Our second part of delivery from IKEA was due this morning between 8-12. Puh. Set the alarm for 7 AM which turned out to be a great idea because the delivery man called at 07.25 and said he would arrive in 10 minutes..

Since we were up and ready to face the day by 8 AM we went grocery shopping really early today. And then we started to replace the broom closet which took us the rest of the day. To clear the old one out, clean the area, build the new closet Рrealized that we had missed buying the   base (feet to make the closet come up a bit from the floor) so I had to rush over to IKEA and get some Рand then put everything back in our new broom closet and adjust our things to the new space. More room for some things Рless room for other. And a GOOD CLEAN of everything!

Puh. Almost time to start dinner – just need to sit for a minute first.

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