Spiken 50

A very special day for my family and especially for my parents. Today the competition “Spiken” celebrated 50 years on the same track – all events held and organized by my parents with some help from family and friends. 

And today Hammarby honored my parents with these beautiful cakes, a big bouquet of flowers for my mom (since her birthday is coming up), a big silver trophy especially engraved and a nice speech from both the chairman of the committee and others. So nice that they got the extra credit and praise so well deserved. *so proud* 

My hubby and I have spent 3-4 hrs putting up wallpaper all afternoon. Now we have crashed in our corners ready for dinner which is almost done. I made a taco pulled pork which cooks itself in the oven. Time to eat and relax the last hours before it is time to hug the pillow.