4. La Stella – Tenori
5. Medina – In i dimman – finale
6. Angelino – The end
7. Klara Hammarström – Run to the hills – finale

Oh – I managed to score 7/7!!! Never happened before.

Mello 3

Time for the third part of the Mello events. Last time in the Avicii Arena – next weekend they move to Friends Arena.

Since I had to work all day at the office we didn’t have any energy to see anyone or go anywhere tonight. So, me and my youngest will share a mini-bottle of bubbly.  One need bubbly on Mello eves. That is a given. 

Tonight the following songs are competing;

Part 3:
1. Cazzi Opeia – I can’t get enough – semi
2. Lancelot – Lyckligt slut
3. Lisa Miskovsky – Best to come – semi
4. Tribe Friday – Shut me up
5. Faith Kakembo – Freedom – finale
6. Lisa Bengtzing – Fyrfaldigt hurra!
7. Anders Bagge – Bigger than the universe – finale

Mello 2

Weekend again and time for the second part of this years Mello.

Last week the app to vote via was not functioning and the voting disaster was a fact. Again. Fingers crossed it will work better tonight – I guess they loose tons of voters when the app is not working and people have to call or text to vote instead. Which costs money for the voters. Anyway.

One of my friends sister is competing tonight – she is the lead singer in Browsing Collection. Go Mimi!

Tonight the following are competing;

Part 2:
1. Liamo – Bluffin – finale
2. Niello & Lisa Ajax – Tror du jag bryr min
3. Samira Manners – I want to be loved
4. Alvaro Estrella – Suave – semi finals
5. Browsing Collection – Face in the crowd
6. John Lundvik – Änglavakt – finale
7. Tone Sekelius – My Way – semi finals

Mello 1

Time for the first part of the Melodifestivalen. The stupid pandemic is still causing problems even though they just removed the restrictions to gather a lot of people as of Feb 9th. The Mello 1-3-shows will take place in Avicii Arena (former Globe Arena) and the last 3 events (Mello 4, semi and final) will take place in Friends Arena.

Due to the pandemic we will not meet up with our friends (at least for this first weekend when the restrictions are still on) and watch it together either. Maybe we’ll meet up via Zoom, we’ll see.

New host this year is Oscar Zia with Farah Abadi as sidekick.

Part 1:
1. Malou Prytz – Bananas
2. Theoz – Som du vill – semi finals
3. Shirley Clamp – Let there be angels
4. Omar Rudberg – Moving like that Paul Rey
5. Danne Stråhed – Hallabaloo – semi finals
6. Cornelia Jacobs – Hold me closer – finale
7. Robin Bengtsson – Innocent love – finale