A special day – my little sister turns 50 and we had gathered the closest family and friends to give her a special day. And I think she was happy with her day! 

We could sit outside and put up a tent on our new deck and we managed to fit in all 20 of us. Smörgåstårta for lunch, swiss roll with strawberries for afters. Then she opened all her presents. After a few hours of chatting, playing games and some dinner preparations we could continue our day with a bbq pork filet, potatoes salads and oven baked salmon. Everything turned out really tasty and I think everyone was happy and well fed by the end of the day. 

Now the dishwasher has been on constantly all evening and we are slowly but surely getting ready for midsummer celebrations tomorrow. A perfect day and I am so happy and thankful we all could be here and celebrate together. 

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  1. Tack älskade du för ALLT på min dag. Det hade inte blivit en sån fin dag utan dig och din ovärderliga hjälp. Älskar dig ❤❤❤

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