It’s cold outside

imageTemperature is dropping slowly but surely. -7C today (19.4F). Frost on the car. No snow yet though. Decided that today is the day I will start wearing my new winter coat. Probably a good decision. Time to get out there.


imageToday when I arrived in town they  had turned on all the Christmas decorations on the streets. It was pretty special. On Sunday it is the first of Advent. My favorite weekend. Can’t wait!


imageToday we are getting ready to celebrate my husband. Setting the table, preparing food, catching the last dust rats (no dust bunnies in my home).. it is always so nice to sit down with the whole family and enjoy a meal together. That’s what matters. I am so glad we are able to do that.

Dust rats…

Saturday.. guests tomorrow.. need to collect some dust rats and clean the house. I was wondering what a dust rat is called in English – so I looked it up. In America everything is huge – and now it’s official – according to my dictionary the dust rats are no rats in the States – they are bunnies. Too funny!

Anyway – after hard work imagethere is a reward to collect and today the reward is a cookie called “struva”. Something we eat for Christmas and they are my favorites. It’s a deep fried star-shaped cookie sprinkled with sugar.

Time to enjoy a coffee and struva! Life is good!



IMG_20121231_141117Friday eve equals “Fredagsmys” in our family – a very common thing in my country. “Fredagsmys” (cosy Friday) means time at home, enjoying a good meal, snacks in front of the TV, I get a glass of wine – the others drink something non-alcoholic. Just a nice quiet evening home together. Actually – together in this case means “in the house at the same time”. I’m tucked in my corner downstairs, hubby is playing guitar upstairs and the kids are in their rooms playing computer games on line with their friends. Everybody is happy and enjoying a Friday eve – let the Fredagsmys begin!

Rain rain

Thursday. A dark rainy day. But only one day left of this week. That I have to go to work that is. I have a new friend who came with me to work today. He put a smile imageon my face several times. His feet got stuck in a binder and it took me a few seconds to set him free again. A dangerous place if you are tiny. But he might accompany me tomorrow too. Now that he is more familiar with the dangers and can more easily avoid them.

A short day

IMG_20121224_211610That great feeling I had going home last night quickly changed after watching the soccer game.. and unfortunately it hasn’t come back. Work didn’t do the trick today. So, I’ve done my chores, kids are home, hubby on his way, crashed in my corner for a few minutes while dinner is cooking – tacos tonight – and then hopefully some family time to end the day. Might be a good day after all.

A long day

Good day at work – got a lot done. Feels good to go home when you have that feeling.

Finally on my way to my family to enjoy the last hours of this day. Important soccer game tonight – let’s hope IMG_20121114_224838Zlatan can work his magic together with our team and get us into the world championships next year. Can’t wait to curle up in my corner with my latte and cheer on our guys in yellow and blue.  Go Sweden!

Nearly there..

IMG_20121018_213300We can see the light in the end of the tunnel and all that!
If your marriage survives a visit to IKEA three days in a row.. you will get through anything! Hopefully this was our last visit at least for this week. LOL. Oh well, the study turns out great and we have been able to throw away a lot of old stuff kept for God knows what reason. It’s been hard work to get organized but it was worth it!