Sweden 🇸🇪 vs. Ukraine 🇺🇦

This morning it was 21.4C in the ocean – a new record – again! Such a perfect way to start the day! 

Long day at work – not too busy. After dinner me and my oldest niece went for a 3.5k walk to get some steps after a long day spent on a chair. Nice. 

Tonight it was the premier of “Allsång på Skansen” – the sing-along summer program we all enjoy so much. We snacked on strawberries and two kinds of melon and a glas of bubbly to celebrate. 

Sweden had a chance of reaching the quarter finals in the soccer tournament, but lost in the last minute of the over-time to Ukraine with 2-1. Bummer. We did our best to cheer them on wearing our soccer jerseys, but it didn’t help. 

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