Last day of May

Already May 31st – where did this month go? I have been quite busy all day and put in some extra hours as well. Ended up working a full day in the end.

Not great weather today though – cloudy and a bit windy. Haven’t been out walking today and might skip it. Save it for another day.

Yesterday was a great day – sport-wise. Hammarby won the Svenska Cupen! Yeah! And Tre Kronor managed to win again. One more game in the group play – if we win tonight we might go to the next round. If not, the chance is more or less gone. Fingers crossed!

Mors dag

Mother’s Day in Sweden. Flag up for all mothers out there. A special thought to my own mother, American mother and mother-in-law. 

It is a sunny Sunday and I woke up early and couldn’t go back to sleep. So, I got up and made myself some breakfast and enjoyed some quiet me-time with my computer and the TV. 

We will meet my parents outside this afternoon at my sisters house for a nice coffee and chat. We were supposed to see my parents-in-law yesterday but postponed it until next weekend since we didn’t know how long the roof workers needed to complete. Hopefully the sunny weather will still be here then so we can meet outside. 

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day – all amazing mothers out there! 

Roof done

A sunny Saturday and finally the roof workers were able to finish the job! And it turned out great! They were very tidy and the garden looked perfect  after they had cleaned up. 

Saturday means our day to get groceries and get rid of the paper and plastic packaging and wrappings we’ve sorted. We’ve spent the afternoon outside working on different projects. So nice with sunshine and some warm weather again. I even put up my hammock – perfect! 

Going to bbq some ribs tonight. Maybe we can even sit outside for dinner. Lovely. 


Finally the sun returned and it stopped raining. What a week! Chaos all around the community with flooded roads, car parks, basements etc. Awful for people who’s property has been ruined.

But, today the sun started to shine and my broom bush started to bloom. It is so pretty and it smells gorgeous!

Finally our proud and joy managed to win a hockey game today. Yeah. There is still hope. But, we definitely have a big challenge to manage to go thru.


Long very busy day – filled with work and meetings but we have also worked hard draining our suspended foundation from water. Before work, during lunch and now after work. We have so much water under our house and it is still raining pretty hard too. But the weather prognosis is looking better after today. 

Yesterday my sis borrowed our car over the day and she gave us these lovely roses as a thank-you. Love them! Thank you! 

Very important game tonight – we need to win in order to still be in the running towards the quarter finals. We have one win two losses so far. Our of six games. 


It’s been raining non-stop all day and our surface water gully / draining pipe was so full it couldn’t swallow any more water. So, the water didn’t have any place to go and our garden pretty soon looked like a pool area. Then we had a major power outage and we realized it was our earth fault breaker that went off. So we went down under our house to the suspended foundation only to find out it was completely flooded too and the water had reached a wall outlet down there we have to provide our garage with electricity from our main house. This caused the earth fault breaker to release. Puh. We disconnected the power from the garage and could then turn the power back on in our house.

We called for help with the water and after a while assistance arrived – but to the house across the street which also had been flooded. They had a furnished first floor which was a bit more urgent to drain from water than our house. The same property which shed was hit by lightning this weekend and caused a major commotion – talk about a bad week!

Now we need to figure out what to do next and how to take care of all the water everywhere. But, I guess we need to wait until the rain stops which might take a day or two.

Left overs

Can you tell we enjoy Tupperware in my family? They are perfect to keep leftovers eatable for days. The amount of choices for lunch alternatives today was ridiculous – but I actually managed to use up four of these jars today. Made a hash from oven baked potatoes, sirloin steak, some meatballs and a couple of oven baked asparaguses. Turned out pretty good. 

No more emptied jars for dinner though. Made oven baked cod with boiled potatoes for me and hubby, chicken skewers with noodles for the boys. Now I’m going to cheer on our proud and joy – hopefully they will win this game. Lost the first two so far. Not good. What’s happening? Our new team manager is off with a terrible start. 

Rain again

Monday again. I’m not ready yet. Want more days in the weekend. But, ready or not – here it comes. We still feel ok after the shot yesterday – a bit sore in the arm but not much else. So far so good.

It started to rain again as I finished work and kept on raining a lot all afternoon. But, tonight after dinner it cleared up so we went for a nice evening walk. Good to be outside for a bit. And now we can finish the chocolate cake leftovers without feeling too bad. Lol. And another episode of “Mare”. Perfect.


Happy birthday, M!

24 years ago our oldest son was born. Flag up for him today! We had invited his grandparents and my sis w/ family over for a hot dog lunch with chocolate cake for afters. We were really fortunate and managed to sit outside with no rain for a few hours. So nice to get together and celebrate M! Thank you for making his day so special! 

When our guests had left me and my hubby went into town for our vaccination appointment for the first dose. Yeah! Now all four of us have received the first shot (Pfizer). And all of our parents are fully vaccinated with both doses. My sis, her hubby and youngest are also vaccinated with the first dose. We are a little step closer to meet the world again. Soon soon. 

ESC – finale

Finally – the Eurovision Song Contest finale! Unfortunately we can not watch it together with my sis and our friend w/ our families. Hopefully next year!

This year there is no clear winner – the bookmakers have predicted Italy. I’m not convinced. Have to listen to all the songs again tonight before I’ll know how to vote.

And the contestants are ;

Sweden – Tusse – “Voices” – make us proud!

  1. And the winner is: Italy
    Second place: France
    Third place: Switzerland

Sweden: 14

And CE won the challenge price!