This morning it was -8C outside. Poor Mr Pumpkin is falling apart so I put him in the compost the other day. He is now covered with small white sparkles and ice crystals – still looking quite angry. His hat no longer fits and has fallen down. Thank you for this year! 

Long day at work ahead of me, starting with a couple of meetings online. Need to get organized and follow up on a few things. Before I know it, the day will be completed. 

Maybe today will be the day when our country will get our first female Prime Minister. Magdalena was, once again, the elected candidate. Fingers crossed she won’t be forced to step down again like she had to last week. 

Work from home

A very nice weekend but it went by way too quickly. Like the squirrel says – and just like that … Poof! Weekend gone!

This week I will work from home again. We need to quarantine ourselves the best we can due to our youngest surgery next week. It was nice to not have to rush to work and sleep for an extra hour. I don’t mind being at work – love having my colleagues around me – but the commute is terribly crowded right now and doesn’t feel safe enough.

The four of us watched a movie tonight – we used some of our credits for a free rental at SF Anytime. The movie of our choice was unfortunately not available for us so we ended up watching “Godzilla vs. King Kong”. Oh well. It was nice to do something together!

Advent 1st 🕯

A nice day off together. We’ve been relaxing and enjoying the weekend. I made pancakes for lunch – haven’t had that in ages. 

This afternoon we’ve been watching a couple of episodes of the 4th season of “Yellowstone”. The 3rd season ended with a real cliffhanger so we’ve been counting the days until we could find out what happened. 

Made pulled pork tonight and we lit the first candle in our advent candle stick. A nice family dinner. 


We slept in a bit this morning – both tired after a long week. After breakfast we did our usual Saturday round and also picked up a couple of orders that had arrived at pickup spots. Also I sent the yearly package to my extended family in California – hopefully it will arrive in plenty of time for Xmas.

After lunch we put up the advent candle sticks and the stars in the windows. Slowly but surely getting ready for Advent. Now we have crashed in our corners watching a couple of episodes of “The Stranger” while stuffing ourselves with the cake-leftovers from last night and some other goodies. Need to walk a lot of steps to get back on track again. Lol.

Flag up

Time to put the flag up and celebrate my hubby who is having his birthday today. I didn’t really put the flag up though – it was completely dark outside this morning, -7C and the flagpole lines were frozen. Lol. 

Tonight we had a lovely time celebrating with our parents and my sis w/ family. My hubby had bought delicious cakes from the chocolate factory, I had baked saffron buns and a ginger sponge cake. It was a very nice evening and so nice to gather everyone. It’s been ages since last time. 


This weekend it is time to celebrate Advent and light the first candle. Put up all the advent candle lights in our windows which will make the world a bit lighter. Also when the snow arrives it not be so dark anymore. We put up the first outdoor lights a few days ago and our house looks really nice now. Home sweet home.

Long day at work and it has been quite busy all day. Now I’ve prepared some for tomorrow when we will have guests coming over. Tomorrow I will bring my work with me back home again and work from our house as of next week. Shall be interesting to see how that feels again.

First female “statsminister “

This morning the moon was shining so bright as I was waiting for my bus. 

After work I went to get the health check-up I had booked. Haven’t done that in 20 or-so years. Going back in two weeks to see a doctor and get the results. Fingers crossed I’ll pass with flying colors. 

Today our country elected its first female Prime Minister – ever. Magdalena Andersson. A very competent woman with tons of experience. And she stayed on the post for exactly 7 hrs before she asked to be dismissed – for reasons way too complicated for me to describe here. Now the government need to vote again – and Magdalena is still a choice and in the running. What a chaos. 


Long day and quite productive. Took a full hour lunch today (doesn’t happen often enough) with a colleague and we had a lovely time catching up. We went to an Italian restaurant close to work which I haven’t been to in years and she had never been there. It was a good choice with great food. 

Picked up a couple of things on my way back home and missed the bus (of course) in Fruängen. So, my hubby fixed dinner tonight since he got back home before I did. Now I’ve crashed in my corner for a bit before it is time to hug the pillow. 


It was really cold this morning, -7C. Winter is arriving. No snow yet though – nothing that lasts anyway. 

After work I went over to my parents to help out a bit in the kitchen so my mother could visit with her guests. She received so many lovely flowers and a lot of friends and neighbors stopped by to greet her on her big day.

Happy birthday, mom. You are amazing, so loving and supportive, always there for us whenever we need you, always ready to lend a hand. I hope you know how much we appreciate and love you! And I hope you had a wonderful birthday. 


This afternoon we gathered friends and family for a nice lunch at the local restaurant to celebrate my mother who is having a special birthday tomorrow. 

Almost everyone could make it and we enjoyed a couple of hours of great food and chats with near and dear ones. 

The restaurant had ordered a special cake for my mother to surprise her with – decorated with our teams flag. A perfect gesture! 

Now we’ve crashed in our corners – too full to eat anything more tonight. A lovely weekend has come to an end – it went by way too quickly.